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TMZ Live: Jackson Stun Gun Caper & Apolo Ohno

3/3/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything -- including children services back at the Jackson home, Spencer Pratt's tongue accident and Apolo Ohno's disqualification.

Also: The person who tipped off children services ... and why Harvey is a terrible shot!


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If Jaafar plays online games, he has unlimited access to information that anyone provides him. He's not necessarily so smart, he's probably just got access to way too much information. I play World of Warcraft online, and regularly see young kids talking about things they should know nothing about. I think this kid needs therapy big time!!! What normal 13 yr old thinks about tazering another human being without repercussions?

1665 days ago


hey mike 10degrees C is equal to 48 F, you double the number and add 30 and it gives you a rough number :))

1665 days ago


Hey, Harvey and Mike can you please tell me why no one has said anything about Ms.Diana Ross? Where is she these daysand how she feels about being named in Michael's will second in line to raise his children?

1665 days ago


64. One thing I've never heard addressed, unless I missed it, is, why are all those Jackson grandkids (Michael's kids excluded) living with Katherine, and not their own parents? Are Jackie, Tito and Jermaine not capable of raising their own kids?


Read more:

Jackie's kids, Siggy and Brandi are adults as well as Tito's boys who are all married; they don't live @ the Hayvenhurst estate.

1665 days ago


What legal issues is Nick Simmons facing for his amazing job of copy/paste for Incarnate + what can the artists from DeviantArt that had their images copied do legally against Nick Simmons.
The NY Times has already made a article on the issue:

1665 days ago


(Or, How DO They Do THAT At TMZ?)

From what Harvey knows, so far, do grounds exist for the Feds to file RICO charges against the Tiller ‘cabal’? On the basis of what you’ve seen & reported to date, Are there OTHER POTENTIAL CRIMINAL CHARGES THAT COULD BE FILED? Or does the L.A. DA have no interest or duty to investigate these “she said/he said” allegations - given the difficulty of proving all the elements of any charge? (This divorce/hit man story is so bizarre, it almost defies credulity? It is so Raymond Chandler ‘film noir’?

Generally speaking, Does TMZ have a reporter WITH A LAW BACKGROUND covering the Celeb Just-us beat? Is a tmz staffer assigned, for example, to hang out 'round inside the LA County & Federal courthouses, talking to clerks and court personnel, pulling docs - or does tmz use a courier service?

Is CJ exclusively Harvey’s reporting domain?

Does Harvey have any EXAMPLES of cases - other than the Tiller-Cryer boondoggle -to illustrate answers to either #1 or #2?

This JUST PUBLISHED book is a MUST READ for everyone who works at tmz!

THE TITLE :SHOCKING TRUE STORY: THE RISE AND FALL OF L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, America’s Most Scandalous Scandal Magazine. Written by Henry Scott. LA Confidential was one-of-kind,its the beginning of celebrity gossip; began publishing in the 1950's Golden Era by a suave Broadway (NYC) playboy who disdained Hollywood (think: Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio, Tab Hunter, Frank & the Rat Pak) 5 stars!

For the tmz kids with not historical memory or knowledge, the big stories that L.A. CONFIDENTIAL covered, the way sources were used, will open op cultural context of illustrate the journalistic origins of the genre that tmz swims in.

The books details a famous trial of the era (mid 1950’s?)State of California v LA Confidential. Governor Pat Brown – Mayor of Oakland/governor candidate Jerry’s dad - was pressured by studio heads to ‘gin up’ bogus charges to try to shut down LA Confidential. The publisher, Harrison’s defense strategy,(won't spoil what it was, but it was VERY EFFECTIVE ...) makes for a fascinating story - worthy of a John Grisham thriller.

SEE ALSO: the cool slide show of magazine covers from LA CONFIDENTIAL at the NPR Fresh Air site- killer graphics styles.

1665 days ago



Has it been proven that Michael Jackson has vilitgo?

1664 days ago
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