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Stun Gun Caper -- Supermarket Accomplice!

3/3/2010 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So how does a 13-year-old boy score a stun gun? It's as easy as buying groceries.

Jaafar Jackson
TMZ has learned Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine's precocious boy, found a serious loophole in his pursuit of the electronic weapon -- at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket.

Sources tell us Jaafar bought several gift cards from the market -- we're told either Visa or American Express. He then used the cards to purchase the weapon online.

Online sites that sell the weapon in question make prospective buyers declare they are 18 years of age or older.

So apparently, Jaafar figured out if he got a lawful credit card number, no one would be the wiser.

Smart kid.


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La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT? *I'm just ask'en

1697 days ago

brits ok    

Why don't you just call this the Jackson Family Gossip site? Almost literally every second story are about these people. Post after post after post just about this incident. I swear you're worse than Perez Hilton and Lady GaGa. Please please stop

1697 days ago

um, no thanks    

You should not be posting the child on here. It could traumatize him.

1697 days ago


This story doesn't make sense. Store bought credit cards can not be used to make online purchases at any of the sites I've ever used. A required cardholder name field is used for any online purchases. A store bought credit card doesn't have a cardholder name associated and is therefore invalid to make online purchases. I certainly hope the facts of this story have been verified as true.

1697 days ago


Who drove him to the supermarket to get these?

1697 days ago


Ok Janet gave her daughter with the DeBarage husband to Rebe, that girl is an angel and looks just like her mother. Look at the funeral tapes if you don't believe me. Rebe take Jaafar he may not look like a bad kid but he is crying out for help. I know all of you Jacksons as I went to school with your brothers, I know Enid, Hazel, and Dee Dee, as well, I'm sorry that two are dead and can't take care of their kids. Give the kid to Joseph for awhile, he needs help. If you don't stop him now it's going to get ugly. He seems to be a nice kid with CRRRAZZZZY sex crazed parents. And yes Jermaine is a sex addict...believe me I know I was one of the few that turned him down, I was pestered in high school 24/7...Grow up Jermaine u are useless, everyone else protect those little kids that don't have any parents....Or we Michal Jacksons fans might have to, Tito took care of his, and his wife is dead!

1697 days ago


Henceforth he shall be known as "Sparky Jackson".

1697 days ago

For Sure    

No not so smart it is all over the net...Why do you think parents are exercising controls and companies are constantly making the parental controls better..

Lucky they did not make a bomb or a flying saucer...They can find everything out on the net..and teen agers are curious

1697 days ago


They post MJ related stories because that is what the public wants. Who cares about the other boring celebrities.

1697 days ago


This whole episode is diversion and distraction. It wouldn't be a issue with anyone else. Joe Jackson, Brian Oxman and others are attempting to bring truth to what really happened to Michael Jackson the evening/morning he was left to die at the hands of Conrad Murray and whoever else..Lets get on with the really important issues which is charging and finding out who's responsible for this tragedy and horrible reckless negligence or premeditated murder...

1697 days ago

S. Moakler    

He probably learned the pre-paid credit card trick by visiting porn sites, some of which require a small cc charge to confirm age. Also, the guns are not expensive. $20 to $40 or so.

1697 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

So the little kid is a con man already.

It's in their genes.

And what kind of idiot names a kid Jaafar anyway?

1697 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

To #19, ThePrevailingTruth:

19. Who drove him to the supermarket to get these?

Posted at 4:23PM on Mar 3rd 2010 by ThePrevailingTruth


There is a Gelson's supermarket half a block from the Jackson family home on Hayvenhurst. He wouldn't have needed a ride.

1697 days ago


It's obvious that this kid is jealous and wants to hurt Michael's kids. Any kid, that would go to these lengths to acquire a weapon to hurt someone is dangerous. That is a premeditated act to harm another person. Stun gun or not it could have killed him. This is a serious matter and DCFS should investigate this as thoroughly as possible. It's really nice to see how the Jacksons are keeping his legacy alive by torturing his children. Nice...

1697 days ago


That little snot. They better tear his azz up. Where is Papa Joe when you need him? Get in Jermaine's azz for not training his little brat to know better.

1697 days ago
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