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Stun Gun Mess Connected to Jackson Divorce

3/4/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's messy divorce set up a series of events that led to a knock at Katherine Jackson's door by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services ... TMZ has learned.

Jermaine filed for divorce from Alejandra Jackson in 2004. They fought hard over child support. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jermaine pressured Alejandra to live with the couple's two children -- Jaafar and Jermajesty -- in the Jackson family home in Encino. Alejandra claimed in the docs Jermaine wanted her to live in his mom's home so he didn't have to pay her support.

In legal docs filed last year, Alejandra complained most of the support money she received was from Katherine, frequently in the form of gift cards from Ralphs supermarket -- the very same place Jaafar bought a credit card so he could purchase the stun gun online.

Alejandra has been living in Katherine's home, along with Jaafar and Jermajesty, Genevieve and Randall -- the latter two kids were born during Alejandra's marriage to Randy Jackson, Jermaine's brother. Another minor, Donte, is living in the home -- a child the Jackson's essentially adopted. Add to that Michael Jackson's three kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket and 79-year-old Katherine is juggling responsibilities for 8 children.

Turns out 26 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms came in handy. Who knew?


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When people become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, especially when they're not paying for it, it can get more and more difficult for them to carry their own weight. There are also other issues to consider, like security. They are probably safer where they are right now, but at the same time, other children cannot be put in danger. That house really belongs to Michael's children and his mother, but it can be easy to forget that, especially if you've been living there all your life. This situation needs to be straigtened out ASAP, because a stun gun is no joke. It's not the fact that Blanket might or might not have been hurt, but the intention behind it. It was probably a family decision for all of these children to live together, maybe to try and establish more of a family bond, for them to be around other children and not be so isolated. But it's high time that people moved out and got their own houses. Anyone who is saying that Janet, LaToya, Diana Ross or anyone else should be helping out, well why should they? Diana Ross has 5 children of her own, Janet doesn't have any, but that doesn't mean that she she automatically be available to pick up the slack. People have their own problems to deal with. Also, if Diana Ross didn't show up at Michael's funeral or memorial service, there must have been a good reason. She did send a note saying that she wanted to grieve in private. Sometimes people are too distraught to go through these things. In regards to the children, the real problem is people who refuse to take responsibility for the children that THEY bring into this world, some of them seem to forget that they're not teenagers anymore, and as we all know, this is a problem that affects all levels of society. Clearly, Katherine must have some help (nannies, other family members etc.), but it's obvious that she still has far too much to do. I still have my reservations about her, and wonder why she had so many children with a man who was so cruel. His hard life doesn't justify it, a lot of people have hard lives, but they don't unleash their rage onto their children because of it. Michael was one of the more sensitive siblings, and attention should have been paid to that. Believe it or not, his 'transformation' had less to do with him wanting to be white, and more to do with his fear of Joe Jackson, and his determination to not resemble him in any way. I can't stand it when he keeps trying to get his hands on Michael's stuff now that he's dead. It's so underhand. There was a reason why he left him out of his will, he needs to respect that and step off. Also, whatever anyone thinks about Debbie Rowe, she was treated far too shabbily when she had to stand outside with the crowds outside of Michael's memorial. Whatever her arrangement with Michael, she is still two of those children's biological mother. I think that Blanket also needs to meet his biological mother. Those children are being robbed in another way.

1660 days ago


it has to embarrassing to have to admit that your cousins are also your brother/sister. that is so weird

1660 days ago


Many thought I was not positive about Michael.
LOOK at why MJ died.
He couldn't communicate, used drugs &
made his perfect face totally grotesque, female & unrecognizable every 5 years.
Grandparents don't talk. They didn't know what their many kids & grandsons
REALLY think & do!!
Joe was just a stupid role model for the sons.
Jermaine couldn't stop having babies.
His kids' clown names reveal his serious immaturity.
Michael felt like escaping reality because no one talked to him about his insecurities & SEXUAL confusion.

1660 days ago


jermaine and randy have to grow up and take responsibility for their children....first jermaine has to get past the fact that he missed the boat with stardom and its nobody fault but his own..he married mr gordons daughter ,,that is not mike fault ..if any thing jermain left his baby brother holding the bag for the reasponsibility.of the whole group and family....forget word to the bad......he has got to be closing in on sixty..he could have become a realtor out there and made a fortune with his name recognition..there were other ways within his kid is acting out and on tmz....he needs his father to show up..DROP every thing and be there for this kid

can you imagine what it would mean to that little boy if his father showed up for support instead of phoning it in

1660 days ago


128. 114.
I had a visit to Forest Lawn Yesterday. I had the pleasure of
meeting Debbie Rowe. Nice lady.She says she has yet to see her kids. Come on Katherine get it together.

