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Debbie Rowe -- 'Worried' About Blanket

3/4/2010 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children Paris and Prince -- claims she's "worried" about her kids' brother, Blanket.

Debbie Rowe: Click to view!
During a shopping trip in Calabasas earlier today, Rowe said she knows nothing about the investigation into the stun gun incident at the Jackson compound in Encino -- where Michael's kids and Jermaine's kids are all currently living with Katherine Jackson.

But Rowe did admit that she was aware of the reports that Jaafar Jackson was playing with a stun gun while Blanket was nearby. When asked if she was worried about Blanket, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried ... why would I not be worried about a child? He is their brother."

Rowe claimed she's never been to the Jackson compound -- but told us she has been visiting Michael's tomb recently and tries to visit as often as she can.


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Pat G    

If the family is worried about " Blanket's " health issues, please re-name that poor child. Could you only imagine growing up with a name like that.

Jackson family, give the kid a break, give him a normal name, Michael is dead!!!

1632 days ago


This neverending story is coming to an end. Simply a GENIUS, simply a FAKE.

Michael Jackson I love you, I know you are ALIVE!!!!!!!

1632 days ago

Black Power    

Bunch of idiots on this site. I hate you all and can't wait to see you on my turf. Don't worry, all of your celebrity heroes will be here waiting. Michael Jackson will lead you all to your burning beds and have sex with you. And that's just for openers. Just wait until you work your way up to Hitler. Me and my minions are going to have such fun with you all.

1632 days ago


What I want to know is: why isn't that brat Jafaar in Juvenile Hall? That's where his butt should be. And WHY are Jermaine's children living with Katherine Jackson's house? And why isn't there anyone to help Katherine with all these kids? Where's Jermaine?? Or the mother of his children??

1632 days ago


6. I dont give a rats ass how this woman dresses or does her hair or what she does in her spare time. She is the most real of all people in the whole Jackson scandal. I find great comfort that she looks like the average person walking down the street...she's a rebel in Fakeass tit land and that is so cool. Debbie will be the saving grace for ALL of Michaels kids one day....or until Mike comes back!!!! God wouldn't that just be the caziest thing ever. Anyways Deb I hope you read this TMZ site ( I never until Michael died) and find that there are people all over the world actually really like you.

Posted at 7:10PM on Mar 4th 2010 by debisreal

I agree at 200 % with you.

1632 days ago


16. If the family is worried about " Blanket's " health issues, please re-name that poor child. Could you only imagine growing up with a name like that.

Jackson family, give the kid a break, give him a normal name, Michael is dead!!!

Posted at 7:27PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Pat G

It's his nickname!

@by Jerry Martin
If you believe anything the trashy media has said all these years you are the wacko! There is nothing wrong with the Jackson family,they have problems,fights,and arguments just like every other american family!

1632 days ago

ray ray    

Which ones is Debbie Rowe? The blonde or the baldie?

1632 days ago


Hey Satan, SBROFL?

1632 days ago


We know Debbie was always loyal to MJ, remember how she screwed over the prosecutor in his trial to help him. I think his problem with Debbie was that he thought he'd lose some of their affection if they were ever to be around their mother. And i would guess now he'd be happy if they went with her, especially in light of what's happening uncontrolled in his mother's house.

1632 days ago


Wow Debbie, your concern is...too little, too late.

Maybe if you had tried to be a real mother from the beginning instead of a (well-paid) walking incubator you wouldn't have to worry about MICHAEL'S kids from afar.

I will never believe that you loved Michael more than you loved his money and therefore cannot believe that you actually care anything about those children.

I think you are just saying/doing what you think people expect you to, but to what end I have no idea.

The way I see it, you and MJ had a business relationship, nothing more. You basically sold your children to Michael, and by extension, the Jacksons and if you're truly having regrets about that then try doing a little more than cry at the grave of a man that didn't seem to have a need for you once he got what he wanted, ie; kids.

A battle with the Jacksons and their gang of lawyers may be all uphill and ultimately unwinnable but wouldn't a real mother try anyway? How do you think the kids feel about someone that won't even fight for them?

You may be fooling some people but I not falling for it. Whatever "it" is.

1632 days ago


Michael named him Blanket because he covered his lap.

1632 days ago


A woman who sold her babies to Michael Jackson at the height of his weirdness is concerned about another kid that's not even her own? What about her own kids? She's visited his tomb, but has she visited her own kids?

She needs to worry about her horses. The same horses she paid for with the money MJ gave her for selling her babies. People are only sympathetic to her because she's white with blue eyes. How soon they forget this woman sold her babies for $$$ to a determinedly strange man. What woman would look at Michael Jackson back in the 90's and agree to sell her white babies to him because he wanted to be a father?

MJ even admitted to cradling a doll baby (probably a white one) because he wanted to be a father so badly. If that's not strange, then what is? Her credibility is ZERO!!

1632 days ago


Debbie will never get those kids.
The Jacksons will destroy her.
She will never get her hands on the 3 little ATM's.
Those kids are worth too much for that family to let them go.

1632 days ago


Has anyone thought the children might not want to see her! When they were younger she did visit them MJ never stopped her from that,she went and terminated her rights,noone forced her to do that.

1632 days ago


Michael Jackson would flip out if he knew his kids were being bullied by Germaine's kids. Seems like they're in danger, too, hope CPS takes action to remove the cousins. Katherine obviously has no control, as usual, and this is proof.

1632 days ago
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