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'Bachelor' Winner

Cruisin' for a Boozin'

3/3/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One year before falling in love with Jake Pavelka on "The Bachelor," Vienna Girardi enjoyed partying with men in bath tubs and on cruise ships!!!

Vienna Girardi
Check out Girardi gettin' her drink on with some, er, friends while cruising to the Bahamas on Spring Break last year.

For Jake's sake, let's hope this ship has sailed.


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Come on people, she was a young girl on spring break having some fun. Most of us have been there. I'm in my 40's & am so glad I can look back at my wild, fun times & remember them as some of the best memories of my life... Have some fun when you can, all the serious things come along way too soon.. The bachelor Jake followed his heart & thats all you can do. If it lasts its great & if it doesn't well they will have had some good times.

1664 days ago


Jake picked the right girl. Ali and Tenley are both b%!@*s! They did nothing but talk about Vienna the whole time because they were jealous that Vienna was Jake’s favorite from day one.

All of you Vienna haters look so stupid now don’t you??? Who are you to say who is and isn’t right for Jake anyway?! Can you please let him decide who he wants to be with, who he is in love with? He has to live with this person the rest of his life, not you!

To all of you people that liked that whiny, pouty, two-faced hater Ali, get over it. JAKE DOESN’T WANT HER! Like Reality Steve said, you seriously need to stop watching Titanic over and over again if you were still waiting for Jake to run to Ali on the finale or the After The Final Rose. You guys need a life!!!!

Now we have to watch Ali as the Bachelorette (PUKE). Gia would have made an excellent Bachelorette. She’s classy, sweet, doesn’t talk about people, and has a beautiful sense of style.

Congratulations Jake and Vienna. I am very happy for you!

1664 days ago


Jake is a spineless momma's boy that's so desperate for a woman that he'll be p#### whipped by this crazy,ugly bitch.

1664 days ago


I don't see what the bid deal is?? She is on a cruise with friends. What is so bad??? I didn't like her on the show, but I don't see what the big deal is with these pictures.

1664 days ago



1664 days ago


She looks like she is having a good time as she should be on spring break. There have been women a lot worse on the Bachelor, Vienna is honest and out there and that seems to bother people, underneath it all she seems like sweet girl and Jake will be good for her...opposites do attract and it does work out. Good luck Jake and Vienna...and good luck to all you that sound so petty and negative!

1664 days ago


she's young she's, she's single, she's partying big deal. i'm sure a lot of us have pictures just like these out there somewhere.

1664 days ago


OMG a 22 year old having a good time!

At least he didn't pick Ali; drama queen.

1664 days ago


Uh - what is wrong with the pics???? She is young and having fun. She propabably has grown up a bit since then and fell in love.
Hell, who on here did not have fun like that at that age? If you didn't, that's cool too.

1664 days ago


She's in her early 20's and doing what most people do on Spring Break so why even post this and make a huge deal about it. She was definitely the right choice for Jake. They obviously had a better connection then Tenley and him did. Little miss perfect was just on the rebound from her previous marriage, & having only slept with 1 guy before Jake, its clear why she'd feel the way she did about the second guy she ever slept with. There was no true emotion there especially since she said over and over how she hasn't dated since her divorce. You don't just fall right in love with the next dude you date after a broken marriage. It's pathetic that the media has to dig up pictures that have nothing to do with anything just to have something to post on their websites. Really, find some actual news to post instead of speculation.

1664 days ago


Her daddy must be really proud of her. I am sure her stripper mom is. I am sure her dad is glad to hear Jake bragging about the "heat" in their relationship. Has Jake never had decent sex? He thinks getting some from an ugly skank is the only way to have good sex?

1664 days ago


OH my god TMZ so what this was year ago before Jake who cares she is single girl haveing fun it was probly after she graduated college for god sake she is young didnt you have fun when you were all young or are all jealous she can have a good time god forbid jake picked tenley wow can you imagine how boring she would be i couldnt live with her voice alone and yes Ally was totally fake she couldnt leave her job working for facebook hahahaha that isnt a great job she tried to push Jake to give her the answer she wanted and back fired on her ars she was the cause of all the problems in the house against Vienna all Ally being jealous cause she knew jake liked her more total bull Tmz stop trying to ruin people lives that are happy so sad you do this arent you guys happy over there guess not cause always trying to ruin peoples lives with your old crap and make up crap !!

1664 days ago


By the way # 31 he never mentioned sex ever what heated !! he said being with her was hot not sex get a life im sure Miss Tenely was a cold fish thats why her ex dumped her !!

1664 days ago

ray ray    

A lot of american women are whores.

1664 days ago


Hey, there's Burt...... Where's Ernie!

1664 days ago
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