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Debbie Rowe -- 'Worried' About Blanket

3/4/2010 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children Paris and Prince -- claims she's "worried" about her kids' brother, Blanket.

Debbie Rowe: Click to view!
During a shopping trip in Calabasas earlier today, Rowe said she knows nothing about the investigation into the stun gun incident at the Jackson compound in Encino -- where Michael's kids and Jermaine's kids are all currently living with Katherine Jackson.

But Rowe did admit that she was aware of the reports that Jaafar Jackson was playing with a stun gun while Blanket was nearby. When asked if she was worried about Blanket, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried ... why would I not be worried about a child? He is their brother."

Rowe claimed she's never been to the Jackson compound -- but told us she has been visiting Michael's tomb recently and tries to visit as often as she can.


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A stun-gun KILLS people everyday. Do ANY of you have any kind of contact w the news at all???
The stun-gun is the very least of it all though. Next, the cousie's will be somehow getting their hands on real guns, drugs, and everything else,,,,BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUPERVISION in that house!! The house is run like a 5 ring circus.....!

These people are'nt known as being the brightest bulbs on the tree, much less anything else....

1701 days ago


1701 days ago


But what about the REAL STORY???
What happened to Michael?
What is happening to Dr. Murray?
When is someone going to be held accountable?
Whether you are a fan of Michael Jackson or not, Dr. Murray was wreckless and careless and maybe something much more sinister.
What is happening with the investigation?

Justice for Michael


1701 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Motel GARY ID moved to HOTEL CALIFORNIA MENTAL WARD JACKSON...Neveralnd play pen closed and MOVED TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE DEBBIE ROWE is fully aware of the crazy KING OF PILL POP'N MIKE,the crazy JACKSON FAMILY is and on going MENTAL WARD FOREVER.LA COUNTY will be in and out of that house for years.

1701 days ago


a Police stun gun kills people not one that runs on a 9 volt battery. That is like comparing a machine gun to a pellet gun. They come in different sizes and voltage. this gun is on the low end of the stun guns. I don't want to argue I'm just stating a fact. People are over reacting. This was a horrible thing to happen. Then do need to get better control of the house, but Jafar (or what ever his name is) is being made out to be a evil kid that set out to hurt Blanket and I don't believe that was the case.

1701 days ago


All of this is the dead junkies fault.

1701 days ago

I want ya back!    

#78 Just be patient - the REAL STORY will be revealed and dealt with very soon.

1701 days ago

Jackson Insider    

nice try Deb
but over my dead body

1701 days ago


Debbie Rowe needs to take DNA and prove those kids are hers,but she never has done that, so it does seem that those kids were created by paying an egg donor, having the egg$ put into Debbie Rowe, she was no more than an egg basket, that dont make her the hen! She should come out now and reveal whose $perm was used. My bet is Marlon Brando's son, who was MJ's best friend, Miko Brando is the real father of all of the white kids. Prince looks just like a young Marlon Brando. Miko Brando's mother is Mexican and Blanket looks just like MIKO. Miko should be forced to take a DNA test. Who knows who the mother of Blanket is? I bet Miko Brando knows who was mixed up with his sperm! Those 3 white kids, who Katherine knows are not really her grandchildren, are being raised with no mother, no father and no truth! Every child deserves to know who his mother is, who his father is. All of the black Jackson grandchildren know who their mother is, or who their father is. This will definitely be so hard on these white kids, being raised by a family that looks nothing like them, and with no mother and no father and no explanation. MIKO BRANDO BETTER GO FETCH YOUR KIDS!

1701 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Enough of the games, you have an 80 year old lady who can't handle all these kids. I know Michael is gone but the other brothers are still here, and watching them on their A and E show all they did was go out to lunch and talk about the old days, none seemed to have real jobs that they had to get up in the morning and go to.
They should find out who blankets real mother is then see if the real mother wants to get involved. There seems to be no education for all these kids they are home all day.

1701 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Ragmop has a point, Michaels kids don't even know the truth where they came from, there is so much lying and deceit in the Jackson house, even when these kids become adults I don't think they will get a straight answer who their real parents are.

1701 days ago


Debbie Rowe cares about her YEARLY CHECK from MJ's trust. thats it. if she3 had fought for Paris and Prince, and got them, she would be a multi-millionare in the future. what happens IF something HAPPENS to MJ"S kids., while living with this sleazy Jackson clan. WHO GETS THE ESTATE THEN?????

1701 days ago


The kids would be better off with Debbie Rowe, but seriously, none of these people should be parents.

There's not a single parent involved with any of these children. They're being supervised by a grandmother with a history of standing by while her husband beat and abused her children. Jermaine is too busy trying to live off his Jackson 5 glory days to actually be parent to their children. The mothers of the children aren't involved in their lives.

And Michael Jackson was an emotionally stunted individual who was stuck in childhood, engineered his own playmates and lived in a bizarre wonderland outside of reality. His children are not equipped to deal with the real world, much less being dropped into a strange Lord of the Flies household with no supervision.

In 10 years, all of these Jackson kids are going to be making headlines for arrest for drugs or domestic violence or worse. All of these kids are going to be so f'd up.

1701 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

MJ and the lawyers started this PAY OFF crap NOW WE HAVE MILLIONS going to GRACE AEG LAWYERS KIDS CHARITIES TOHME NOI the list is CRAZY ""PAYOLA"" put your hand out and get a JACKSON PAYOFF no matter the issue.

1701 days ago


I know everyone is saying that the kid went and bought the credit card himself, but given that those same cc were brought into the house by his grandmother and given to his mother, who is to say that he didn't take one of THOSE cc's or one was given to him? Would be interesting to see what the original available balance was and what it was the day this all hit the fan...was it strictly used for online purposes and he used it on other sites, also? Or does the taser website have more than one purchase from that cc number on file? If so, where is that second purchase.

1701 days ago
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