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Mel Gibson -- Malibu Retreat for Sale

3/7/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's divorce can be your gain -- provided you have an extra $14.5 million to spend.

Mel Gibson

Mel has put his 5,403 sq. foot property on the market, guest house included. All told you're looking at nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a guaranteed passage to heaven.

Pretty good deal if you ask us.


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TMZ staff must be the craziest loons on planet earth. Why the snide slam at Gibson at the end of an otherwise interesting article. Can you the loons at TMZ explain why YOU THINK MEL GIBSON HAS AN INSIDE GUARANTEED PATH TO HEAVEN TO SELL ALONG WITH HIS HOUSE?????
This snide ridiculous slams at Mel and religion as well in general are insulting and otherwise stupid.
It wasn't funny and neither was it correct in scope and meaning.

1690 days ago


It ain't worth a penny over $14,499,999.99!

1690 days ago


that home is Perfect... If I were rich I would buy it and all the furnishings in a heart beat... I wouldn't want to change a thing... I love the chess board, thats brilliant.

1690 days ago


Can you say overpriced? 50 Cent bought Mike Tyson house back in the day for 4.1 million and its about 50,000 square feet oposed to this 5,000 square feet. Yes the location might be better, but its still needs a hell of a lot of redecorating. Also all the green is very awesome but also cost a fortune to maintain on a monthly basis. Dont forget about security plans, all that green is perfect for kidnappers and people with bad intentions to operate.

1690 days ago


I see the bigot has 2 menorahs in his dining room. Of course only 5 candles in each. The are like Mel's brain, missing the LIGHT!!!

1690 days ago


Is it fire-proofed on the outside? If that's the place out towards Malibu, you've got to have next to nothing that will catch fire on the exterior, since that's the series of hills and canyons that's been catching some fires over the last decade or more. Even the water in the pool has to be that special California heat-tolerant slow-evaporation H2O, not the regular non-celebrity H2O. The coyotes around there have evolved a special non-flammable hair that reflects heat. NASA has been testing spaceships wrapped in high-tech simulated coyote fur, since once you're out in space, if you lose a little on the aerodynamic side, it's irrelevant since there's no air resistance. Space ships returning to the Earth's atmosphere would look a little hairy, but if they land in the ocean, there will be little of that "burned fur" aroma, but likely some "wet fur" aroma. Pacific Rim nations have agreed with the USA that that is a tolerable cost to pay, a tolerable tradeoff for the benefits of exploring outer space. The first of the next line of space shuttle designs is going to be named the COYOTE shuttle.

1690 days ago


If I had the money, I would buy it just to convert it into a synagogue.

1690 days ago


It looks like the house they used for the movie "The Bodyguard".

1689 days ago


never mind...just something about the pool looked familiar...

1689 days ago


The house looks amazing. I want it. But it was owned by Mel. So you've got the pros and the cons. Gorgeous house. Owned by Mel. Gorgeous house, hexed by Mel. Hmmm.

1689 days ago

Glory Bee    

I LOVE THIS HOUSE! This is classic Spanish style California architecture. The furnishings are a perfect fit. Just what I'd buy if I could.

1689 days ago


Maybe Mel Gibson and his girl friend plan on moving her parents from Russia to live there??

1684 days ago


Just because Mel might be anti-semetic doesnt mean he is pro Nazi.Altho there was a lot about them to be admired,like the way Adolph almost had the world living like humans instead of the slaves for kissinger,axelrod,emanuel,schummer,chertoff etc.Dont give up Mel God will help us drive these parasites back underground where they belong!

1662 days ago


I have been reading all the latest news on Mel,I do not care what this woman is up to,but it is all for the money,Mel will always be a good actor,People will always go and see his movies,Hang in there Mel,A lot of people are on your side.Good Luck To You.

1559 days ago

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Great site. This could probably have the refactoring tag added t it.

1441 days ago
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