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Kelly Clarkson

Takes Pee Break

During Concert

3/7/2010 2:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some people can hold it. Kelly Clarkson is not one of those people.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was performing in Germany on Friday night when she mysteriously disappeared from the stage during a song. The band covered for her for a bit before she finally returned. She finished the song and then admitted, "I'm really sorry, I had to pee."

Such a lady.


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wat she had 2 go pee i liv her but wont pay 2 c her pee on stage not a freak like dat

best voice ever to u haters ..n she is not a redneck to pee in front of pple ..get off ya highover ...she is human she gota go so she went

1689 days ago


Take 2 lmao

wat she had 2 go pee i luv her but wont pay 2 c her pee on stage not a freak like dat

best voice ever to u haters ..n she is not a redneck to pee in front
of pple ..get off ya high horse ...she is human she gota go so she went

1689 days ago


Bound to happen sooner or later, it's a numbers game. FYI folks, when you 'hold it in' your blood pressure goes up 30 points until you urinate.

1689 days ago


A) Some of you should be studying the English language instead of posting about Kelly Clarkson. B) Going to the bathroom's not a big deal. It became tacky when she decided to announce it.

I don't think there's much of a story here. When you gotta go, you go. Take it from someone with an overactive bladder. For some people, there is no such thing as "holding it".

1689 days ago


Hellooooo! What do you think depends are for?? They are not just for the people at the casinos who don't want to leave their slot machines when they're winning!!
Can you believe that? Some woman told me she wears depends to the casinos for that purpose! That'll explains the smell if you happen to sit next to someone who smells like a used diaper should you go to a casino. PHEW WEE!!!!!

1689 days ago


Correction: explain

1689 days ago


I suppose you think Brittney or Jessica can sing better than Kelly. They can't even carry a tune. Kelly has a wonderful voice & personality. She is true to herself & not some self starving bimbo. Some of you wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face. She had to pee so she went off stage to use the bathroom, what is classless about that?? NOTHING! Never change Kelly, you are fabulous.

1689 days ago


I can't believe that people are actually cutting on her for having to pee! Hey, it happens. She is a great singer, with a great body image...I love her!

1689 days ago

And thats the truth    

Hey at least she did not pee herself like Fergie did. Peeing your pants is an example of no class. Of course Fergie was drinking alcohol so her judgement was a little tainted, I have to give her that.

1689 days ago


Do bears s* in the woods? Yes, but other animal-surnamed pop stars s* on stage. In their pants.

Not Kelly.

1689 days ago


LOL she had to pee...and went to the what? Would you have rather her pissed herself? Those who say she's not classy for walking off the stage are nothing but trailer trash...aka the kind of people who would pee themselves on stage. MORONS.

1689 days ago


Brittany Spears would have let the lip sync track continued while she left the stage to take a leak, came back on stage and continued lip syncing.

1689 days ago



1689 days ago

sick of it    

Oh my God! She had to pee! And so what if she announced it - if she didn't, then it'd be in the news that she left the stage for a second and rumors would've been flying around about that! Pretty sad that you can't take a freaking pee anymore without the "pee police" around.

Good God.....

1689 days ago


You all actually make me sick.
Would you kindly describe how someone going for a pee is classless? Would you actually prefer her to just piss her pants and stand there.
Contrary to popular belief celebrities are actually humans.. and guess what. They pee.. and sometimes the POO, shocking isn't it! (I'll let you into another secret..even people like Beyonce have PUBES!!!)

No seriously, she had to pee... have you never had a piss at work? Get over it.


1689 days ago
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