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Social Workers Arrive at Jackson House

3/4/2010 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services have just returned to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA to finish investigating the stun gun incident ... sources tell TMZ.

As we previously reported, the DCFS is going back to the house to interview a Jackson employee who hasn't been around the last couple of days.

We're told the DCFS has not decided if they will take any additional action against the Jacksons.


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23. 103. Go back to radar and look again its a stunt, the hit goes in the hand;
maybe the kids want to make a film or something!

go and watch again!!

Posted at 3:06PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Butterfly

Exactly, I watched the same. That's why Jermajesty has raised his hand. Just a kids' game in my eyes.
But who in that multitudinous Jackson household made that video public, and who called the DCFS? Such a leak inside a family which should stick together seems almost more disturbing to me than Jafaar's mischief.

1663 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

13. Jafaar is not a good influence around the Michael Jackson kids and he is very violent and he curses a lot. Look at this video of him beating Jermajesty like a bitch.

Posted at 2:53PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Marie

1. Who released this video to Radaronline. Did u, Marie?

2. U should have listen to the swearing going on at the Engineering building at the university here. 1st thing in the morning, students are already swearing left, right & centre at the lab. Mind u, this does not mean I'm condoning to this type of language & behaviour. But I think the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. Someone is obviously making money by releasing this video. Shame on you.

1663 days ago


radaronline looks like a pretend movie slap...little boy isnt screamong ..notice how he puts his hand up .thats what the big kid is hitting ..then he looks at he camera..they are pretending ..why is it just because its mj family it has to be so dramatic...its nothing butr play sensationalized

there arelots of movie stars doing drugs wi=hile their kids are hanging around

how about the poor kid at the pam anderson kid bday pool party where a kid drowned
that is a sad story

1663 days ago


Pretending?? The only children I've seen is MJ..It might not be the Jackson Kids,but the kids needs their mouth washed out w/SOAP..Acting could cause Grannie J to lose MJ children,then Grandpa J might get them YIKES!!! They need to be careful MJ ghost will attack those mean spirited children..

1663 days ago


Posted this on a different thread but here is Randy's tweet to clear up he is NOT TMZ's source.

Ok so Randy is NOT TMZ's inside source and he says that will be revealed soon according to his tweets. Thank you Randy for clearing that much up.

# Quick note, TMZ caught me off guard as I was leaving a meeting. I never called them & I'm not their inside source. That will b revealed soon 6 minutes ago via web
# Was handled correctly, no harm done. Allegations 90% false, fabricated by evildoers covertly trying 2 separate my family from the inside out about 1 hours ago via web
# As I said, I must unite my family, evident by this most recent issue @ my family home. about 1 hours ago via web
# All the kids r safe. My nephew is a GREAT kid. Sad that the media has to pick on a 13 year old for their own gain. about 2 hours ago via mobile web

1663 days ago


Please don't report this anymore. Who cares!!!!

1663 days ago


Radaronline is so stupid. That is a stunt video. No one was harmed. My question is who sold this worthless piece of garbage which is all of 18 seconds.

This is a non-story and for another rag like Radar to call it "violence" is laughable.

Michael fired that wacky nanny Grace for a reason. She was obsessed with Michael and now his children. She needs to be gone.

1663 days ago


Why don't we just ignore the Jacksons aand they will slowly go away. if this incident had happened at any other house it would not have even been reported. Check this out -

1663 days ago

a fan    


1663 days ago


I wonder if Randy is implying about "Grace". If that is the all makes sense!!. She whats the kid and the money for herself.

Good job Randy!. The jackson family has kept quiet for so's time someone steps up!!!!

If it is tells why MJ FIRED her *ss!
What a horrible thing to do!!!! those kids have been living at that home since they were born.

I don't believe the are trying to hurt MJ's kids. No one would allow that.

1663 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Las Veagas Condo did AEG buy this condo for GRACE.When did TOHME meet GRACE before 1991.DID JERMAINE TOHME AND GRACE plan a PLOT TO HARM MICHEAL,,

1663 days ago


1663 days ago


This incident is a clear indication the children are not supervised properly. Katherine is old and things won't get any better. MJs children are not taken care of properly, and clearly not like MJ or a parent was taking care of them. They live under the same roof with cousins, their parents, care givers, this is more like an institution: foster home , orphanage. Katherine shouldn't have the custody. This woman uses the three children's child support to raise her other grandkids. This is the bigger issue. Who gave Jafaar the money, who took him to the store, why does he have unsupervised internet access to such websites. There are big issues there. Debbie is not allowed to see the kids. This is another problem, she has no clue as of what is gpoing on there. Why is the children's lawyer admitting this? Debbie needs to see her kids and be able to take action. currently those minors are used, and isolated there, under the so called 'care' of their grandma who is in fact not a hands on guardian.
debbie should have the custody, she's young, she is their mother, this woman has been always present and faught for them, she would offer them a normal family life, where her main focus will be just the three kids, not the well being of tens of other people. The DCSF and the children's judge should take the custody from katherine ASAP if they really work in the best interest of MJs children. Things can't progress like this.

1663 days ago

a fan    

I think Grace was fired for being against him doing the shows.

Grab the children and run!

1663 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

75. I wonder if Randy is implying about "Grace". If that is the all makes sense!!. She wants the kid and the money for herself.

Posted at 4:56PM on Mar 4th 2010 by Dahillzig

76. Las Veagas Condo did AEG buy this condo for GRACE.When did TOHME meet GRACE before 1991.DID JERMAINE TOHME AND GRACE plan a PLOT TO HARM MICHEAL,,

Posted at 4:55PM on Mar 4th 2010 by AEG TOHME AND GRACE

Since when does the court grant custody to nannies? Debbie R. would probably come 1st before any nannies. On another note, about the condo, how come these 3 names always popped up?

1663 days ago
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