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Debbie Rowe -- 'Worried' About Blanket

3/4/2010 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children Paris and Prince -- claims she's "worried" about her kids' brother, Blanket.

Debbie Rowe: Click to view!
During a shopping trip in Calabasas earlier today, Rowe said she knows nothing about the investigation into the stun gun incident at the Jackson compound in Encino -- where Michael's kids and Jermaine's kids are all currently living with Katherine Jackson.

But Rowe did admit that she was aware of the reports that Jaafar Jackson was playing with a stun gun while Blanket was nearby. When asked if she was worried about Blanket, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried ... why would I not be worried about a child? He is their brother."

Rowe claimed she's never been to the Jackson compound -- but told us she has been visiting Michael's tomb recently and tries to visit as often as she can.


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If you insist......

I do not have the court transcripts in my currect computer but i'm sure they're somewhere available online for download... and i'm sure you 've read them and you know what i'm talking about.

1661 days ago


3:16 Jan. Sad and telling that neither Randy or Jermaine were in the household watching their own kids when the event happened. Grandmother was in charge of their care which really speaks to the lack of credibility these two sons of Katherine possess. Honestly, if both men got off their behinds and took care of their own children maybe the stun gun fiasco would not have occurred. Which only goes to prove that these men are sailing down a river of denial and it is not a river in Africa...

1661 days ago


Rowe your boat...
Okay, so there's a lot of folks dumping on the Jacksons in favor of Deb Rowe. I understand she looks like the tragic figure right now; the poor estranged mom forced to give up her child--twice, forced to take million dollar settlements--twice, forced to never see her children again. Sounds just like a soundbite for "Stella Dallas" only one difference: in spite of her lack of finances, Stella decides to follow Madonna's lead and keep her baby. Debbie Rowe on the other hand, sold out...and then when she had the opportunity to regain custody after dragging Michael back into court claiming she thought he was allowing the children to be influenced by Muslims--which, even if it was true would probably only balance out the influence they were constantly getting from Arnie Klein, Carrie Fisher, Mark Lester and many other "non-muslims". If she was so concerned about that, she may have at least stipulated that he get rid of Nanny Grace who is reportedly the one who brought the Nation of Islam into Michael's camp. Nevertheless, she relinquished control of the children again, then once more as we all know to Katherine Jackson. Supposedly she was to have visitation rights with a mediator of some sort present. Now, recent reports state she has not been allowed to see MJ2--but remember, we only have HER word for this.
I admonish you not to judge Katherine based on what Debbie Rowe says who for me, is not a credible source given her track record.
I'm all for forgiveness but giving up your child for money is a hard one to forget--and she did it twice! And when she had the opportunity to make it right--when they were still young enough to be okay with it, she did it again. Now, at this point, the only child that may not be aware of who she is and how she relates to them is Blanket. They say Prince is extremely computer savvy so I'm sure he knows everything there is to know about his surrogate mom by now. And that's another thing--although I do think they used Debbie's egg for Prince, I'm not sure about Paris...I don't really see the resemblance between them--at least not as strong as Prince's resemblance.
The other part people forget about when trying to jump on the Debbie bandwagon is Blanket. There is NO WAY on earth the Jacksons are going to let her take him, thus breaking up MJ3--something that I know Michael would've done anything to avoid.
One thing to remember, there was a reason why Michael didn't want the children with Debbie. Remember, she worked for good ol'Arnie Klein and even admitted that Klein was the one who started Michael on the Demerol--which means she was a part of it, too. Even that "Man in the Mirror" film (which I heartily dislike mainly due to poor casting and acting) they had Debbie Rowe constantly giving Michael pills from Klein's office. So was she an enabler? More than likely.
Bottom line, although I think what's happened at Hayvenhurst is a mess, I still don't support taking Paris and Prince out and moving them to Debbie Rowe's house. Katherine, after all, has proven her Maternal skills by raising 9 kids plus God knows how many grandchildren; Debbie Rowe on the other hand, has proved she can raise horses...need I say more?
Funny thing is, someone posted that she's the most "real" or "Down-to-earth" of anyone who may raise the children, but my question is, how much do you know about Deb Rowe? Just because a person dresses dowdy and doesn't look glam doesn't mean they'd make a better mother. The only reason Debbie was in Michael's life anyway is because she was THE hugest Michael fan in the world--I'm talking pics of him all over the wall and the whole nine...and she just HAPPENED to work for Klein, Michael's dermatologist...and she agreed to marry Michael in order to have his kids knowing FULL WELL he didn't love her...and she never even lived at Neverland with him, he bought her that home in Hollywood Hills. So for me, Debbie Rowe is right where she should be: available to the kids if they want to see her, but essentially out of their life...the way she obviously wanted it in the first place.
No Peace Till Justice!

