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Stun Gun Mess Connected to Jackson Divorce

3/4/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's messy divorce set up a series of events that led to a knock at Katherine Jackson's door by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services ... TMZ has learned.

Jermaine filed for divorce from Alejandra Jackson in 2004. They fought hard over child support. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jermaine pressured Alejandra to live with the couple's two children -- Jaafar and Jermajesty -- in the Jackson family home in Encino. Alejandra claimed in the docs Jermaine wanted her to live in his mom's home so he didn't have to pay her support.

In legal docs filed last year, Alejandra complained most of the support money she received was from Katherine, frequently in the form of gift cards from Ralphs supermarket -- the very same place Jaafar bought a credit card so he could purchase the stun gun online.

Alejandra has been living in Katherine's home, along with Jaafar and Jermajesty, Genevieve and Randall -- the latter two kids were born during Alejandra's marriage to Randy Jackson, Jermaine's brother. Another minor, Donte, is living in the home -- a child the Jackson's essentially adopted. Add to that Michael Jackson's three kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket and 79-year-old Katherine is juggling responsibilities for 8 children.

Turns out 26 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms came in handy. Who knew?


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The woman on the picture is Jermaine's wife Halima, it's NOT ALEJANDRA.
Halima was at the "Jacksons Dynasty Series", she's Jermaine's wife. Alejandra is his ex-wife, uhm and Randy's ex also, you can see her here:
TMZ likes to confuse people!

1671 days ago


I agree that Jermaine needs to grow up and be a man and take care of responsibility.Him and ex-his wife need to be better parents to their kids and need to pay close attention to them and stop freeloading on dear old Kathrine hasn't she dealt with enough having her son pass away. The only kids she should be raising is Michael's.

1671 days ago


Now we know why Michael could not sleep

1671 days ago


Michael was called wacko? WTF?!? Look at these people! Jermaine ordering his wife to live at his mothers? WTF and a judge LET him do that? WHAT THE HELL?! Katherine paying support FOR Jermaine in the form of gift cards LOL WTFFFFFF! At least Michael WANTED and supported his own children! and not one person, not even one will tell you he was neglectful or a bad father.

I miss you so damn much Mike! -RIP -ღMJღ-

1671 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Posted at 8:10AM on Mar 4th 2010 by kathy40

I agree with you about Jermaine...why does he think it is OK that is ex wife and children live with his mom? Why is Katherine the one giving the ex wife gift cards for food and NOT Jermaine? He knows Katherine gets/got her money from Michael and yet Jermaine thinks it is OK for Michael to support his children too?? Jermaine and his wife have a house why doesn't he move the EX and kids in with him...I guess the new wife would NOT like that, so let his Mother and Michael take care of them?? Sad!
I am so tired of him saying there would be NO Michael Jackson without them....Yes they all started together but then Michael went out and wanted to be a solo artist and do his own thing and when he did, he made it real big! I think Jermaine needs to be a man...take care of his children and STOP trying to step into his brothers is NEVER going to happen and the more he keeps flapping his mouth the MORE nobody wants to hear or see him!!

1671 days ago


Yuck- she was married to 2 of the Jackson brothers???

1671 days ago


it seems that maybe the ex of both Randy and Jermaine might have realized that if she relied on them for child support she probably wouldn't be able to put a roof over her kids heads-let alone feed them
sad that they both appear to be deadbeats

given the choice of her own place where she has privacy and control over the household and family-let alone freedom to date or whatever-and the choice of living with her mother-in-law and putting up with all that it entails-mose sane women would pick their own place if the finances were there

so either this gal is as screwed us as the Jacksons or she has no choice in order to keep a roof over her head

wonder which option it is

or maybe she is lazy and likes the option of having Katherine watch the kids and maids etc. to do for her in the Jackson home?

if that's the case then yes-she would be screwed up

1671 days ago


Gosh, TMZ likes to confuse people and a lot of you start to comment before you even think.
For those of you who indeed watched the Dynasty-Series: Did you realize Jermaine's wife is called Halima and NOT Alejandra? Halima is the one who is on the picture, although the whole story is about Alejandra.
Alejandra is Jermaine's ex wife and lives in Encino... google for it, it's not even news.
But sure, TMZ put a picture of Halima on their report to cause a muddle or they're incompetent to report in a proper way, whatever.

