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Children Services Back to the Jackson House

3/4/2010 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are coming back to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA today to wrap up their investigation over the stun gun incident.

Children Services Back to the Jackson House
We're told one of the employees has not been at the home during the last two days to be interviewed by DCFS social workers -- so they will talk to that employee today.

As we first reported, one if the issues DCFS has isolated is the use of the Internet by the eight minors living in the home. We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar Jackson used the Internet to purchase a stun gun.

DCFS, we're told, has not decided what additional action, if any, will be taken.


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DCFS has a duty, they had someone contact them with a concern, they have to respond. Not to mention all eyes are on them for results so they have to do their due diligence. I hope DCFS writes a favorable report, shakes a finger at the kids and guardians and moves on to a home that requires their assistance far more than the Jacksons. All this hype is truly a waste of time and energy but that's the media, blow things out of proportion and cause grief to those they spotlight.

1693 days ago


Where is Grace the nanny now?
What the hell is papa Joe up to since he got those UCLA medical records?
Has anybody heard anything on Murray during all of this?
Where is LaToya and her comments on this whole new drama?
Has anyone spoken to Arnold Klein since his tweet of how "appalled" he is about all of this?

1693 days ago


Is it true that wacko will go down in history as the person that paid the most money ever to buy 3 kids.

1693 days ago


3 days at the house ..oh please..the lapd didnt dig this hard on murray..every social worker must want to be able to say they met mj3

1693 days ago


I wonder why TMZ, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, SHOWBIZZ TONIGHT, all of those papparazzi news shows, why do they never talk about the fact Prince has vitiligo? Why do they never show the pictures that us real MJ fans see all the time through the net where everyone can easily see the vitiligo spots on Prince's neck and hands?!!! Those Papparazzi TV shows were always the first ones to come up with the stupid possibility that the children would not be Michael's bio kids. Now that the proof is undeniable with the kid's skin disease, they could get everybody informed and no, they don't say a thing!!! Just to keep the bad mouthing going on!!! F**k Y**!!!

1693 days ago

a fan    

You do know that MJ was born black right? Very dark skinned. Those kids are Arnie Kleins and Debbie Rowe's bio kids. Why is it so important to you that there are MJ bio kids? They are his kids period no matter whose genetic material is in them.

1693 days ago


A Year Before 2005 Trial FBI Found Nothing on Michael Jackson’s computers.

The FBI files on Michael Jackson show a concerted effort by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office to convict the pop star for child molestationin 2003-2005.

The DA even brought in the FBI for assistance. But the Bureau’s examination of all the computers seized from Neverland found nothing in April 2004 — ten months before Jackson’s trial. They went through a bunch of computers seized at the ranch, and ran “keyword searches” through them, looking for kiddie pornography. They came up with 18 pages of nothing.

Michael’s defense attorney Thomas Mesereau expressed surprise to me about the FBI files yesterday. “I never saw them,” he said. “Shouldn’t they have shared them with me?”

It didn’t matter. Mesereau’s masterful handling of the case got Michael acquitted of all charges in his 2005 child molestation/conspiracy case. But why did the DA go ahead with the case at all if the FBI turned up nothing?

Mesereau told me: “They heard all these stories, they read stories in the tabloids, there was the 1993 case. They had to proceed. Plus DA Tom Sneddon had gotten legislation passed since the first case making it impossible not to go ahead. And he did it because of Michael.”

Jackson was innocent of those charges. Whatever else happened to Michael Jackson in life, he was set up by Janet Arvizo to take a fall. Luckily, several people stepped in to save Michael.

Two of those people were Frank (Tyson) Cascio and his friend Vinnie Amen. They were working for Michael in the winter of 2003. Jackson put them in charge of catering to the Arvizo family right after Martin Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson” aired on ABC. All hell broke loose because Michael bragged about Gavin Arvizo “sharing” his bed. Gavin and his brother were featured on the program. Chaos ensued.

District Attorney Tom Sneddon, Michael’s nemesis from the 1993 case, determined to destroy Jackson at that point. He sought out Janet Arvizo, not realizing she was a welfare cheat, a pathological liar, and a big cup o’crazy. On the witness stand, Mrs, Arvizo told Jackson’s defense attorney, Tom Mesereau, she believed Michael was going to steal her children in a big hot air balloon, and fly away.

