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Levi Johnston -- 3,500 More Reasons to Wrap Up

3/4/2010 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston's gonna have to whip out another body party -- or find some other way to make a quick $3,500 -- because a judge just ordered him to pay even more cash to his baby mama Bristol Palin.

It's kinda complicated -- but the long story short is the judge in Alaska re-crunched a few numbers and determined the $18,000 in back child support payments that Bristol had requested from Levi was way too low.

So now, according to legal papers filed this week in Alaska, Levi is on the hook for $21,561.12.

We're told that if Levi doesn't fork over the cash in a timely manner -- he could face some serious consequences ... including serious fines and possible jail time.


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Sarah Palin and her daughter make me sick. I don't understand why he must pay this money when she's the one who has rights to the baby. Also she's insanely rich, and she's going to chase after a kid for money? What a joke.

1695 days ago

Why Not    

Whether people think she needs/is entitled to the money is not the issue. The issue is, if a man has unprotected sex and makes a baby, he screwed himself. The child is his, he pays. The fact he made 100K + and did not pay back support is the issue. He has been learning fatherhood from the wrong men, like Gosselin and Lohan. It appears they also taught him how to manage his money.
Teen fathers are not the exception to the law, they just get their wake up call earlier in the day.

1695 days ago



1695 days ago


This is to all the idiots who are saying it serves him right, he should have kept his peker in his pant. Where is the girl’s responsibility? If she didn’t want to have safe sex then it’s her problem too, maybe even more so.

Why does this little c@nt get a free pass? If she'd kept her slutty legs closed there would be no problem. Blame her not him. She was the one that LET him have sex without a condomn.

F@ck this whole usless family od liars and cheaters

1695 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Maybe the Chipmunk will get her teeth fixed with the support check.

1695 days ago


Why doesn't Bristol go out and get a job and pay Levi to sit at home and play with his kid all day.

Being a mom = the easiest job in the world, oh my god you have to take care of your kid.

1695 days ago


Levi ALREADY claimed on another show that he has a book coming out with a secret about Sarah. Levi has LIED so much in interviews that are on tape that NOTHING that comes from his mouth is believable. Levi made hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ trashing Sarah and only wanted to give HIS son 4k. Levi has flaunted new trucks and cars he bought and has been living the fun life in AK, LA,NYC,& Vegas just to name a few. Levi needs to be made to take some responsibility for the child he fathered. Levi got Bristol pregnant when she was 17 and he was 18. Bristol works and goes to school. Her aunt or grandma help her with babysitting while she is at work or at school. Sarah and Todd give Bristol free room, board, and food.

1695 days ago


She is the one feeding and changing the baby. She is the one that is comforting the child when he gets sick. She is the one there when he is teething. Yeah, she sure got a free pass on that one. All of you talking trash, you don't care about Levi or the baby. All you are using this forum for is an excuse to expel your vile hatred for a woman you don't even know. Sarah Palin has accomplished more in her young life than any of you EVER will and you just can't handle that. You want everyone to be the low life trash that you are. No wonder Obama's rob from the rich and give to the useless is so popular

1695 days ago


enough Palin bashing already!!

this has nothing to do with her

in any state support payments are dictated by a already determined percentage of the parents income

the exact same percentage used to calculate Levi's payment is used to calculate anybody's support-the cable guy, the attorney, the guy working on the oil rig-the guy working at 7-11

Levi made $$ more than most of us from antics therefor he pays more than most of us

do you think that Bristol wants to live in her parents home forever

she is working and furthering her studies-more than he is doing and she, not Levi has the major day to day responsibility for the care of her son

If Levi ever tries for custody thinking he'll be on easy street he's in for a rude awakening!

he'll only receive the same percentage of Bristol's income that he is is currently paying - he isn't entitled to any of her parents income- just as the judge didn't take into consideration whatever income his family might have

assume his lawyer told him that-probably why he is not longer mouthing off that he wants custody

this baby and his connection to the Palin family are/and will continue to be Levi's his meal ticket-pretty sad really isn't it

he doesn't seem to care what the long term effects on the child will be with him out there bashing the mom and her family who are the baby's biggest support system

Levi's mom still in jail for selling drugs or what? anyone know
she's sure not the influence I'd want on my child!

where is Levi's dad in all of this-deceased/deadbeat-what's his story-anyone know?

you don't see Palin's bashing his family publicly which is why we really don't know much about them

1695 days ago


Love this. Levi-loser. You fought the petition Bristol wanted. She wanted court proceedings sealed so that the baby would not be further tarnished by your loser'ness. She wanted to stay out of the public eye since this is such a personal matter about an innocent little child. You didn't want the case sealed because first-the baby is a prop for you and secondly-you were delusional about your "celebrity" and thought somehow a judge would overlook your responsibilities. HA HA HA HA right in your face! Look, you lie about income - the court will find out.

PAY up or please please please get incarcerated so your real admirers can have closer contact with you....late at night, behind bars.

1695 days ago


if Levi comes out with a tell all it will be published by some sleazy press

so you really think that Random House or any legit publishing house would want to touch it

by the time their lawyers would be though with it to verify what he claims there wouldn't be enough left to publish!

who would want to be left open to a lawsuit of this magnitude!

Levi can mouth off and insinuate all kinds of things and the Palins can choose to ignore him

once he puts it in print ....... it's a whole new ball game!

1695 days ago


Hey, it takes two to make a baby. The Palin ho knew the consequenses as well as Levi. She is to appear in a tv show. She is no different than the rest of the dysfunctional family. Money seems to be at the root of everything for these loosers. What a good christian family--- show me the money.

1695 days ago


Wow...there are a whole bunch of ignorant Liberals on here! The money owed is back pay, not his monthly amount. Read the article before you start ranting like a fool. And what does Sarah Palin have to do with it? So if a girl has a rich mother then it should be ok for the guy to not pay for his own kid? Do you think Sarah really needs his money? ITS FOR THE BABY!!! Step away from MSNBC people and TRY to think for yourselves!

1695 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

My cousin was in just about this exact situation a few years ago. My aunt and uncle aren't wealthy, but comfortable. They NEVER forced the father to pay a set amount of child support. My cousin got primary custody, the father paid what he could when he could. He saw his daughter 3-4 times a month and they all tried very hard to keep it about the baby, not bickering about money. I think my aunt and uncle were just trying to keep it peaceful until the young parent matured a bit.
That little girl is now 9 years old, her parents get along (both are remarried) and that father is grateful to my family that he is able to contribute and see his child with no hassles. My cousin always said that someday her daughter would grow up and see the way her parents treated each other and that is what's most important.
Now I see why Levi hates the Palins - they ARE money grubbers. The money is more important than the stability of Tripp. Yes, Levi is definieltely an idiot, but THAT is who Bristol chose to sleep with - it is just as much her fault.
I also used to admire Sarah Palin - no more.

1695 days ago

Old Enough    

I hope that Levi goes back to making $10K/yr so that Bristol gets NOTHING as the Palin family destroyed this kid's life.

1695 days ago
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