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Armed Cops

at Jackson Estate

for Burglary Call

3/6/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Armed LAPD officers swarmed around the Jackson Estate tonight on foot and in the air, but it turned out to be much ado about nothing -- the perfect ending to a crazy week at the Encino home.

Around 9:00 PM PT, at least five officers entered through the front gate of the compound with shotguns drawn -- while an LAPD chopper circled overhead. Cops tell us they were responding to a burglary in progress call. 

But everything was fine once they got on the grounds. We're told the emergency call -- which came from outside the house -- was a false alarm.

No word on exactly which Jacksons were home during the raid.

L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services investigators have been at the Jackson home all week over that whole stun gun thing with Jermaine's son Jaafar.


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'someone OUTSIDE the house made the phone call' it has become very clear to me that someone is harrassing this family. All i know is that mj loved his family and said so many times, if you are a real mj fan you wouldnt judje them so harshly ( probably except for stupid Jermaine and his ridiculous parenting skills ...not.) I think for the sake of the children we would leave them alone, because clearly they are loved there, but if we dont stop making the others look ridiculous then maybe the other kids are gonna start hating them, and THEn only then will their life be hell.

1690 days ago


Why bother sending the cops? The kids can taser whoever breaks in.

1690 days ago


Interesting that the father of the man Michael paid off committed suicide after Michaels death. I guess he couldn't live with the fact that he scammed Michael.

1690 days ago


Isnt that odd.. exactly SEVEN years (Feb 2003) ago the DCFS was investing in the Michael case...

1690 days ago


* "investigating", of course :o)

1690 days ago


it looks like somebody is trying hard to create trouble to this family; for me the media is the main threat to the family, the bully type. the madia should just back off them. This family needs to leave LA for a while. And for Debbie, she never loved the kids and will never. I can't believe she never try to meet them since Michael died. Everybody is cashing on their behalf, the media to sell stories true or false, debbie to make some for herself and some anonymous called source for money. LEAVE THEM ALONE SO CAN LEAVE.

1690 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Posted at 11:12AM on Mar 6th 2010 by Encino Gal

Beautiful eyes are in tears

L.O.V.E to MJ and MJ3

1690 days ago


In my opinion, someone needs to get those three children - Prince, Paris and Blanket - out of that house. I worry for their safety, not because Katherine is a bad grandmother (she's not - she seems very very sweet but she is elderly and should be enjoying her golden years not raising her grandchildren) but because it seems to be quite chatotic at that house most of the time. Those three little kids need stability and calm in their lives right now as they try to process the loss of their father and attempt to move forward with their lives. I am also worried that their inheirtance will be all gone by the time they are able to do anything with it, as it is apparent their father supported the entire family.
I just don't think this is the situation Michael envisioned leaving his kids in when he passed away...and his will was constructed almost a decade before he died...maybe if he had updated it sooner, things would be different for those children.
God bless Katherine and Joe for trying to be there for the kids but I think its time for them to let someone else raise them and give them the peaceful home life they deserve.

1690 days ago

danger baby    

Does TMZ have cameras there 24/7? Who called the cops? Just saying. You've officially crossed the line, TMZ.

1690 days ago


Kinda strange the broke city of LA will send in a helicopter for this. Who called LAPD with that much pull for them to come with guns blazing and choppers flying? They didn't find any intruders? Who was home? With all the latest reports who would be stupid or daring enough to break in while so called 14-30 people live there lol?

1690 days ago


Michaels children should not be with their grandma, because there cousins are so violent. If anything should happend to those kids, who will tell the truth. They are all united for the money of their dead brother and are greedy to boot. They should not get a cent of his money, let them work. On top that greedy Joe, is only thinking of himself. We all knew how Michael felt about his father.

1690 days ago


Many of the paparazzi use police scanners to get info, but I find it hard to believe that they arrived before the cops did.

1690 days ago


someone is trying to unnerve katherine jackson..i am calling bs on this whole thing..the first thing anyone needs to think regarding those kids is about the motivation of MONEY.a;ways money cause they are rich..who wants to get the money ...

that tape of jaffar was bs..two kids doing a movie fake slap..who put that out and why

why are they trying to turn fans against katherine ? she is old and has medical issues..

mj3 look happy and healthy to me.if the kid had a stun gun thats bad of course but bertween family services the tape and now the police swarming the house ...this is somebody setting this old women up for a collapse

1690 days ago


People are saying to leave them alone. This site is to find out celeb buzz and info going on. If you think they should be left alone then don't come on the site, read the post and leave a comment.

Posted at 11:29AM on Mar 6th 2010 by Lisa

Okay, Lisa, We get that you are a TMZ staffer trying to defend your obsession with the Jacksons.

We who have been saying it stand by our statements that this family should be left alone. Just because you are a tabloid does not make it okay for your to stalk this family and most recently stalk the teen children.

This actually shows TMZ's inability to generate any newsworthy stories unless you count the JFK thing and we all know how well that turned out for you!

Since I live in America I will continue to express my views since that is my constitutional right.

1690 days ago


Someone from OUTSIDE the house called about a burglary??? TMZ getting there before the police?

And what is the use of paying big money for 8 security guards if they can't block a robber? isn't that what they are PAID to do?

Does anyone have an explanation for this??? is there something funny going on???

1690 days ago
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