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Children Services Back to the Jackson House

3/4/2010 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are coming back to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA today to wrap up their investigation over the stun gun incident.

Children Services Back to the Jackson House
We're told one of the employees has not been at the home during the last two days to be interviewed by DCFS social workers -- so they will talk to that employee today.

As we first reported, one if the issues DCFS has isolated is the use of the Internet by the eight minors living in the home. We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar Jackson used the Internet to purchase a stun gun.

DCFS, we're told, has not decided what additional action, if any, will be taken.


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sally ,its s a good thing they dont dna horses asses or you would be back on the ranch...leave small children alone dunce

1697 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Jermiane hires TOHME and DR Murray so they can get the money.They put MOM on the board to get into the court room..HOW TO GET THE WILL

1697 days ago


Damn!! DCFS is milking this for they can get!!

If Jaafar had shot Blanket with a 357 magnum, you can bet DCFS wouldn't be there; Considering all the children's blood that is already on DCFS hands.

It's obvious that because this is a celebrity's home they are going over board!
However, just talk with some of the families members who would have loved to have had DCFS step in to protect their children. Yeah, the ones who slipped through the system and died or was molested at the hands of some deranged parent or temporary care giver. I guarantee you those families will not have anything nice to say about DCFS.

DCFS excuse is there’s a shortage of workers, well.. They’ve actually found enough to be at the Jackson’s compound for what……three days in a roll??

1697 days ago


does anyone remember right after michael died, and jermaine was out looking at multi million dollar condos ? that occured to me the other day...did he really think he was going to be controlling all mj stuff..maybe it is good that mj had branca in place ..jermaine was spending it before poor mj was even laid to rest

and if joe says thomme is a bad guy and stealing stuff that should have belonged to the estate and mj was afraid of him....isnt that jermaines wifes uncle or something ..jermaine hooked them up i think

if i werre jermaine rather then looking to due another tribute show that of course jermaine can star in....i think i would be looking for thomme to ask what happened to my brother and why he was at the hospital when mj died when he had already been fired..and why so many pictures on the internet with thomme having such a firm grasp on michael..

btw ..if jaffar bought that stun gun to use in jermaine , i would bekoay with that ...guy needs a swiftr jolt to the ass

1697 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** can bet there's been some Jackson clan (MJ's) $$ paid out to keep some mouths shut and stories straight inside that hell hole!!

1697 days ago

capt andy    

I look for kathrine to have a mishap any day now so the sons can move in and get thier claws on the cash..maybe the stun was was to be used on her after jaffar tested it out on pillow or whatever the kids name is

1697 days ago


Jermaine and Randy Jackson need to take responsibilty for their 5 children and get their X wife her own home with the 5 kids. Katherine has the x wife her 5 kids by 2 of her sons and now Michael's 3 kids. That is why this woman was buying sleeping bags the day Michael died. EIGHT kids and she is 79 yrs old!!!!

1697 days ago


this again???
is micheal back from the dead yet??

1697 days ago


just heard on youtube from his speritis (sorry spelt wrong) tha michael was scared of TOHME he took over everything even got rid of pepeal he could trust leaving him all alone mj fired him about a week or too before he died it was said TOHME went mental and said there would be a blood bath mj died after that all so it was germain who introduced him to mj and what was he doing at the hospital with germain its all a bit funny to me someone needs to check this out as mj3 might be in danger love you mj and kids xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1697 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** Maybe people will start to understand exactly why Michael Jackson chose NOT to help carry on the Jackson lineage. The whole bunch amounts to not much more than illiterate derelicts and circus matter what facade they might portray to you.

1697 days ago


tellit you think they will have to go back to court and ask the estate for hush money? know mj will be paying for it...

1697 days ago


31. Debbie doesn't want the children she has said so many times! The MJ3 children are Jackson's by blood and they should stay with Katherine. MJ3 own that house! Jermaine needs to man up and take care of his children and his ex needs to get a job and move out!

Posted at 12:25PM on Mar 4th 2010 by J


1697 days ago


Everyone keeps throwing out how Michael doesn't like his family and all that. But think about it. He left a lot to his mother knowing she will take care of everyone, including the brothers and Joe.

I think he just felt, it could be better controlled and not abused too bad by only naming his mother. That's probably why no one else was mentioned in the will. That's just what I think.

And on to all the kids in the house. You know, Katherine has help to take care of them. She needs all of her grand kids, just like any grandma. My grandma use to watch me, my brothers, and cousins a lot growing up. We made her happy.

You know she loves having them around. If not, I'm sure she would do something. All she has to do is sit back and spend precious time with them. There are workers who clean, cook, etc.

Everyone should step back, leave their comments to their self, and leave this family alone. Cause most of us are just goin' by what we hear or see on TMZ or other television shows.

Everyone has opinions, I do too, but it's useless posting them on sites like this. Leave this family alone....please!

1697 days ago


Posted at 12:41PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Jan

Read more:

agree jan...katherine is too old for this...she has been through too much already ..the lady has a heart condition , lost her son , is waiting for murray to go to courtr, taking care of mj orphaned children andon top of it , every son but tito shows up and tells her their have all those extra kids is crazy ...when are these people going to leave the nest..

way way to much stress for this lady

if she ends up incapasatated , who will care for mj3

they dont know threir mother and diana ross is not in the picture

jermaine probably wants them to get real close with his kids so they will want to go with him

1697 days ago


41. I look for kathrine to have a mishap any day now so the sons can move in and get thier claws on the cash..maybe the stun was was to be used on her after jaffar tested it out on pillow or whatever the kids name is

Posted at 12:41PM on Mar 4th 2010 by amanda

First of all this is not even funny!!....Bah, ha ha ha ha ha (covering mouth) ma ma ma ma.
Seriously though...not funny..hee hee hee.

1697 days ago
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