After that, no testimony mattered. We in the Santa Maria courtroom knew Michael would moonwalk home, free as a bird. And deservedly so.

Earlier that year, I wrote in my old column that when Frank and Vinnie brought Janet home to her L.A. apartment from Neverland, Sneddon’s card was under her door. She called the number. He invented her. Then he involved the FBI. The results are in the newly released files. Manpower was revved up, resources were used. And it was all for nothing. Regardless of Michael’s naive comments about children, or anything that might have happened years earlier, he was innocent. He was guilty, like Chris Tucker and a bunch of other people, of being conned by the Arvizos.

In truth, the Jackson-Sneddon feud had been fueled by Michael. After the 1993-94 Jordy Chandler case, Michael fanned the flames by tautning Sneddon in song. It was a mistake. Sneddon was a no-nonsense guy. He didn’t wear designer suits. He reminded those of us in the court room of an old gym teacher. He wasn’t “hip.” And you could tell, he didn’t like the hip crowd one bit.

In the FBI files, you can see how Sneddon, using Court TV’s willing Diane Dimond, ginned up the anti-Michael cause. He even sent ADA Ronald Zonen — listed in the FBI files incorrectly as Richard — to New York to persuade Jordy Chandler to testify. Chandler declined, and threatened to fight a subpoena legally. The word was that he left the U.S. for the duration of the trial.

Sneddon et al had little luck getting anyone else from the so-called conspiracy to kidnap the Arvizos onto the stand. And Vinnie, I can tell you now, let me publish dozens and dozens of receipts he’d kept while babysitting the Arvizos. Eventually it all came out during the trial: rather than being kidnapped, the Arvizos were treated to movies, clothes, hotel stays, and spa treatments. Sneddon, of course, knew this. He just pretended that it never happened. Janet Arvizo received a full body waxing, courtesy of Michael Jackson. The FBI was taken to the cleaners.

1693 days ago


by a fan
No their not

1693 days ago


Fan, ta gueule! Now, you're saying Dr. Klein suffers with vitiligo? You're a fan of your own a**.

1693 days ago


oh Boy I just saw the video of Jermaine's two boys on and it is very disturbing. Katherine's troubles are just beginning, not good...Pray for MJ3.

1693 days ago


i think there is now a conspiracy to try to kill michaels children for their money. jermaine has his kids do it they only stay in juvy jail til 21 he won't have to pay child support baby mama gets kicked out of grandma's house and he is off scott free. the reason they don't go to real schools is because they will be around real people then and they can be raised the same way all the other kids were raised to be odd and weird and self promoting like jermaine is.
this is how all home school kids grow up weird cause they have no peers to be around

1693 days ago


Posted at 2:13PM on Mar 4th 2010 by star22

Read more:

Because they don't have their heads up their *ss like you.

1693 days ago


I hope Jermaine takes the rest of his family out of that house because they do not belong there. Another day of Michael's kids going through the torment of social services being there. Talk about anxiety. It was Jaafar's fault. Jermaine had better taked them home before something bad happens. Katherine does not need this. Like I said Michael is probably rolling over in his Grave right now. Jermaine take your kids home and get your ex out of there. No internet for years for him I would say. Jermaine also needs help. Don't like him. I nstead of going here and there he needs to be a Father. Like Michael was. Michael might not have been perfect but he loved his kids with all of his heart and soul. He was a great Father. Jermaine should take lessons from Michael. Get everyone out of there htat does not live there. Katherine would Die if anything happened with those kids or to those kids. She would die of a broken heart. She lost Michael already. Somebody help her please...

1693 days ago


O.K. somebody is leaking info out of the Jackson House because the video on is a home movie and a very disturbing one at that. I say it is Grace the nanny. It is time to get rid of everyone except MJ3...

1693 days ago


Hey TMZ, am I going to have to wait again for my confirmation....Maybe another 3 times to try to post my comment, what's up with that. Waiting for confirmation.

1693 days ago
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