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Children Services Interviewed Jackson Kids Again

3/4/2010 9:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson kids got a second visit from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services over the infamous stun gun incident ... and TMZ has learned they may come back for more.

Sources tell TMZ social workers came over to the Jackson family compound in Encino and interviewed the kids -- but we're told they may not have enough information and could come back tomorrow.


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I am seeing the pieces fall into line ... and yes ... you were right ... they are all fitting .

1662 days ago


PM .... I see what you have been saying all along

fit .

1662 days ago


I don't understand why is this such important news?!?!?!
Can someone explain to me?!

1662 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Debbie Rowe 'Mortified' Over Jackson Kids Stun-Gun Reports
By Joey Bartolomeo and Champ Clark
Thursday March 04, 2010 06:55 PM EST

Are Michael Jackson's kids in danger living with his mom?

Debbie Rowe is starting to wonder. Flexing her rights as the surviving – though not custodial – parent of Michael's eldest kids, Prince, 13, and Paris, 11, Rowe is "quite upset" to hear about antics involving a stun gun at the Jackson family compound, her close friend Marc Schaffel tells PEOPLE.

The trouble focuses on reports that Michael's 13-year-old nephew Jaafar, who also lives with the King of Pop's mother Katherine Jackson, bought the weapon online and may have tried to harm Michael's third child, Blanket, 8.

"Right now she is mortified and very, very concerned over the welfare of her children and what they are being exposed to," her pal Marc Schaffel tells PEOPLE.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has reportedly visited the Jackson's Encino, Calif., home at last three times. Katherine's attorney contends Blanket was never threatened and that Paris never saw the weapon. But Schaffel says that Rowe was informed that Paris and Prince both saw the gun.

Rowe, who has not seen the children since Jackson's death, "will take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again," but in the meantime she is "waiting to see what Children and Family Services says first," says Schaffel.,,20348809,00.html

1662 days ago

I want ya back!    

Today 5th March is one year since Michaels O2 announcement!!!

1661 days ago

danger baby    

The media has jumped all over this as Grace's handiwork, but I'm no longer convinced. There are a lot of people crawling all over that Encino property, any one of which might have known about the stun gun, and/or developed concerns about the safety and well being of MJ3 based on daily observations. Besides, I thought Grace was not living at Hayvenhurst, so how would she be privy to the delivery of a stun gun? Whoever did this obviously had concerns about MJ3's welfare. That's not as sexy a motive as revenge or a vendetta against the Jacksons, but I find it far more plausible.

That aside, Grace knows a hell of a lot and I for one, would like to hear it -- the truth, if she cares to speak it. And a reminder that Grace denied press reports about what was said in her interview with the British journalist (after MJ fired her that last time). She denies EVER saying she pumped MJ's stomach etc. Unfortunately, people read things in forums (including this one) and in the news, and assume they are the gospel truth.

I read Margaret Maldonaldo's book on her time within the Jackson family, as the wife of Jermaine, and the atmosphere she describes was certainly not pretty. Violence was part and parcel of living there. Specifically, her key familial themes were greed, violence and sexual jealousy. Quite the combo. Let's hope a few of the family dynamics have changed since then.

As far as MJ3 is concerned, the DFCS should err on the side of caution. If anything untoward is going on, they will probably persuade Paris or Prince to open up about it.

Let's just say it would not surprise me AT ALL if this environment is not the perfect place for the children. KJ seems like a decent person, but she is old now, and may not be as aware as someone needs to be to stay on top of what is going on in her own household.


I look at it like this...somebody had to have leaked the vid and stun gun info. Now who would do that? Alejandra (Jafaar and Jermajesty's mom) has been mooching off the Jacksons since the 80's, so it wouldn't seem smart to do that, and besides, those boys are her children. IMO, Rowe is not emotionally strong enough to stand up to the Jacksons. I doubt she ever will. Certainly no Jackson would leak this stuff. So what insider is left? Omer? Nope, he wouldn't do it either. Grace is the only person with an agenda in that house, and imo, it is to discredit the Jacksons, and delusionally, if neglect/abuse was proven, Grace believed she would gain custody of MJ3.

Posted at 12:14AM on Mar 5th 2010 by Chico

Read more:

1661 days ago


Lights action!

What pandemonium? Children running amuck, unsupervised, parents AWOL, no rest,peace or justice for grandma,...we're talking danger baby!!!!!!!!!

Quick they need to move MJ3 to a more safe and secure place where they can have their own space. Is Neverland available?

Yes, I beLIEve it is :)

1661 days ago


Not so long ago everybody claimmed that Prince, Paris and Blanket should go to regular school and not be home educated, just in order to get in contact with other kids (strangers)and be socially active, and now the claim is that they should go back into "reclusion" because they are in danger for living with their cousins. I just don't get it!In any household with several children ages are supposed to be different, even in octomom's case siblings go from adolescents to babies are the youngers supposed to grow up apart from the older ones?

Definitively opinions are like ass holes, everybody's got one and usually stinks!

1661 days ago

danger baby    

Tellit -- What has the world come to when a former (current?) gay porn director is giving quotes about MJ's children to People magazine? This is absurd. He (and Debbie too, for that matter) left two massive suck wounds on MJ's hide. Rowe made millions. If the children were truly gifts, as she claims, should she not have done this for MJ for free? But no, she made millions (MJ wised up with Blanket's birth and probably paid the going rate for a surrogate). And Schaffel took MJ to court to try to get the legal system to give him what MJ refused to fork over. My God.

1661 days ago


So, is he now called an "Electric Blanket" ?

1661 days ago

just an observation    

87. Lights action!

What pandemonium? Children running amuck, unsupervised, parents AWOL, no rest,peace or justice for grandma,...we're talking danger baby!!!!!!!!!

Quick they need to move MJ3 to a more safe and secure place where they can have their own space. Is Neverland available?

Yes, I beLIEve it is :)

Yes, let's reunite the family as Randy Jackson tweets


As I said, I must unite my family, evident by this most recent issue @ my family home.

I beLIEve this would be a good idea :)

1661 days ago


88. So, is he now called an "Electric Blanket" ?

Posted at 4:04AM on Mar 5th 2010 by Darvon


You really should give the credit to D-Listed for that one. You know the place you ripped it off from.

1661 days ago


When TMZ broke this story I thought by the end of the day they were up to 3 visits. NOW TMZ says 2nd visit?

I miss the old TMZ when they used to be reliable. There was the whole JFK embarrassment and it just continues to go down hill.

1661 days ago


D-Listed ? Who the hel is that?

1661 days ago


Why hasn't TMZ shown the video of Jaafar punching his little brother in the face?

1661 days ago
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