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Armed Cops

at Jackson Estate

for Burglary Call

3/6/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Armed LAPD officers swarmed around the Jackson Estate tonight on foot and in the air, but it turned out to be much ado about nothing -- the perfect ending to a crazy week at the Encino home.

Around 9:00 PM PT, at least five officers entered through the front gate of the compound with shotguns drawn -- while an LAPD chopper circled overhead. Cops tell us they were responding to a burglary in progress call. 

But everything was fine once they got on the grounds. We're told the emergency call -- which came from outside the house -- was a false alarm.

No word on exactly which Jacksons were home during the raid.

L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services investigators have been at the Jackson home all week over that whole stun gun thing with Jermaine's son Jaafar.


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Please pray for the Jackson family.


1659 days ago


The call was made "outside the home"?? Did a neighbor see someone trying to get onto the property? Who made the call...if we found out who made the initial 911 call with Tiger Woods after the crash, we should be able to find out/know who made this call.

1659 days ago


As long as the children will live with the Jacksons they are considerred celebrities, and will make headlines. It is also the familiy's fault for generating some of the stories(the grammy speech, the stun gun incident, family members talking about Prince and paris wanting to become singers and producers,etc).Overall there are big issues in that household which easilly can get out of control.

1659 days ago


Check to see where Jaffara is.

1659 days ago


I completely agree with posting 92, this is crazy! yes tabloid but the others like and and they post the story leave it up for a day and move on the next day this Jackson thing is an unhealth obsession with TMZ. The other stories are fine but this is over the top. PLEASE STOP! Child protective services have a file now on the Jackson's let them monitor the situation, they are able to do it without the help of TMZ...

1659 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

5. What is written 'an lapd...' is the correct way to write that sentence.
Ha Ha Ha...Maybe the padded wagon with jackets to match will show up next. somebody wants attention---Social workers will be back tomorrow morning. Grandma was at bible Study tonight at the Kingdom Hall. Perfect timing!
Posted at 1:48AM on Mar 6th 2010 by go back to skool

And Michael's Kids go with her to the meetings too... so they weren't even there either... but not too sure about Jermajisty or that little monster Jafaar... Maybe Jafaar should go... it would do him some good thats for sure... Bible principles never hurt anyone it only helps....

1659 days ago


83. it looks like somebody is trying hard to create trouble to this family; for me the media is the main threat to the family, the bully type. the madia should just back off them. This family needs to leave LA for a while. And for Debbie, she never loved the kids and will never. I can't believe she never try to meet them since Michael died. Everybody is cashing on their behalf, the media to sell stories true or false, debbie to make some for herself and some anonymous called source for money. LEAVE THEM ALONE SO CAN LEAVE.

Posted at 11:48AM on Mar 6th 2010 by fat2

Well I'm willing to bet Debbie has made a lot LESS off stories than the Jacksons themselves have considering Michael himself made sure she couldn't say sh!t regaurding the kids. I'd also like to know how you figure the media is bullying these people? The Jacksons WANT media in their faces so they can be in the news non stop but then they wanna turn the tables and say how their privacy is stolen by it? This family wants OUR attention and OUR money and even go as far as a reality show to keep attention then when something negative happens to show they are not as they seem, they wanna start accusing the media? Too bad. The Jacksons wanted to be back in the spotlight and here ya go, nobody said it was gonna be a positive fame this time and they bring all the negativity on themselves.

1659 days ago


to Encino Gal

THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful memories.


1659 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Posted at 12:11PM on Mar 6th 2010 by nan
You're right

Someone trying to hurt Mrs. Jackson, someone who knows she has problems with high blood pressure...someone is evil

L.O.V.E to MJ and MJ3

1659 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

2. it should be
"a LAPD chopper"
"an LAPD chopper"

Posted at 1:19AM on Mar 6th 2010 by Janell

This is funny. Yeah, u should only use "an" in front of words starting with "a, e, i, o, u". Yeah, I know my English. LOL x 2.

1659 days ago


It sounds like someone wants Michael's kids taken away from Katherine! Katherine is a innocent Person. She is trying to honor her Son's wishes. My opinion! everyone needs to move out except Katherine,Prince,Paris,& Blanket! point blank! then u wont hear much about them for a long time. Why? cause no one will be around to cause them trouble!!! people leave them alone. these Kids have already been through enough!!!

1659 days ago


Those children are with their true family,noone has lied to them. Debbie doesn't want them. I see some people blaming Katherine for this,how can this be her fault? It clearly says someone OUTSIDE the home called,and it was a false call. The cops can trace where the call came from,and they should. Someone is just trying to cause trouble for the family. People say remove MJs children from the why when they own it! It is funny tmz filmed the cops arriving and just so happened to have the only camera there to filming! TMZ is milking this,seems thats where they get the most hits is on anything Jackson! Maybe they got the stun gun to start using on all you paps who keep stalking them! TMZ stop stalking the family and leave them alone! TMZ is starting to become a joke!

1659 days ago


where are the seventy sherrifs swarming the place like neverland..who says you cant manipulate the system to get what you want.? just ask the chandlers and arviso families

someone is really playing hardball with this old women, trying to give her a heart attack so that she cannot care for those kids imo

who would that be , who after katherine are those children comfortable with.who did they need after their father died?

somebody is getting pushed out and doesnt like it.

there is alot of garbage with the jacksons and yes they have their do all families but i think what is happpening is just terrible.and i am concerned that mrs jackson heath issues will get the better of her before things settle down.sounds to me that is what this person is aiming for

i am sending k a card of support right now because i think the media would like this family to think everyone is against them

1659 days ago

a fan    

Debbie Rowe is best friends with Marc Shaffel the "gay porn producer"

1659 days ago


I feel so bad for these kids. They'll never live a normal life. First stun gun and now this. I'm sure there's a lot more we don't know about. You never heard stuff like this happening when MJ was around.

1659 days ago
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