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'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's

Ex-GF Revealed

3/4/2010 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka is catching some serious heat even before marrying Vienna Girardi -- and it's all over the ex-girlfriend in this photo.

Jake's ex, 24-year-old Tanya Douglas, claims that Jake was in contact with her after he finished taping "The Bachelor" -- and she claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

In the past Jake has denied any overlap between past relationships and his 'Bachelor' days.

So, what do you think -- did Jake make the right choice?


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He's gay and the tramps are his easy cover to facilitate his moment of fame.

1701 days ago


I know Tanya, and she told me about this way before the Bachelor aired. Same story, she didnt change it any. I know her. She's not a fame-whore or liar, she's just hurt and embarrassed, and feels she has to do this to a) clear her name, and b) people need to know the truth. Anyone doubting her will feel really dumb when all the proof comes out. Just wait...

1701 days ago


What is wrong with you people. You are all hateful people. You don't know these girls, none of them. How can you trash people you don't know like that. You did not see anymore that I did on the show. You all form your opinions and then you take this girl Vienna to the cleaners. Stop it People!!! You don't know the girl. You cannot tell who is good for him. We all just saw what we saw on the bachelor. That is why they are dating so they can get to really know each other. You are not with them 24/7 you don't know their life. Why is this Tanya speaking out now. She wants her 15 minutes of fame. She needs to go away. Jake has moved on. This couple is going to prove you all wrong and it doesn't matter what you hateful people say or write this is between 2 people. Get out of their lives now. THE SHOW IS OVER,4 DAYS AGO.

1701 days ago

Laine Zane    

Vienna is a skank! I guess we know what type he likes. He deserves what he gets.

1701 days ago


If true about Tanya and just reading her biography, Jake is an idiot? Tanya is a doll plus brains to go along with who she is a Fla. Gator? He picked Vienna the total fake screw around on her Marine husband? Did she have any college? He is an airline pilot, hope he is not flying any plane I am on in the future. Vienna was my last choice from the beginning and he did not listen to most of the women which also shows how stupid he is? Tanya you are a real doll take you for either one of my sons. Give this guy up not worth it, you should be one of the bachelorettes in the future?

1701 days ago


I read all about it on Radar Online the other day. I believe Jake is fake and would rather have the slutty bimbo over the smart, classy woman. He's out just for sex and money and Vienna is too. That's why he's going on Dancin With The Stars instead of being out of the media and going back to his normal life.

1701 days ago


I looked at Tanyas bio and Jake is a loser. We don't know what exactly happened between them though. I'm sure it will soon all come out though as to why they broke up. Maybe he couldn't handle her brains and beauty.

1701 days ago


She looks like shes in love with him and hes in love with her. I know when I kiss my man on the cheek my eyes close and his grin widens!!

1701 days ago


If this Tanya chick is crazy enough to blab stuff to the tabloids, then why would she be trustworthy enough to have as a girlfriend? It's probably not true, and Tanya is just playing the part of the "woman scorned." I wouldn't trust people who makes claims to the media about others' private lives any more than I can throw them.

1701 days ago


I don't think that Vienna did anything to prove to Jake that she has grown up or matured enough for the level of relationship that a wedding ring signifies.

This fact came up when she met his parents, and he just glazed it over. Now we see pics of her as a drunk party girl just a few months prior to the show...

IMO if he was serious about a marriage with ANY girl he would have asked some tough questions. Did any of you see that happen during the show?

1701 days ago


Saw Tanya's Bio on her website....She has so much going for schooled...and cultured... and pretty...She doesn't need Jake, he made a huge mistake...I can see why he wants her back.....

In one of her pictures on an airplane you can see the side of someone's definitely looks like Jake....She is definitely not lying.....

1701 days ago


@52...........I was thinking the same thing!!! Even there you can see she has class...she could have exposed him for what he is....a liar!!!!

1701 days ago


Well, Tanya doesn't appear to have an Adam's Apple, like the Tranny Vienna. Her face isn't like a horse, although one can't see if she has Mr. Ed teeth like Vienna. We can't tell if Tanya is meaner than a snake & tougher than an old boot, like Vienna. But...even without knowing the answer to these points, I'd have to say..Hell, yeah, he didn't make the right choice!

1701 days ago


I have watched the bachelor since it aired but this last one, with Jake, was the dumb enough to make me stop watching. Does Jake have any brains at all?? Almost every girl there, tried to tell him what Vienna was really like. We all got to see her in action during the shooting of the show. Her family was just at frightening to watch too. I cannot believe that poor Jake could not fine a woman to love on his own and resorted to the show and then picked the dumbest blond he could find. He sent away the girls that had brains, talent, class, grace, manners, poise and most of all common sense. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong with this man. Jake and Vienna deserve each other!!!

1701 days ago


Is that Britney Spears? Looks just like her. LOL!

1701 days ago
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