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Debbie Rowe Cries at Michael's Mausoleum

3/4/2010 12:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe was at Michael Jackson's mausoleum in Glendale, CA yesterday, crying hysterically and hugging fans.

The emotional gathering occurred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park -- where a bunch of Michael Jackson fans meet on the third day of every month and bring cards, gifts and letters from fans around the world ... this according to

Turns out Debbie -- Michael's ex-wife -- showed up to Forest Lawn as the meeting was in full swing, and started hugging MJ's fans and crying.


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MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

Now TMZ you know you wrong....

1697 days ago


Poor Deb.. I think she really did(does) love Michael and I dont care if she was a biker chick with a big mouth...she is still the most normal thing that walked into Michaels life. And as far as the way she looks, could you imagine being involved in all of this MJ stuff. I know how devestated I am over all of this, can you imagine where her greif and stress level is at. Stress makes people feel and look like crap!! I admire her because she is not going to fall into the fakeness that hollywood portrays...she is what she is and I deeply respect her attitude and her strength to say **** u to whom ever challenges her.

1697 days ago



Not TMZ is the bad finger! A hoax user copied that pics from the JUSTICE4MJ facebook group and published these photos on that board!!!

Do you think TMZ posted the link to that page just for fun?

1697 days ago


I'm sure it wouldn't be easy for her to try to get the kids back, to see them, etc. Whether you agree with what she did in having MJ's kids or not, they are here now and there's no way, the Jackson machine is going to give them up to her or anybody else. Between the Jackson's and the media circus, I don't blame her if she just stays on her ranch.

1697 days ago


This is where the photos originated from, not the death hoax site.

Notice the watermark on them? Also notice that photos are not allowed to be reprinted without permission.

Uh Oh TMZ, better correct your mistake.

"Photos are © Lisa Burks, watermarked specifically to preserve the integrity of what happened at Forest Lawn today. Permission to post elsewhere as 'exclusive' is expressly denied, as is redistribution without a link back to this original post. Please and thank you for helping to keep it real."

1697 days ago


And another thing; how can you cynical ignorant people live with yourselves and your families??
You hateful ass people could not possibly have compassion for your own family, or yourselves, otherwise it would extent outwards.
You haters suck!!
I bet not one of you have any true friends!! Who’d want to hang around with a bunch of ‘know it alls’, ‘see nothing good in people’ and ‘lets bring others down, so I can feel good about myself’ callous hearted people?? Not me!!!
Why don’t all you haters kiss Debbie’s long chinned ass?? Stinking haters!!!!

1697 days ago


The mocking way TMZ talks about it, is not how it appears to actually have taken place.

1697 days ago

Blanket 50    

Michael was everyone's damn meal ticket! Justice for Michael is now and has been in the hands of GOD himself.

1697 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Pics 3-5 belong to Lisa Burke

Here is the disclaimer on her blog regarding the pictures marked "(c)"

"Photos are © Lisa Burks, watermarked specifically to preserve the integrity of what happened at Forest Lawn today. Permission to post elsewhere as 'exclusive' is expressly denied, as is redistribution without a link back to this original post. Please and thank you for helping to keep it real."

She has been notified now of the use of them on

1697 days ago


Check that link, these are not the pics with the watermark:
Scroll down a bit and read the first post. They clearly state that these pics are from facebook.
So please don't blame TMZ, blame the guilty ones.

1697 days ago

a total fan    

To say that Debbie had Michael's children for money is not fair.She was friends with Michael for twenty years and there was no money to be gained there. She had Michael's children IMO because she loved him .

1697 days ago


Um sorry meant: @62

1697 days ago


I'm going to say this again, because I can:


I'm sure she feels the emptiness of not having Michael here with us. She actually knew him better than any of us fans, plus she carried his kids for him, and it doesn’t matter rather she was paid or not to carry them.

There is that connection to Michael and his kids when it comes to Debbie. She was brave to have consented in helping Michael bring forth his own children (rather or not they are his biologically, that doesn‘t matter). She had to know she was going to be ridiculed and left feeling dejected, as some of these comments show.

I would feel Debbie’s pain too if I stood in the very place where Michael’s body lays. And for Debbie, just knowing that the world has laid to rest one of the greatest entertainers of all times, and that she played a very big role in Michael’s life, would certainly bring grief to her soul.

Debbie, you’ve been strong up to this point so go ahead and let go. Crying is grieving the lost of a love or just letting go, and it is a cleansing of one’s soul. So go ahead and wash away that sorrow and know that Michael is very grateful for your selflessness.

I feel you pain Deb; however, know that you brought Michael the greatest joy he ever knew, his children.

1697 days ago


TMZ could simply have told the facts, but they just had to put a negative spin on it.

TMZ is not a gossip site, it has an agenda - destroying people. I wish everyone working there just stood up and left.

1697 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

Believe me Lisa did not give her permission for these pics to
be used. TMZ I'm shocked.

1697 days ago
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