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J.Lo vs. Demi

Who'd You Rather?

3/7/2010 9:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar non-nominees Jennifer Lopez, 40, and Demi Moore, 47, vogued for the cameras at the Academy Awards.

Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore
Question is ...


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Who invited those old, no-talent hags

1654 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Demi muffin-topped out of the top of her dress. Cover that flab, girl, don't squeeze it out. Looks ridiculous, like you can't be trusted to dress yourself (obviously not).

Jennifer needs to stop flaunting her "ass-ets". Her dress looked fine from one angle. From the other, her enormous butt was even further accentuated, and not pretty. No girl, not pretty, no matter what your assistant, costume designers, and husband may be telling you. Use some common sense and a better mirror.

1654 days ago

moe l.    

Well with Jlo you'd have to strap on the proverbial "board to your a$$" so you don't fall in.

1654 days ago


JLO is balding!!! All you can see is her bald head and humongus HIPS. She's lost it.

1654 days ago


Yes, it DOES look like Jlo's hairline is receding a little bit at the topmost area. But she still lokks pretty great.
Demi, I almost didn't know who this was. Her face for some reason looks a lot different, thinner maybe, it's hard to lay a finger on what it is, but definitely different. And she must have removed her implants because in this gown, she's nearly flat and not all busty like she has been so many times in the past. Good for her! I'm so sick of fake boobs!

1654 days ago


As a few people have remarked, the real "Qusetion is..." seeing as neither one of these two has had a movie career since Christ was a cowboy, what are they doing there at all?

1654 days ago


I think both ladies look lovely. I love Demi's dress. But could you please stop asking which you'd is so crude, rude, unrefined and stupid to ask such a question.....

Please show women some respect.

1654 days ago


I noticed on Television that the top of Demi's dress was tight.

1654 days ago


Harvey, how about adding a "neither" to the choices? As for Demi: gorgeous dress, she looked terrific, but I'm glad she was "announced" on the Oscars because she is barely recognizable anymore. She does not look "pulled tight" as so many her age do, but the plastic surgeries have sure changed her appearance. Her face/body, she can do what she wants with it.

1653 days ago


J-Lo would be a way more comfy ride,
but I bet Demi really knows what to do, and could blow your freakin mind.

Think about it, all the hotties that J-Lo has had and can't keep...
Why is that?

She don't do the dirty...

Yet here you have Ashton Kutcher, who started his career as a male model, before becoming one of the most famous faces on tv for his generation..
Clearly Demi's old enough to be his mom, (albeit a milf)
and they are seemingly tighter than ever...

He even lets her bring her ex to some events with them...

Wannna guess why?

Because when they are alone,
she does things to him that he never even knew humans were capable of....

1622 days ago


That's a f...... rediculous question!! J. Lo doesn't even belong in the same league with Demi. Demi is gorgeous and seems to get better as she ages so well.

1622 days ago


if demi got surgery then obvioulsy the other one has as well. stop fixating on people who are rich and dont give a sh!t about you, this is retarded and just shows how mindless this society is... but as i sit here trying to pass time at work... they are both unattractive. hehe

1620 days ago

david williams    

are u joking i can't believe people chose demi moore over jlo have u looked at jennifer's ass ? jlo anytime anyplace period

1594 days ago

The Truth    

Is everyone completely insane??
Demi is a good looking woman but Jennifer is
the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world.

There is NO ONE that I would rather be with.

1524 days ago
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