Posted at 9:50AM on Mar 4th 2010 by MJ's PYT Superfly Sista


MiMi's waving to MJ's PYT

What an experience that must have been for you at Forest Lawn. And to top it all off Debbie shows up. It is so nice to see that Michael has regular visitors from people that care so much about him.

I'm going to have to get me one of those t-shirts.

Posted at 10:31AM on Mar 4th 2010 by MiMi

I agree with you Mimi, thanks for sharing that moment with us Superfly Sista!

Paris Jackson: 'My daddy was the best father you could ever imagine'

ILYM :`(

1660 days ago


superfly sista..those fans are so nice to show up and deliver cards for fans too far away..i saw the mickey mouse hat card on there that i sent....they are a great group


1660 days ago


I guess few people watched the Jackson reality show. If you did you would have seen the expensive home Jermaine lives in with his current wife. Video of the home should be shown to the judge and then let Jermaine explain how he's unable to support his children. On top of that, Jermaine is constantly traveling the world and living the high life but at the same time is refusing to support his own children. Jermaine and Randy are freeloaders. Jermaine should be called to task for obviously hiding his assets from the court.

Katherine is an enabler that covers up her sons' bad behavior.

1660 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ok it time for some people to get out of that house and Jermaine HAS to pay his BACK owed child support... YOU dead beat dad... No wonder Michael rarely spoke of or to you!! Jermaine ( JERKMAINE ) you are a loser!! Maybe IF you were an actual dad to those kids, they would make alright citizens there and be productive later in life. But you are setting them up to be what your own father didn't want any of you boys to be .... THUGS!! I admire Joe for at least that.. and unlike you YOUR dad was there and raising you kids!! YOU make me sick and Randy too? Where did this come from. Poor Michael was paying for kids he didn't even have responsibilty to pay for... Now that makes him look twenty billion times better then all you all!! And your mother raising your kids... THATS JUST MESSED UP!! ( to readers sorry for caps... Yelling at the dead beat dad of these kids!!) Michael at least had limits and boundrys on his kids and oh yeah... STRUCTURE!! he was a good daddy and always there for his kids... Maybe you should try imitating that aspect of Michael and STOP trying to grab all of his spot light.. YOU WILL NEVER BE MICHAEL!!! TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS... dead Beat dad!!!

1660 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

PYT waves to Mimi hey miss you girl.
Nan yes everthing is recieved and photographed. Then security takes it to the foot of MJ tomb. great you saw your gift for Michael how exciting.Huh.
Mimi order a T shirt their nice. Justice for MJ and MJ3.
Jaafar needs a belt and his parents to parent him. Jermaine,

1660 days ago


Miss you too Superfly Sista along with some other regulars who are not around much any longer. :(

Agree that Jafaar needs some major punishment for his stupid mistake, Jermaine could use a good belt whoopin too.

Maybe Joe needs to come back and live at the house or send Jermine's kids to live with him Lol.....

1660 days ago


Eight kids - so does this make Katherine the OctoGram?

1660 days ago



1660 days ago


Come on people --- Would someone please take this whole family and put them in the trash. That is where they all belong.... Sickening greedy animals is exactly what they are. I hope they choke on their money. Can't wait for the next one to die... HA HA HA

1660 days ago


Hmmm, could this be Karma? Even though it's all media hype, it certainly is exposing some negative aspects of Jermaine and Randy's inability to man up and look after their own kids. Not to mention Alejandra's (sp?) leeching off of Katherine. Ultimately this all just really means that Michael has been helping to support his brothers children (while alive and deceased) for many years. Alejandra's been getting quite the free ride as well if you look up her history - These two brothers have definitely taken advantage of their mother. Her kind heart, strong feelings of family unity and belief in God have likely guided Katherine to take on this role of caregiver. It seems Michael did his best to support his mother in her ambitions but I think things should be put right. How she manages to stay strong with all her family has put her through is amazing - I would imagine she would be heartbroken to lose her grandchildren if they were to move, however, I think it's time for Randy and Jermaine and Alejandra to grow up and look after their own kids. Katherine has a moral obligation and responsibility to care for Michael's children and keep them safe. They're going to have to face so many unimaginable "demons" in their lives - without strong love and support, they will suffer. I hope Michael instilled his own strong faith and determination into them and that they keep their father's memory alive for Blanket as well.

1660 days ago

Blanket 50    

Back Off Of Katherine! She is a good mother and grandmother. Half of the haters wish they had just (some) of what Michael left his mother. You guys who hate are just JEALOUS! You act as if this kid killed someone. GEEEEZ

1660 days ago
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