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The Return of Jaafar Jackson

3/3/2010 9:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jaafar Jackson left his Encino home without incident earlier today -- looking cool, calm and collected as the stun gun drama continues to unfold around him.


The 13-year-old was seen hanging out in Woodland Hills, CA with his younger brother Jermajesty.

As for where their father Jermaine spent the day ... Jer guess is as good as ours.


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I had heard Katherine likes Alegendro and so wanted her and the kids to stay at the compound. eah, right! She was ashamed of her deadbeat sons who both fathered kids with that woman then left them and her for Michael to feed and shelter!! And Michael is still paying for Jermaine's and Randy's kids!! And he will continue to do so until...well, until the $ runs out!!! Katherine needs to kick those kids and their momma out and tell Jermaine and Randy to take responsibility for their own spawns!! And why isn't that woman working?? JOB!! Tri it, all of ya!!!

1663 days ago


22. omg...
The kid's name is Jermajesty ...

Jermaine Jr. (nicknamed Jay), born in 1977
Autumn (1978)
Dawn (1984)
Jeremy (1986)
Jaimy Maldonado (1987)
Jourdynn Michael (1989)
Jaffar (1996)
Jermajesty (2000)

Posted at 7:52PM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Shelly

It would seem like the names started out normal and became increasingly retarded over time (and yes, I am using the "R" word, better than something else I really want to say but is too racial)...are these kids ALL Jermaine's?? Jesus H! Someone needs a vascectomy...

1663 days ago


If they don't want to be in the spotlight, then quit doing stupid things. I can't blame Katherine, she has 8 kids to raise and keep track of. Poor lady already raised her kids, now has to raise her grand kids. Jermaine should be ashamed of himself, selfish...

1663 days ago


Might as well start beating him up now, avoid the rush in High School.

1663 days ago


Ummmm isnt it illegal to post a kid'ss picture online without "parental consent"? I would beware of posting a kid pics without the consent of their legal guardian....not smart....but anyway this is a mj family matter and no concern of us lets just mind our business

1663 days ago


Aside from the fact that I am sick of this dysfunctional menagerie, I question publishing the photos of a minor. I think that this kid is not a celebrity and you cannot call this fair game. The fact is a kid bought a stun gun, he needs a spanking and TMZ needs to revisit their own standards.

1663 days ago


How is TMZ exploiting them.... Was it not the Jackson family who puts them on TV for their show? Did they(boys) also not go to the grammy's to support Paris and Prince and be on Camera? So please don't cry a river that privacy needs to be respected when in fact the family is trying desprately trying to exploit every situation. The only thing that the Jackson family is mad about is somehow they are not the ones doing the exploiting and they cannot spin this situation to make any money YET!

1663 days ago


Just think- 5 years from now he will be committing his first rape or robbery. He'll end up marrying some white girl and doing her like OJ. He's living up to the Jackson name.

1663 days ago


Even if he goes to jail for something he will get out because they are rich and rich people get away with everything including murder.

1663 days ago


Old Arnie K. tweeted that he is concerned for the children especially after this incident, and that's why he went to court last summer,to protect them like he had promised Michael he would do. Hmmm...God have mercy on those children. They are damned if they do...

1663 days ago


Mrs Jackson does not have 8 kids to raise. 6 of them are adults and are kids of Hazel Gordy who is rich, and Margaret Maldonado.

1663 days ago



they may be kids but they're not just ANY kids, they're JERMSPERMs..likely to display the same poor ethics & morale of their sire: spoiled, jealous,self serving. HAVE YOU NOTICED THEM HANGIN OUT ON STAGE FOR ANY MJ AWARD/HONOR GIVEN?? Their smiles couldnt speak louder.....PLEEEEEEEEZ. How many generations of cousins does MJ have support??? Katherine as a 'guardian' is likely a JOKE & Grace still raises them. Obviously they all feed from the same trough on the "compound".

The ELECTRIC BLANKET LIVES!! Long LiVe the ELECTRIC BLANKET!! His revenge will come in the form of the slickest moonwalk EVER~right over the backs of his evil little cousins. And so the saga continues....

..try to at least get a nap in Michael, I pray you still RIP someday soon.

1663 days ago


At least it wasn't Joe running them down with a tazar!!

1663 days ago


I don't care how many kids she has to take care of, the point is she already raised her kids. I think her kids needs to stand up and be a man and take care of his kids cough cough,Jermaine...

1663 days ago

ThePrevailingTruth are losing it a haven't reported on the crazy interview Jermaine had where he said that he ASKED Jaafar to buy the stun gun for him!!! Almost as good as the classic "airport" video.

1663 days ago
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