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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding ... Again

3/6/2010 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinWe're going to find out soon if Kate Gosselin has two left feet, but already know she's got one lead foot -- because she was busted again for speeding.

Gosselin got a ticket on February 21 in Latimore Township, PA for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. But Kate didn't let it linger -- she pled guilty just five days later and paid a $155.50 fine.

Kate did almost the exact same thing back in November 2009 and paid a $109.50 fine.


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I'm sick of seeing this talent-less excuse for a woman in the headlines. She needs to take care of her kids and quit pretending she's above the law and everyone else. What a terrible example of a mother. I just hope the nanny(ies) Kate has are better examples than she is. Not like she has much time to spend with her kids anyways.

1657 days ago


Am I the only one who noticed the omitted word in this post? "We're going find out soon if Kate Gosselin". There should be a "to" between "going" and "find"

Please fix it TMZ. As a grammar Nazi, it always bothers me when this happens =]

1657 days ago


Well I am assuming,hopefully,that the kids were NOT in the car...and so I wonder, where the eff are her kids because it sure doesn't seem like she is ever with them!! This bitch and Marie Osmond are starting to make Octomom look like Mother Theresa!

1657 days ago

love her!    

Who cares? TMZ traffic violations...Seriously? You have really scraped the bottom of the barrel reporting on K. Goss and her PAID fines... YAWN

1657 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Well, that's a logical conclusion, isn't it Tinalouise. You read two or three stories about her in the tabloids, so logically she's never with her kids. Good job.

1657 days ago


Its interesting a few months back she was crying that Jon left her 1,000 in the checking account and she couldn't pay her bills all over the talk shows but she has no problems paying her fines. That money for fines should be spent on her kids and they probably were in the car with her. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this so called mother and her five minutes of fame should have been over long ago. I hope she is the first booted out on Dancing with the stars because I hated her comment on Jimmy Kimmel that she was going to win.

1657 days ago


were her children in her vehicle at the time she was speeding?

1657 days ago


sloooooooow day tmz. how pathetic. a speeding ticket gee wow golly.

1657 days ago


Kate Gosselin is a scofflaw when it comes to traffic and vehicle violations. It's not hard to find pictures of her parked in no parking zones or hear about her routinely speeding down the road. We can only hope she is fined some more until she pays back the Million plus dollars she and her husband soaked from the CW of PA on Medicare related expenses.

It's because she is a narcissistic and self-entitled shrew that she thinks she can do these things.

1657 days ago

Arty Ziff    

Why is this woman still in the news? Good grief. All I want to know is how far she'll go for $50?

1657 days ago


#6 Why does it matter if her children were in the SUV or not? Are their life's worth more than anyone else's on a shared road?

1657 days ago


5. Well, that's a logical conclusion, isn't it Tinalouise. You read two or three stories about her in the tabloids, so logically she's never with her kids. Good job.

Posted at 3:45PM on Mar 6th 2010 by Jason Chambers
Jason, there is enough photographic proof of the fact that Kate hasn't been home in some time, nor will she be over the next few weeks. She was jacking around in L.A. last week, NYC this week, still there as of today, she'll either still be there or be back for her stupid co-host stint on The View on the 11th, then she goes to South Bend, IN for a Woman's Expo on 3/13, then out to L.A. again for DWTS premiere prep probably mid-week (3/17?)until and then DWTS on 3/22 & 3/23.
Who needs to speculate that she's never home? It's the facts Jack!

1657 days ago

Kate is evil.

God will bring her down.

RIP Kate

I am so happy those 8 kidlet will get footage of their inner ugly hateful mother, yes I am

1657 days ago


TMZ who cares about people traffic tickets ????? Im sure if you took a poll in your own office you would have alot of tickets how many has Harvey or mike had in the last few yrs come on please !! You are always trying to bring people down anything for some stupid news to get people to click on your site!! Where is Harvey ??? things are going down hill without Harvey there !!!

1657 days ago


She can't kill Jon while going 25mph. LOL

1657 days ago
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