From Wikipedia:
"Jackson started a relationship with his younger-brother Randy's ex-girlfriend, Alejandra has two kids by Randy Jackson, daughter Genevieve and son Randy Jr. She is also a bigamist since she was married to Nicolas Ray, while she married Jermaine, therefore her marriage to Jermaine was null and void. She still lives at Hayvenhurst, the family compound, even though she is not married to any of the Jackson brothers, she has been living there for the last 18 years."

TMZ also reported about the divorce-stuff much sooner:

In my opinion Alejandra loves to live in Encino with the Jacksons. Hell, it's like sitting in paradise for her. Maybe she hopes to seduce another Jackson... Joe for instance.

Oh and btw, realize one thing: The fans may have lost their idol but the press lost their beloved "Wacko Jacko". Now that he's gone they try to act up like they care for Micheal's kids but in fact they replaced "Wacko Jacko" by a number of "Wacko Jackos" - now they stain the whole Jackson family.
It's a shame!
Listen to "Ghosts" and you know what I mean...

1671 days ago


I can see La Toya with another repeated excuse for not helping MJ's kids:
"I can't get in the door. Every Jackson was imprisoned by evil guards."
Janet will say "I can't call MJ's kids, so I can't help them".
Both leeched money & had MJ's nose surgeon make them RESEMBLE burned mummies.
Diana Ross can't remember who Michael is. She asked MJ's 1980s buddies.
Quincy Jones says he's looking for Michael's Skin Bleach cream.
He still thinks he MADE MJ the best black star.

1671 days ago

shid i wish i would    

Randy & Alejore were not married he cheated on wife/daughter with this whore & had 3kids 1adopted(Donte) all3GROWN> Alejore was married to Nicholas Ray for greencard (google) and Jerminfestor betrayed wife Hazel & Randy with this skank and has 2kids (1tazen & blazen) ?? As giving and loving as Michael is would he want this homewrenkin whore skank sqautter around his children. She's teachin them all to CHILL. and order shidzz online with ralphs gift cards.I can smell her stank azz all the way over here. i hear its nice this time of yr in Columbia go leech of your family. Better yet work @ a Vegas Ranch Whore, you're qualified **(not nice)** BUT TRUE. Jaafar can gaurd the door with his stun gun (pow)*****ZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH****** bye biotch! what's worse than a lazy whore???? ALEJORE

1671 days ago


TMZ once again didn't do their homework to get accurate information,why am I not surprized! Why are there pictures of MJ and his children? That picture is of Jermaine's current wife not his ex Alejanrda. Randy was with Alejanrda first. What does this "report" have to do with a stun gun? As for the little comment made by tmz about.."Turns out 26 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms came in handy. Who knew?" That is the same house the Jackson's moved into when they first moved to Cali. MJs children own that house,I think Jermaine needs to take care of his children in his house! Rebbie was already married but they still had 8children in the home! I understand tmz is just a tabliod but would it hurt to tell the truth and get facts? Again I say tmz needs to read this article and take notes!

1671 days ago


good morning all!!! this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen, i am a grandmother and i will tell you if my son ever suggested that his ex would live with me and his children i would be like OH HELL NO!!!! i love my grandkids but i dont have to save the ex, what in the world is wrong with jermaine? he cant possibly think this is ok!!! katherine is a much better person than i would be that is for sure. and my son would be paying the child support not me!!! unbelievable --no wonder michael stayed away with his children!!! rip mj- se love you!!! sue from tampa

1671 days ago


Alejandra is a poor example for her 2 kids. She should get of her "ass" and stop living off MJ! What does this show her 2 kids...that you dont have to work for a living?

Get a job, move out of that house and fight for support from Jermaine...he is not above the law when it comes to supporting his children....he is like every other divorced father out there. Jermaine seems to be living quite well with his new Jermaine get off the pot too and support your children and get more hands on in their lives ....13 years old boys need guidance from their fathers!

1671 days ago


Jermaine Jackson is a real sleaze but he presents himself, i.e. on Larry King as such a nice, sweet guy; he is anything but sweet. making his four children (two of which was when he was married to his brother's ex wife) talk about sleaze. all these kids are living with an 80 year old grandmother just so he doesn't have to pay child support. unbelievable.

1671 days ago



1671 days ago
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