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'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's

Ex-GF Revealed

3/4/2010 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka is catching some serious heat even before marrying Vienna Girardi -- and it's all over the ex-girlfriend in this photo.

Jake's ex, 24-year-old Tanya Douglas, claims that Jake was in contact with her after he finished taping "The Bachelor" -- and she claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

In the past Jake has denied any overlap between past relationships and his 'Bachelor' days.

So, what do you think -- did Jake make the right choice?


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Jake's a joke    

I have been friends with Tanya's family for 32 years. To imply that Tanya is a "woman scorned", or wanting her "15 minutes" or "just after money" is laughable. The skeletons in Jake's closest are vast and deep. Oh boy...if you only knew!

1638 days ago


When do we get to find out who his boyfriend is?

1638 days ago


The Bachelor is a phony show. Of course Mr. Tom Cruise wannabee "Maverick" from Top Gun picked the horse-faced, crossed-eyed fugly chick, because he wants to be the pretty one getting all the attention. He's gay anyway. It's only a matter of time before he'll be crusing the boulevard picking up tranny manlovers while Ms. Ed sits in her stall sucking on a sugar cube, gnawing on a carrot and heehawing into her hay pile. Heehaw! Heehaw!

1637 days ago


I do not understand why everyone has such animosity for Vienna. In regards to the other women in the house most have now said that she was a good person and would be good for Jake. Hell, even Ali has commented. I think the women were jealous of Vienna because they could see the close connection between Pavelka and Girardi. That is just human nature especially in their competitive enviroment. And if anybody would know her for her true self it would be Jake. I believe that a large majortiy of the commenters have formed their opinion due to all the negative things that have been printed about her. She was the obvious target with these publications due to the house's animosity. Everyone should stop believing all of these stupid TABLOID articles. Everyone making negative remarks about her would obviously have a great motive. The magazines sell more copies and the alleged people from her past get paid for their "truthful" information or they gain their fifteen minutes of fame. You can even tell from the picture posted here that it was taken long ago. Jake looks much younger. Everyone needs to stop believing all of these ridiculous accusations. Finally, all that you had to do was watch the reunion show because it was extremely obvious that they had true and deep feelings for each other. Live and Let Live. Go Jake and Vienna!!!! Good Luck!!!!

1636 days ago


To #68 - Your comment regarding the ex-girlfriend states "She has so much going for schooled...and cultured...and pretty". If not mistaken it should be educated not schooled. The last time I heard or read this it was made by a person who has NOT been educated. I apologize if I am incorrect.

1636 days ago


Tanya is so beautiful along with being an intelligent young lady. All of us need to take some steps back and reevaluate. The problem could be Jake. He obviously is insecure when it comes to intelligent women. Tanya indeed is much more prettier than Vienna. Vienna may be the only one that makes him feel superior because she's so much less.

1634 days ago


Well if he's looking for fame this isn't the way of going about it. The fame will be over after he is bumped from DWTS so good luck with that Jake!

1632 days ago


Jake can't be sooo stupid. A 23 year old bleach blonde hick from the south is playing the game of being so sweet.. She knew on the first show as she said he's going to marry me. She knew the game to play with being casted for the show, she got her 15 minutes of fame, she will be making money off the show and she got her man. Jake just see those tits and he is thinking with his wrong head... The future will show him that he had made a mistake. Grow up jake seriously... you're old enough.

1630 days ago


Could not get why he picked a "girl" who was his exact polar opposite! NOW, it makes sense. Made for good TV, good ratings, and he knew all along it was a total farce, anyway. He can't stomach Vienna(sausage) like the rest of the world, and didn't want to hurt any of the nice ladies, such as Ali or Tenley. The 'Sausage" is one tough b----, she won't bat a false eyelash when he dumps her and she'll be back on the horse again that very night! No pun intended!~

1619 days ago


Is he wearing the same shirt in this picture too!

1586 days ago


Anyone can see thru him . He's a PLAYER !! The show gave him money and fifteen minutes of fame . He's not into getting married anytime soon.

1571 days ago


Jake seems to be a guy who likes fakes. Anyone with half an eye can see that she is not a real blond, but a bleached blond. Her black roots are always showing - just like Elizabeth on The View. He should have picked Ali, a nice clean cute and good looking girl. He has no tast in women - leaving out Gillian of course, I am surprised he was so hot for her - since his is a totally different type. P.S. Vienna is ugly - nothing pretty about her.

1568 days ago


I think Vienna has great hair. The color is well done and you can't even tell she has extensions. She looks great with her hair straight or curled also with or without bangs. She is very pretty and has beautiful and captivating eyes.

1521 days ago


He's the JERK! He doesn't deserve either;

however, Tanya is far superior to the 'slut' he


1521 days ago


I can't say whether Tanya is best for Jake or not - I didn't hear anything about her till today. At any rate, Jake seems to like cheap looking blonds (bleached ones in particular like Vienna sausage). Now Ali is a natural blond and pretty to too!Vienna is in no way pretty. She has a hard sharped face and her eyes are too heavy. She is not feminine enough. I can't understand him picking her over Ali. But right now I can see that Ali is much better off without him. Good for her.

1521 days ago
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