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Debbie Rowe Cries at Michael's Mausoleum

3/4/2010 12:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe was at Michael Jackson's mausoleum in Glendale, CA yesterday, crying hysterically and hugging fans.

The emotional gathering occurred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park -- where a bunch of Michael Jackson fans meet on the third day of every month and bring cards, gifts and letters from fans around the world ... this according to

Turns out Debbie -- Michael's ex-wife -- showed up to Forest Lawn as the meeting was in full swing, and started hugging MJ's fans and crying.


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I am Sick of reading rude, innappropriate, and disrespectful comments over Michael Jackson.

To people who accuse Michael of pedophile, I suggest you to verify your sources, which are actually the magazines !!!

Press is a Business, Nothing more. I really hope you don't believe everything you read.
Most of it are lies and twisted stories.

Of course, when you are a great person, loved by millions, some people become jealous and want to put you down and try to destroy you as much as they can.
Sadly, Michael has been one of their victims.

Unfortunately we see that every day.
I am sure in your own life you've heard some things about your relatives wich turned out to be just lies created by another person.

Well, celebrities are great and easy targets, and a lie can quickly become a fact if people are feeding themselves with tabloids.

To end my comment I'll ask you to answer to this question when you read the Press : Where does this come from ???
I bet you'll get surprised.

Thanks you for reading.

May ♥Peace and Love♥ be with you all.


1654 days ago


debbie rowe needs to go away and stay away. she was paid to be a surogate and her job is over. she has never been an mother to the children or a real frien to michael. i feel the only reason she was ever around and still pops up every so often is for money and money only. she needs to go on with her life and stop hanging around looking for a hand out like always. she only cared and cares about money. she is crude rough and has a mouth like a sewer, she should go away and stay away, no one gives a crap about her and no one ever gave a crap about her. she got used and was paid for a job. done deal. save the fake tears . and change your cloths rowe. your disgraceful. talking out two sides of your mouth. just shut up already and get lost.

1653 days ago


I can't believe that crap I read with such disrespect. You guys have to realize for whatever reason, Michael "chose" Debbie to have his children and be his wife. The rest is none of our business period. She was a long time fan, loved him and was lucky enough to have married him which is more than I can say for most of you who could never have him. You talk crap about Debbie you disrespect Michael. She's human too who lost someone she so deeply loved, her ex-husband for crying out loud. Just cause there's a divorce doesn't mean that suddenly those feelings are forever gone. They were a family with children, she has every right to cry, hurt and miss Michael just as much as the rest of us.If you're truly a fan of Michael's then you would be more accepting of Debbie since he chose her to have his children and so on. We should be there for her just the same. For crying out loud she's hurting too, get over it.

Debbie: if you're reading this, I just wanted to write and let you know that you havd a friend in your corner if you need one. And if you do respond to this, refer to me as kitn, Do you have a way to be reached. Address, email, website anything would help. It would be great to hear from you. My heart goes out to you.Just remember the good memories with Michael, nothing else matters, ok? He obviously didn't make it a habit of marrying women after women, so you're a very special lady to have been his wife. Don't ever forget that. He loved you too.
Ok so let me send this off and pray that I eventually get a response. Take care you and Peace to you alwalys.
much love -- kitn ;)'

1653 days ago


this is part of the hoax. Michael is not dead. He had to do this for his own reasons..

1644 days ago


Its always seems that TMZ reports everything about MJ because they are in on it..No other news reports anything except for TMZ. To to you TMZ quit telling ur lies michael is alive and you damn well know it.

1644 days ago


You blame Michael for being a child molester I blame the parents. They were stupid to leave their children. A child only does what a parent wants. Lets face it everyone wants money so lets be real and not judge. God will do that. I don't believe he did it.But if he did only he will answer. I don't need to present my child to someone to make it in this world.When you get money the wrong way you will loose it just as fast as you got it. Why it is not God's way and if you don't work you don't eat. That realization is coming soon because the government is broke. We pay people in america to have children well the buck is going to stop soon. Now we go after those who work hard for there money. Shame on his you weep what seeds you sow whether good or bad. Also be careful what you say because whats goes around comes back and it may be the second or third generation of your family that catches because of the things you say but it will happen. That is the word read it for yourself . Let's love each other and let the almighty do the judging. Enough is enough .We should be changing from our wicket ways so our land will be heal or america will be no more. You may not believe it but I do.

1640 days ago


Debbie was a fan and a friend. What a wonderful opportunity to win MJ over. Persist in giving him children because his wife was not willing, at the time.
What a wench! She thought it would give her free access to him forever, not thinking that one day he might get married to someone else or have kids by someone else (which he did) since she couldn't have anymore children for physical inability. She opened herself to unhappiness. Now, she's unhappy, but with benefits she would probably never have realized if she hadn't been in the right place at the right time.

She made her own bed.

1645 days ago

Sharon Burns    

I agree with the lasr comment in this regard-I truly believe that she loved, or was in love, with Michael.
We fans love him, but her feelings would have to be on totally higher plane. She knew him for yrs and shared a lot of experiences with him that none of us will ever have.
To love a 'friend' enough to want to bear 2 children for him is above and beyond what most of us have known.
I'll be honest-I never did believe she was inseminated. Those kids were concieved the old fashioned way. The fun way. God Bless her. I pray for her to find happiness! sb

1621 days ago


CASEY, you must mean your crying over the ones YOU molested? There isn't an ounce of truth that he did anything to anyone's child. Do you read? The FBI investigation this bull for 15 years, flew all around the world looking searching , interviewing. NADA! You can't mean the 12 count not guilty after all the evidence was presented? It's time you and the braind dead rejects stop with the decade tired," he is a pedo parroting " It's just wack and lame! Your just being a hateful hard turd, nothing more nothing less. Go flush yourself!

1611 days ago


Casey and, you guys are just attention whore. Anyone with a brain who isn't a tabloid junkies who has done their research knows he did not molest those 2 boys. And Casey keep calling him a pedo, you are cursing your children, maybe you need them to be molested before you can know what a pedo is. Moron. Maybe you are crying for your children in advance.

1601 days ago


Casey and, you guys are just attention whore. Anyone with a brain who isn't a tabloid junkies who has done their research knows he did not molest those 2 boys. And Casey keep calling him a pedo, you are cursing your children, maybe you need them to be molested before you can know what a pedo is. Moron. Maybe you are crying for your children in advance.

1601 days ago


I don't see anything wrong here! She was his wife! Ofcourse she'd cry! She said a million times that he was an amazing person! She loved him as a human! Afterall not every woman would gift her kids to some celebrity, not even Michael! She did! Fans, who have never met Michael until today cry at every thought of him. Obviously she, who lived with him and shared part of her life, would cry in grief too! We should all be sorry for this great loss! Unlike some of us, she always knew how respectful and kind Michael was! RIP OUR DEAREST AND NEAREST KING OF POP! P.S. It's sad that some people waiste their time on writing those nasty comments! C'mon, either you like him or you don't! No need to spread the hatred, let him rest in peace!

1600 days ago


Why does she look 65+ years old?

1547 days ago

a person    

this woman is fake. she cares only about money. she said she wanted nothing to do with the children. she made her choice. i feel sorry for michael ever getting involved with this woman. she never even lived in the same house or shared the same bed with michael while they were married. i was glad when it ended. she is horrible.michael deserved better then that.blankets surogate mother is a wonderful lady. this woman is only interested in money. she walked away from the children. she is at it again looking for more money from michael's estate.
money money money.

1432 days ago


yeah..debbie really love michael jackson .. all **** are rumors..

1297 days ago
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