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Dr. Drew's

Alleged Stalker to Cops:

Here I Am!

3/4/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The same day cops started looking for Dr. Drew Pinsky's alleged stalker, the guy went online and told the world exactly where he was located ... down to the very computer he was using at the college where he was later arrested.

Dr. Drew
Charles Pearson wrote the post on his website yesterday, which said ... "Todays date March 3, 2010 ... 10:41 am sitting at computer 41 at pierce college. a woman witha king jacket sit down next to me."

Turns out .... Pearson was arrested later that afternoon at the college library, after the Pasadena Police Department received a tip that he hangs out on campus. We're told when cops showed up, Pearson did not resist arrest.

Pearson has been booked for felony stalking -- he's being held on $150,000 bail.


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I think Dr Drew put a tracking device in my balls too. When I turn on the radio my penis stands up and it moves around in a circular motion when I change the stations.

1662 days ago


I wish all criminals and nutjobs posted their whereabouts on the web so we could avoid them!!!

1662 days ago


I'm currently on the planet Earth.

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


Look at his 10:43 about whack job

1662 days ago


I want to know about the comment at 10:43am
"When I type I get hit in the penis..." What the heck is this guy on?????

1662 days ago


I noticed the 10:43 one too! Holy crap, I wanna know wtf that's all about! lol

1662 days ago


I find it interesting that so many people commented early in the morning.
As of 8:00 PM Mr. Charlie was still not booked at the Pasadena Police Department.
Where did the police have him for 12 hours.

I was wondering since when was it a crime to exercise free speech.
There are many hate groups that get away with it all the time.
Isn't stalking when you follow someone or go to their home or work,
and harass them. Since when is posting an opinion online stalking someone.

Where's the jurisdiction if Charlie was on a computer in Northridge then isn't,
the place where the so-called alleged crime took place in Northridge.
Why is he transported to a private city Pasadena. Is this Dr. Drew getting
special treatment.

I searched the Internet and it seems that TMZ is the one who broke the story,
where is there proof that Charlie actually said those things.
Where's your source material. I looked at Charlie's website and there is nothing
there that remotely refers to the accusations of TMZ.
The only place I see these accusations posted are by TMZ.
Tell us where to find the statements you posted here.

The reason I say this is because I actually met Charlie. And he told me his story. Apparently,
he had an accident and woke up in the hospital. He was disoriented,
and out of touch with reality having a head wound. I understand this doctor
Guy came in for a psych consult. This took place as he was waking up.
Right after the hospital staff had done a lumbar puncture to check
his spinal fluid.

I believe the quote is wrong about an implant in his genitals.
He told me he thought an implant had been put in his back.
It's amazing how someone has sensationalized this. The guy is docile,
humble and relatively pleasant to talk to. He told me that Dr. Drew
has a radio show and that the doctor taunted him on a number of occasions.
" On the air". After the hospital visit.

Charlie was a little confused on why a radio personality was in his hospital room,
and then mentioned him a number of times on the radio. He doesn't understand
why this doctor would taunt him. Dr. Drew may have inadvertently pushed some buttons, and the only
way Charlie could push them back was to harmlessly put his frustration in words.
There are no accusations of any physical type whatsoever, just the exercise of free speech.

It seems the TMZ exclusive insider information that no one else can find on the Internet,
which is the quoted source says; so-called stalker supposedly
posted some stuff on the Internet to vent. I went to the site and saw nothing there
about what it says posted here.

I think the reason he posted anything
was to get closure and resolve why a radio personality;" not realizing he was a doctor",
was in his hospital room, and then made comments over the radio. I talked to this guy for hours
and although he's making some far-fetched conclusions.. It's not without
some basis in fact. He was injured, taken to the hospital
was disoriented and unconscious. And it's not that absurd to associate
the presence of Dr. Drew, who's not even on staff there, present
in his room just as he was finishing a spinal tap. He told me that he listened
to this doctor's show on the radio to try to figure out who he was
and why he was in his hospital room. It seems the radio staff think
any and all people that want to voice their opinion are crazies.
They think the general public are so starstruck that they just want to
get their 15 minutes" Andy Warhol". By the way where's the jurisdiction
of an accusation like this. If something is done on the Internet how do
you choose where to judge him. Let's see the stalker mongers put ideas together
after they've been in an accident and wake up with a long needle stuck in their spine.
And actually have someone like this doctor guy in your room.

