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Ikki Twin Won't Be Brought Out of Coma Today

3/6/2010 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ikki Twin in ComaThe Ikki Twin who is in a medically induced coma will not be taken out of the coma today as planned ... this according to her manager.

Erica "Rikki" Mongeon
-- the "A Double Shot at Love" star who was involved in a car accident earlier this week outside of Pasadena -- was placed in the coma after doctors found blood on her brain after the crash.

According to Rikki's manager, doctors tried to take her off of the meds to reduce the swelling of the brain. But when they did that, the swelling did not subside-- so she's back on the meds

Docs are going to wait a few more days before they try again.


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Best wishes and praying for a speedy recovery.

1690 days ago


I don't know who she is but that sux..hope she's ok.

1690 days ago


Thought the accident was outside of Bakersfield, not Pasadena?

1690 days ago


I don't remember who she is either. Is she the hot one or the hot one?

1690 days ago


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA. Stop using that term. It's called keeping a patient sedated.

From an ICU nurse

1690 days ago

Joseph Barone    

Induced coma Definition Below:
A barbiturate-induced coma, or barb coma, is a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug, usually pentobarbital or thiopental. Barbiturate comas are used to protect the brain during major neurosurgery, and as a last line of treatment in certain cases of status epilepticus that have not responded to other treatments.

Barbiturates reduce the metabolic rate of brain tissue, as well as the cerebral blood flow. With these reductions, the blood vessels in the brain narrow, decreasing the amount of volume occupied by the brain, and hence the intracranial pressure. The hope is that, with the swelling relieved, the pressure decreases and some or all brain damage may be averted. Several studies have supported this theory by showing reduced mortality when treating refractory intracranial hypertension with a barbiturate coma.[1][2][3]

Controversy exists, however, over the benefits of using barbiturates to control intracranial hypertension. Some studies have shown that barbiturate-induced coma can reduce intracranial hypertension but does not necessarily prevent brain damage. Furthermore, the reduction in intracranial hypertension may not be sustained. Some randomized trials have failed to demonstrate any survival or morbidity benefit of induced coma in diverse conditions such as neurosurgical operations, head trauma,[4] intracranial aneurysm rupture, intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke, and status epilepticus. If the patient survives, cognitive impairment may also follow recovery from the coma.[5]

About 55% of the glucose and oxygen utilisation by the brain is meant for its electrical activity and the rest for all other activities like metabolism. This is recognised by a device such as an electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures electrical activity in the brain. When barbiturates are given to brain injured patients for Induced coma, they act by reducing the electrical activity of the brain, which in theory reduces the metabolic and oxygen demand. Once there is improvement in the patient's general condition, the barbiturates are withdrawn gradually and the patient regains consciousness.

Induced coma was used in the treatment of symptomatic rabies, through the Milwaukee protocol.

1690 days ago


No, I'm not wrong. Pentobarbital is used VERY rarely, and only in extreme cases. I work at a level one trauma center so I see a ton of head injuries. I can only think of maybe two patients that I've seen put into an actual pentobarb coma in the past three years. Propofol, ativan, and versed are what we typically use to SEDATE patients in 99% of the cases. They are not in a "coma". Nice try though.

1690 days ago


I didn't even think about pentobarb because it's so rarely used, so kudos for dragging that out of some dark corner I guess.

1690 days ago


Why does this person have a manager?

1689 days ago


Nikki, why is someone who claims they are an ICU nurse, someone who is actually supposed to cvare very deeply for people, acting like such a b_tch!!! Who cares whether you are right or wrong. You on on TMZ!!!!!

1689 days ago


Why the hate blanket jackson? A person is in bad shape. Sounds like your damage goods.

1689 days ago

Joseph Barone    

I recieved Great News on Erica Rikki Mongeon "THE IKKI TWINS" The latest news on her recovery from the car accident that put her in COMA: She’s on her way back. They started reducing her medication. Her eyes are open and she is responsive. They replaced her breathing tube with an oxygen mask. She recognizes everyone ...and is trying to talk. The doctor says we’re out of the woods but there is still a long road ahead.

1689 days ago

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