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Tiger Woods

The First Unstaged

Golf Photos

3/5/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is golfing like a man possessed -- hitting ball after ball after ball at the golf course near his home in Isleworth ... and TMZ has obtained the first unstaged photos of Woods back in action.

Woods hit the course yesterday with two male companions and practiced his ass off from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM -- working on everything from drives to pitches and putts. 

We're told Tiger's session was uninterrupted -- and he seemed completely focused throughout the entire grueling workout.

As we previously reported, sources in Isleworth tell us Tiger is dead set on competing for the Tavistock Cup -- which will be held at the same Isleworth golf course where he's practicing.

And with that news ... Phil Mickelson probably needs a fresh pair of undies.

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It's about time Tiger started slapping his balls around again.

1661 days ago


Uncle Same wrote: who won the most gold metals at the olympics,,hmmm geez the united states did

when the crap hits the fan,.,,who is the first to show up

WWII, US didn't enter the war until Peal Harbour got bombed.
2010 Winter Olympics, Canada won the most gold medals.

Time for you to take a history lesson Uncle Sam.

Comments like yours are the reason why people fly airplanes into American Buildings. Your USA is an international joke because of Americans like you.

And what does any of this have to do with Tiger Woods hitting golf balls? Nothing.

1661 days ago


Yes Caddyshack the world of America will rejoice. You need to take a trip out of there and see the real world. Its Augusta (learn to spell)where the Masters is played.I dont see Tiger missing a major and I am sure Tiger wont mind looking like an an idiot a billion times around.There will be security to deal with the likes of you so have fun.

1661 days ago


To all non-Americans dumb enough to think the extremely vocal minority in this country like TMZ bloggers, Tea baggers (oops, meant Tea Party members), and other long-winded whiny judgmental pricks speak for this entire country, I have three words: get a clue. Sorry, merely living in Europe doesn't make you the smartest person in the world or clever. It simply means you live in Europe. The hypocrisy in your statement is telling. You mock Americans for being overly concerned with Tiger, yet you appear to be overly concerned with your inferiority complex of the United States. And yes, you DO have an inferiority complex. It shows through your words and attitude. I don't have to know you to see the plainly obvious. If you didn't have such a strong inferiority complex, it wouldn't bring you so much delight to revel in the trials and tribulations of those struggling in another country. Do you know any of the families who are unemployed, or homeless? No, yet you mock them and revel in their suffering. Do you know any of the soldiers who are dying in Iraq, or being traumatized daily, only to return to a country that either says "Thanks, now get your ass right back over there" or "Thanks, now get lost"? No you don't. Yet, you based your pleasure in the suffering of others because of ONE comment. The poster obviously has a computer with Internet access. I doubt they're the one suffering. You condemn everyone in the country based on the opinions of a few, yet you have the absolute nerve to whine about someone doing the same to you. Is the opinion of a hypocrite on so many levels truly to be trusted? All of these other countries have lived so long in the shadow of America, they become jubilant at the first sign of weakness. But unlike your country, which has probably fallen already, America will NEVER fall. I don't care how big other nations get. America may no longer be the supremely dominant nation, but we will NEVER be subservient to ANYONE. (Can your European nation say that?) By the way, where in Europe are you anyway? I see you're so proud of your country, you refer to it as a continent. LMAO You would NEVER hear an American say "I'm a North American" I see plenty of insults against the US after your post but NOT ONE proudly proclaiming their country. Very telling...

One last thing, most people couldn't care less about Tiger Woods. I usually skip the Tiger stories and go right to the comments because the people who ARE infatuated with him amuse me. There are far more people who don't consider this news. But if you MUST know, a lot of people want to see Tiger fail because they could never embrace the concept of a successful man of color. Just look at the backlash against Barack Obama. There are some nasty folks out there who will stop at nothing to topple him. The hate against Obama started before he was even elected and only intensified afterward. Some of it is strictly politics, but a large amount of it is opportunistic hate. Regardless of the reason, fueled by hate, ignorance, propaganda, or just plain bitterness, there are a lot of people out there making a mockery of the Presidential office, yet still looking in the mirror and calling themselves "proud Americans". Instead of working towards common goals, the partisans in this country treat elected offices like professional sports teams. It's all about winning, who cares about right or wrong? Some Americans do have major flaws. If it is these folks you speak of, then have at it with full support. Just please don't lump all Americans together. I want nothing to do with the idiots in my country.

1661 days ago


Wow, I don't know where to start with this piece of journalism...

OK, let's start with the fact that a professional golfer practicing golf for a day IS NOT NEWS.

Then we can touch on the inconvenient little fact that the Tavistock Cup is A) a exhibition TEAM event and B) one that Phil Mickelson doesn't play in. So why exactly would he be in need of "a new pair of undies"???

1661 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Yeah you are perfect. Nobody pushed your super dumb president Bush to invad and attack foreign countries. Money should have been better invested if it was for education or health care.
I don't care what you think about Europeans but the facts are the facts......

1661 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

Looks like he's gained some weight.

He has to try and look as white as possible.

1661 days ago


I hope someone was being sarcastic about "gruelling workout". He hit golf balls for eight hours its not like he was working in a coal mine. I am so tired of this mf TW story. And what woman in the real world would stay with a guy that has cheated on her fifteen times? I could never be intimate with the guy again, I would be too grossed out. It would make me feel like a skank.

1661 days ago


"grueling" golf workout = jumbo shrimp.

1661 days ago


I wonder if he is using those golf balls with pictures of his mistresses on them?

1661 days ago


He's still obsessed with two kinds of holes...female ones and the course variety. Now that Tiger has morphed back into robotic golf nerd mode, watch out PGA tour. The Woodsman's oats are sewn and he's back in red & black!

1661 days ago


Tiger Woods Sucks and Golf sucks period. No one really cares about golf so just stop this stupidity. also stop kissing tigers ass he is gay! no one loves you tiger!

1661 days ago


Water, wet.

1661 days ago


Yes, a man or woman is a "sex addict" when they had such an insatiable appetite and uncontrolled desire for sex with so many others outside of his marriage. Hoping for a complete rebirth on behalf of TW and that his wife, children, and mother are the benefactors of that recovery process.

It is time for the low-life swines (along with the low-life attorney who foolishly and greedily represented some of them) to pay the price for their violation of his wife and children in the press. G.A. became a madam in this saga....

1661 days ago


You are a wimp, Tiger. Get in the ring with Bum Bum. He will knock your pansy azz out!!!!!

1661 days ago
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