I would wonder what he was doing. And if I made an attempt to question
who he was and why he was there. Even just for my own curiosity.
Don't judge this guy on misrepresented facts, hearsay and the spin
of the media to get ratings at another's expense.
Signed, keene I actually met this guy. Is there special treatment for Dr. Drew.

Charlie's site is HTTP://

1662 days ago


I did a little checking and my sources tell me that the media
pounced on Charlie's ex-girlfriend. They wanted to get past history
on Charlie. Apparently, Charlie had his act together, had a home, a job
and a worthwhile future. The media did their best to extrapolate information
that would make Charlie look bad. At one time in his life he had possession
of the firearm. Now the New York Times reports he's armed and dangerous.
Wow. First off the Constitution allows for the possession of arms.
Second, since when did a computer become a gun.
And having had possession of something years ago has nothing to do
with his actions today. The restraining order filed by Dr. Drew's
girlfriend is more than likely a fabrication. She never saw a gun,
she never had a gun brandished in front of her. But apparently,
you can't get a restraining order unless you declare a violent act toward you.

The key phrase here is allegedly! A few commenters asked for Charlie's website address.
So I posted it. Last night it was up and running and there was no mention
of any of the allegations TMZ posted. Then today somehow Charlie's site
has been temporarily shut down.
Charlie you need a publicist.
Book deal!
If the media wants to make you famous by spinning the facts for ratings
then Charlie should capitalize on it. Look what happened to octo a mom.
Apparently, Dr. Drew is using the PR agency TMZ. Where's the fairness.
It's interesting that the verbiage used to slander Charlie has been
censored from the public. I read the website and there was no mention
of any of the allegations posted on TMZ. Turn his website back on and let
the public see it for themselves. You can't do that, because it was never there.
A message to the public" quit judging this guy, the facts are skewed".
And by the way the best video on the Internet about nuts.
Vincent with slap chop. YouTube
it's amazing what the media can do to an individual today.

Signed, show us the facts, shows the actual postings. With proper ISP,
timestamps and IP connections.

1662 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

..this guy is obviously a whack job!..and for all of our sakes, I hope that Dr. Drew DID place a tracking device on the poor dude's gonads!!

1661 days ago


I periodically read TMZ. They get a lot right and a lot wrong. They captitalize on our instiable need to know and to know right now. I am among thousands of U.S. Citizens and Europeans who are being stalked in a way that most citizens can't even imagine. So, trust me I agree that there is no cir***stance where stalking is "justified". I'm still a little fuzzy on the cir***stances of this guy's stalking of Dr. Drew and the reported accusation of the accused that Dr. Drew implanted a chip in him. Well, I doubt that Dr. Drew did this.

Okay, I am completely sane and not a conspiracy theorist. But please don't make fun of this guy or discount what he may have said even though it may have been misdirected to Dr. Drew.

Many Americans, like myself, were going about our regular lifes, not drinking, drugging, stealing or the like. But, we have now become targets of physical and mental directed energy attacks. You can begin to imagine the number of people that are experiencing this. Some unfortunately really have become unbalanced. Many are experiencing attacks that include suggestions to do some crazy, crazy things. The perpetrators of these devilish acts get away with it because national, regional and local police pretend not to know that these crimes are being carried out.

Many theorize that the government (CIA and the like) have targeted random individuals in all walks of life and ethnicities for experimentation. Others believe that this is the work of ex contract workers from Blackwater who are working as mercenaries for extremist hate groups. All of this could be true, cause some of these folks are very creepy.

In any case, human experimentation without the knowledge of U.S. citizens is very real. I didn't realize all of this until after I started experience all of these attacks of directed energy on my person. So, I didn't read this stuff first and then incorporate it into my scenario. MKULTRA, Project. President Clinton convened a committee to investigate human experimentation in 1995 That was not that long ago. All the do***ents were destroyed at the direction of Richard Helms the CIA director who is now deceased.

Not saying that the CIA is involved. But, I am saying that I am certain of what is happening to me and I'm not on any medication, except vitamins. But, I have a suspicion that many more people are being targted remotely and have no idea, especially celebrities. Check out the website of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Su;rveillance. Even if you don't really believe it don't discount. We'll keep reaching out to President Obama and any legislator who will listen. We need the same type of investigation that uncovered MKULTRA, Project Monarch and other government led human experimentation projects.

1613 days ago


People are stupid.

1600 days ago

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