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The FBI Goes to the Oscars

3/7/2010 2:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes the FBI wants to blend in and not let their presence be known. At the Academy Awards, they park a giant truck on the street that says FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS on the side.


The only bombs at the Oscars should be in clips from "The Hurt Locker."


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1657 days ago


Finally the FBI is investigating these Hollywooders for treason.

1657 days ago

Paula Duvall    

Probably 80% of those attending the ceremonies, tonight, could be busted, for something, or other! What a clever way of cleaning-up "Hollywood", in one felled swoop!! Year after year, the "population" of untalented nobodys...pimps, ho's...druggies, and just plain "embarrassments"...stagger and strut across the stage to accept their undeserved "recognition" for...what? Personally, I haven't seen a "movie-star", since Humphrey Bogart died! Why this pathetic travesty is still held, is beyond me.

1657 days ago


This is where our tax dollars are being spendt?
To protect these overrated people? What a joke!

1657 days ago


The FBI home page says "FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION" without the S. Now we know for sure who are a bunch of monkeys pounding on the keyboard without a degree.

1657 days ago

dan andrews    

This is in regards to the Berlin Poker Heist. There is always a fear of 'shoot n grab' with female actresses wearing millions in diamonds. Also the Academy is a soft target for terrorists. Finally, maybe michelle is presenting tonight|wbml-aol|dl7|link3|

1657 days ago


We have a perfectly good LAPD to take care of this. More government waste by an agency who can rarely find its ass with both hands.

1657 days ago


TIME of times...akwrds4wrds the FBI 4 reals?.GOVERNATOR is going to BIT IT shipment of ROIDs in a gov V`s car?.LA PD on the take agin? kill N joe Q? oh its just a PR coffee hut with commie nelson mondelo handing out free money to state dept pupets on the take for the OIL comp~SS MORMAR KA~DOFFY COFFEE? with his buddy ben laden smit so much bad theres no good NO good at all in hollywood.

1657 days ago


The problem here is that low rent bad cops and high level corrupt politicians have convinced people that the rank and file of org's like the FBI are screwed up. And that's just not the case. If something went wrong there at the oscars or elsewhere these guys would be running toward the problem while everyone else was running away.

1657 days ago


WTF Does that truck really say "Federal Bureau of Investigatons"?!

1657 days ago

marie in D.C.    

Way to Go with the spelling. Next thing you know Harvey will be writing something about John Hopkins Hospital!

1656 days ago


so Harvey do tell us why on earth would the FBI be at the oscars? WHO are they protecting?

Would LOVE to know..

keep the faith...

thank you kindly..xD

1654 days ago
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