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Dr. Drew's

Alleged Stalker Arrested

3/4/2010 5:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man who allegedly threatened to murder Dr. Drew Pinsky's family was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony stalking ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Drew tells us Charles Pearson has been sending him threatening messages over the Internet ... including one in which Pearson said he would kill Dr. Drew's children and make his wife eat them.

Dr. Drew also says Pearson believes Dr. Drew has placed a tracking device in his genitals.

We're told Pearson was arrested Wednesday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA. He's being held on $150,000 bail.

Dr. Drew tells TMZ this is a very serious matter and that he hopes Pearson "gets the treatment he clearly needs."


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OMG!!!!! I go to Pierce, and was wondering why police helicopters were hovering over the school when I got out of class at 3!

1634 days ago


Get rid of Carrie Anne! F that disrespectful,ungrateful trash!

1634 days ago

J C    

So much for taking homosexuality off the list of emotional disorders.
Had gay activists not been successful at removing it from the list generations of men would have been able to access therapy to expose the roots of and treat their delusion/sexual addiction instead of dying from AIDS by the thousands.
We live in a morally rudderless society that embraces pathology (believing one's emotions are truth).

1634 days ago

Sad sad    

How does one come to think Dr. Drew put a tracking device in their nut sack? Anyone?

1634 days ago


what do you get when you cross a redheaded woman and the pillsbury doughboy????

One pissed off lady with a yeast infection

yugga yugga yugga hahaha

1634 days ago


"Pearson believes Dr. Drew has placed a tracking device in his genitals."

HAHAHA OW HAHAHA, my gut hurts :o) stop, don't say any more

1634 days ago


why did the blonde stare at the frozen orange juice can?

because it said.."consentrate"

1634 days ago

Congressman ron paul    

Michael Jackson is still exploited in death. AEG and Dr. Death should both pay By Sandra Sasvari

Michael Jackson needs money. Desperately. Over the past decade, his personal life has been repeatedly tarnished, mocked and examinated up close due to the child molestation accusations, and the music that made him a household name seems to have taken a back seat to the slander and bizarre rumours. The trial, although it cleared him of all charges, left him a broken man, and he spent the most part of the following years living like a nomad. Neverland, that was once his world, had been tarnished and defiled by the L.A.P.D, and did not feel like the safe haven it used to be.

When you are the most famous man in the world, people want things from you. Not only because you have them, but because they feel a sense of entitlement to them, a sense of “we made you who you are, you owe us this”. In the past year, Jackson had been hit with multiple law suits, and his finances were not what they once were. Enter AEG.

AEG is one of the world’s leading sports and entertainment presenters, they own or have considerable control over Toyota Sports Center, The Hartford Civic Center, NOKIA Theatre Times Suare, Staples Centre (more about that later), and numerous other facilities. After discussion, deal is closed for Michael Jackson to perform a series of concerts at their O2 Arena, and tickets sell out within a matter of minutes. So fast, that AEG decide to, allegedly on their own initiative and without Jackson’s consent, extend the run: from the original ten shows, to fifty. Rehearsals begin, and things go well for the first couple of weeks. However, it is soon obvious to everyone around, as well as to Randy Philips, AEG chief executive, that Jackson is rapidly losing weight, is weak, stressed, and drousy under the influence of pain killers and sleeping pills. He realizes that the schedule they’ve created for him may be, shall we say, a little tough. An insurance deal is then signed, and Randy Phillips is quoted as saying:

“We have insured the production costs. In order to get the first part of the insurance in place, [Jackson] had to have a physical, and he passed it with flying colors.”

Although the rumour that the insurance in question was made to cover Michael’s death only if it was drug related has never been confirmed, it is my personal belief that this was the case, simply because they were aware of his relationship with medication and it seemed very likely to them that it may well intensify due to the pressure they had put him under. Finding a physician that will give the all-clear – which, in case of Michael dying, would serve to help them get their investment back – most likely wasn’t very difficult either – after all, money talks. Philips made the additional comment that “the carriers flew in a doctor of their choice from New York and he did an extensive battery of tests.”

Randy Philips spoke openly on repeated occasions about witnessing someone in Michael Jackson’s closest circuits having to cut his food for him and spoon feed him, Jackson being too weak to eat by himself. Nothing is done to help. Others close to him try desperately to get the people in charge to call in professional help, as Jackson is clearly unwell both emotionally and physically. Again, nothing is done. Fans and followers try to intervene, but after having confided in them that he does not feel ready to do the fifty shows that are asked of him, security around Michael Jackson tightens and clasps around him like an iron ring, making it as good as impossible for them to come close to him again. Nothing is done to help him. Instead, AEG push harder. After all, it’s almost opening night.

Eventually, the crippling pressure becomes too much, and Michael Jackson’s heart stops. As not to waste the huge interest the world is showing, the conversation, over at the AEG office, then, might have gone something like this:

“It’s a bummer Michael had to go and die…so close to tour start and everything. Okay, this is what we’ll do: we broadcast what is more or less his funeral from Staples Centre (which, by the way, we own) on live TV, and to get back the money we lost because he died on us oh-so-inconveniently, we make a movie. Not just any movie, no no – a movie with very carefully selected scenes. Because we can’t show the truth; first of all it wouldn’t sell and secondly, it would be obvious that we were the ones responsible because we pushed him too hard. So we edit very carefully, and choose the very best parts out of the more than 100 hour footage that has been shot to create our own version of the truth. It’s pre-packed, ready-to-sell, and easy to swallow. Perfect.”

The movie becomes one of the most successful and financially gratifying projects in mov

1634 days ago


Why would Dr. Drew track his own genitals? Are they detachable?

1634 days ago


Elin should have that device installed on her Cheatah...I mean Tiger:)

1633 days ago


Dr. Drew is just another media whore.

1633 days ago


If one could get the monkey that wears the Kabuki mask to eat Dr Drew's children, THAT would be Box Office Gold!

1633 days ago


Pierce College 2009 Football Roster
No. 85 Charles Pearson Tight End Ht: 6'3" Wt: 250 High School: El Camino Real City: Woodland Hills Year: Sophomore

Hmm . . . he sounds like a good kid. Dr Drew must've done something really bad to make Charles so angry with him! Just sayin'.

1633 days ago


A SICK MAN!!!!!!

1633 days ago


Everyone needs to wrap there balls in aluminum foil to protect from being tracked by nut jobs like Dr Drew.

1633 days ago
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