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Tiger Woods

The First Unstaged

Golf Photos

3/5/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is golfing like a man possessed -- hitting ball after ball after ball at the golf course near his home in Isleworth ... and TMZ has obtained the first unstaged photos of Woods back in action.

Woods hit the course yesterday with two male companions and practiced his ass off from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM -- working on everything from drives to pitches and putts. 

We're told Tiger's session was uninterrupted -- and he seemed completely focused throughout the entire grueling workout.

As we previously reported, sources in Isleworth tell us Tiger is dead set on competing for the Tavistock Cup -- which will be held at the same Isleworth golf course where he's practicing.

And with that news ... Phil Mickelson probably needs a fresh pair of undies.

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Stupididy at its best    

You are so Clueless it make me sad.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/05/tiger-woods-photo-unstaged-golf-course-isleworth-club/#comments#ixzz0hImotmIs
How do you know I'm clueless. Do you know me ? I don't think so. By the way I live in Europe and I can tell you this kind of story would have never made headlines like it does in America.
You are truly pathetic. Your country is brankrupt also morally. Yes you all should be sad to be obsessed with this kind of stupid story. You have become a real mockery all over the world. Your economy is bankrupt, unemployment is rising, you are fighting in Irak and Afghanistan and you make comments about a golfer who cheated. Sorry to deceive you but I know more things than you do.
I know Tiger is an oustanding golfer and that's the only thing matters. He deserves a second chance like everybody else. If he and Elin want to restart their relationship this is their business. If they stay together is not going to affect our lives; this is not going to pay our bills. So what are you so concerned about this story ??? I just don't get it !!!!

1662 days ago


Welcome back.

He screwed up and he paid for it; move on.

He'll be stronger than ever now; especially since his wife and kids are with him again.

1662 days ago


I hate golf...I do not give a rats a$$ about Tiger "I-Gots" Wood...However, I will be watching his comeback in hopes that he either loses HUGE, or humps his golf bag on the 9th hole.

I also hope Elin takes 1/2 of all he has and moves to Switzerland with the kids. Then we will be able to look forward to these coming TW stories:

Tiger's new found freedom let's him hump everything in sight!

Tiger's 3 bastard children all born on same day.

Tiger's defense: That couldn't be my child because I was screwing some other bimbo that night.

Tiger arrested for raping a mime in Florida park "I couldn't help myself...my sex addiction hypnosis ran out right then!."

Tiger hits longest drive of his life on the 13th...exertion of swing causes STD riddled penis to fall off, tumble down pants leg, where it lands on green and is struck for a hole-in-one by the next golfer.

Tiger shot dead by rancher after being caught having sex with his prize sheep...rancher does not fall for Tiger's excuse of "sex addiction."

1662 days ago

capt andy    

trying to find out for sure when he is going to play because a few of us are going to make the trip if we can get tickets and heckle the hell out of him and make it on national tv..we figure the worst that can happen is getting thrown out,,we also plan to have a sign folded up that will say BAD TIGER BAD TIGER and will unfold it and display it when he is at the hole we are at..look for us on tv....tiger wars.......BAD TIGER..and as the other person stated ,,why would ellie have sex with him..i bet he has crabs ,lice, and every std in the book and a few undiscovered as of yet with the skanks he was hanging with,,and also the guys he had sex with..yuck..he will pay ..yess he will pay

1662 days ago


Better watch him he cheats! ask Elin!

1662 days ago


Phil needs new undies? What does that even mean? Phil is a streaky player and rarely in contention.

1662 days ago

Low Down In Windermere    

Regions Bank Files two lawsuits on 12/23/08 naming Menaker Investments I as the defendant.
2008-CA-0033992-O for default of $3,880,000
2008-CA-0033999-O for default of $2,510,000
Regions Bank filed a lawsuit on 1/27/09 naming Giles-Menaker as the defendant.
2009-CA-002547-O for default of $1,700,000
Menaker files for bankruptcy on 7/29/09
Menaker forms MMDL LLC with Donald Lake (former Regions Bank contact) on 6/8/09
Menaker is granted bankruptcy on 11/5/09
Menaker and Donald Lake start new business venture I Scream Enterprises
How does a man default on over $8,000,000.00 in loans form Regions Bank, file for and get approved for bankruptcy, and develop a new business with the man who was the main contact with Regions Bank for both companies?

1662 days ago


Caddyshack- Try the Masters - Oh I forgot the rabble will not be allowed in there. If you think that will stop Tiger from golfing and his wife from staying dream on. You would only have made an ass of yourself and confirm to the World how stupid Americans are. Go Tiger.

1662 days ago


Posted at 6:58AM on Mar 5th 2010 by Tigress
===================================================================You're right about every single point! America is a joke. It's like watching the Roman Empire fall. The country is going to hell in a hand basket yet 24/7 they need to know what Tigers doing. Tiger never hurt the game of golf, just his reputation and Family both of which are none of our business.

1662 days ago


I'm sorry..but who cares? Is this really news? He's playing golf...umm...he's a golfer, remember? Enough about Tiger already!

1662 days ago


I give him 6 months till he gets caught with his pants down!
once a cheater ALWAYS a CHEATER

1662 days ago

capt andy    

Caddyshack- Try the Masters - Oh I forgot the rabble will not be allowed in there. If you think that will stop Tiger from golfing and his wife from staying dream on. You would only have made an ass of yourself and confirm to the World how stupid Americans are. Go Tiger.

geez your stupid,,he isnt going to be playing at the masters..he might play Agusta ,,maybe..masters no way,,and this isnt about us its about tiger being a bad boy and he must pay....and we will be there front and center and the world will rejoice when we make him look like an idiot.. unless he wants to pay us not to be there..i can sacrifice my beliefs for a few hundred grand..are you reading this tiger,,cough up the cash and we wont show hee hee heee...maybe.
gooooooo team ellin

1662 days ago


Now come on, not all Americans are stupid! Our economy does suck though. Glad Tiger is coming back to golf, he is the best and makes it more fun to watch. Not that I normally would, I just have lots of golfing friends and end up watching it all the time. I must admit, I have learned a lot about the game after Tiger got into it, since he schooled here it was natural for Tucson to stand behind him and most people here still do and will.

New young golfer on the block that will be fun to watch is Rory McIlroy

1662 days ago

Susan from MD    

...fresh pair of undies???? You TMZ kids are a crack-up!!

1662 days ago

Jim Davolt    

Imagine that, a pro golfer practicing golf. And this is newsworthy how? Leave him be TMZ, it is really starting to get old. Stick to real celebrity news.

1662 days ago
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