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Jay-Z Security Shoves Fan Off Stage

3/4/2010 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z's security team made quick work of a stage crasher during the rapper's concert in D.C. last night -- bull-rushing the dumbass off the stage before the fan even knew what hit him.

Jay-Z: Click to watch
Jay and Memphis Bleek were in the middle of a performance when it all went down -- and continued rapping as their well-dressed bodyguard sent the crasher flying off the stage.

A security guard on the ground tried to catch the interloper -- but both ended up taking a nasty fall.


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The fan got what he deserved. I don't feel sorry for him at all. He will not win if he tries to sue. He has no grounds to sue. He jeopardized the safety of the performer. The most he's going to get out of this is a little internet fame and make a radio show or two. That's it. He should feel lucky he's not in jail.

1671 days ago


*shaking head*!!!!!!!

1671 days ago


That was awesome!! Dude bumrushes onto the stage without a care in the world. Security disposes of his stupid azz without the performer missing a beat. Classic!! Pretty sure he was in pain after that went down. All party crashers should be disposed of in the same manner. Got no love for you, out on your ass ya go!

1671 days ago


Wow!! Looks like security intervened just in time before the crazed (staged) fan could notice they were actually lip-syncing! Amazing how they didn't stop singing or lose a beat, would've been a dead give away, good thing they have amazing concentration lol .. Fortunately an ashlee simpson moment was averted at the risk of an admiring (staged) fan being crippled! Way to go Jay Z that’s the way to embrace your peeps or get publicity! Be interesting to hear from the dude they tossed of stage for his version, he should be in the WWE with that flying performance!!!

1671 days ago


wow, thrown right over the stage......... Didn't see him get up either...

1671 days ago


Arrest the bodyguard.

1671 days ago


Hey Pistol...........arrest the bodyguard??? Why???? Was that YOU getting pushed off the stage???? Sorry, but the stage is for the performers...NOT the audience. Hope you feel better...idiot.

1671 days ago



He's really not that good to rate this!

Must be fans of his wife.

1671 days ago

Sad sad    

lmfao I want to hire that guy. Call me.

1671 days ago

Security guard    

The security guy does not know if this idiot is a stalker ready to take out a knife and stab the performer or stab the security guy first if he tries to interviene. Good Job for him.

1671 days ago


The fan acted stupid. The stage employee should be arrested for criminal assault. And, help me understand how this incident even remotely relates to an elderly woman's personal injury from scalding hot coffee.'s_Restaurants

1671 days ago


haha...what do you expect

1671 days ago

cosmo in texas    

The fan looks sooo dangerous as he slowly walks up that joke of a has been. He should have demanded a refund since he didn't get a glimpse of Beyonce. Which is probably why most were there. I have heard better in underground clubs.

1671 days ago


what the heck was that?? that was not necessary at all!!! it's not like Jay z is the president , the guy looked harmless!!! boycut Jay z!

1671 days ago


what they don't show is that the man laid there for 10 minutes and soon as DOA came on by Jay-z he started dancing and acting crazy.

1671 days ago
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