1661 days ago


not a bot

which transcripts are you reading diane dimonds?

1660 days ago


187. not a bot

which transcripts are you reading diane dimonds?

Posted at 7:47AM on Mar 6th 2010 by Jan

Apparently they are dimonds. And IF this had any truth to it,it would have been broadcast around the world in no time!

1660 days ago


I used to hate Debbie Rowe because I thought she was nothing but a money grubbing whore who only cared about the money for having MJ's kids. But now I see alot more to her. It seem that no one else is concerned about Blanket's safety but her. It seems like no one in that Jackson's estate gives a crap about nothing but the Benjamins. How could they allow anyone in that Jackson's estate to allow any kid to use a weapon? especially on a young kid like Blanket. If Michael were here, he'd definitely have a cow. He is probably turning in his grave right now at what's going on in that home. It seems like Debbie is more concerned about those kids safety than anyone else in that Jacksons home. I hope that she can get those kids and save them from the damage Jermaine's kids will put them through before it's too late. This Jackson's family is very disfunctional and can't take over the responsibility of kids. They just wants the money.

1660 days ago

danger baby    

I looked at this 'list'. What an utter crock. If having a porn magazine or three in your possession is proof of pedophilia, then 95% of ALL men in America are pedophiles. MJ was a healthy male with a normal sexual appetite. BFD and thank god for that.

And hey, I have looked at books about nudism, fetishes, and homosexuality. I am straight as an arrow, have ZERO interest in kinky sex or nudism or gay sex, but have looked at such things. Why? To better understand the human condition. I don't condemn MJ for having a book about nudism in his possession, or a 'Barely Legal' magazine. Big deal.

Sneddon had it in for MJ, and THAT is why this prosecution took place. Btw, Sneddon has fathered something like 900 children with his wife, so between MJ and Sneddon, I would say the latter has something of an obsession with having plenty of sex. He knew his witnesses were lying and called them to the stand anyway to try to prove his case. That's called 'suborned perjury' and is against the law. How ironic. A prosecutor who broke the law because of a personal vendetta.


182. If you insist......

I do not have the court transcripts in my currect computer but i'm sure they're somewhere available online for download... and i'm sure you 've read them and you know what i'm talking about.

Posted at 1:46AM on Mar 6th 2010 by not a bot

Read more:

1659 days ago

danger baby    

Also, it is WELL known that BOTH Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth's reporting about MJ and the molestation charges was ALL based on opinion, not fact. Though Orth did a pretty good job of presenting opinion as fact. They should both be ashamed of themselves. AFter MJ died, Dimond gave a (somewhat lurid) television interview to a woman who claimed to be a good friend of MJ's, yet this same person could not provide one shred of evidence that she'd ever met him. Not one photo, not one handwritten note -- nada, nothing. I mean, that tells me all I need to know about Dimond's journalistic integrity. The short answer: She hasn't any!

1659 days ago

danger baby    

The photos of Debbie Rowe at Forest Lawn? I would rewrite the headline to read:

"Debbie Rowe and Her Stomach Visited"...etc.

Poor MJ will never get away from this woman. She really needs to leave him alone. MJ did not want her 'love'. Thank God the children are with Kathryn.

1659 days ago

danger baby    

Also, I can never understand why people talk about Rowe as if she were some kind of saint for birthing MJ's children. If it were a true gift to a friend? She would have done so for free. Instead, she negotiated a financial deal whereby she was set for life. Or at least that is my impression. I have read (on the Hollywood Reporter) that MJ bought her the house in Hollywood Hills and made arrangements to provide for her living expenses GENEROUSLY. She was no different from all the others who fleeced MJ. She was paid more than probably any other surrogate on the planet. MJ was not so dumb the second time around (with Blanket). I'm fairly sure that that surrogate was paid the going rate, which is not that much. In contrast, Rowe, got millions.

1659 days ago


this greedy bitch doesn't have to worry about MikE'S kids!! get with your boring life and leave Michael's kids alone!! they are in good hands!! they don't know you and don't need you HUNGRY FOR MONEY FAT COW!!! LOOK AFTER YOUR ANIMALS! MICHAEL DIDN'T WANT HIS KIDS TO SEE HER SO PLEASE LET THEM BE, THEY HAVE GOOD FAMILY AROUND THEM!!! buy yourself(Debbi) a different shirt!!! maybe she wants more money to buy more different SHIRTS!!! MICHAEL HAD NEVER LOVED THIS WOMAN HE JUST WANTED TO HAVE KIDS NOTHING ELSE!!!

1577 days ago

lan a    

only stupid people believe that she truly worried about blanket

1500 days ago
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