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Ben Roethlisberger Photographed With Accuser

3/8/2010 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger had his arm around his accuser before the alleged assault ... and she had a big grin as she wrapped her arms around him. No doubt Ben's lawyer -- rightly or wrongly -- will make hay of this.

We now know the accuser's identity -- we will not post the picture in this story. A photo of the two taken at Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Georgia shortly before the alleged incident shows a cozy scene -- at least at that moment in time.

Of course, a photo never tells the whole story, and the mood could have darkened in an instant. Police sources tell TMZ the woman claims Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her in the women's bathroom.

And, other women in the bar also posed for photos with Roethlisberger before the alleged incident.

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Wow, I'm actually glad I'm a Browns fan for a change.

1687 days ago


ben needs to grow up, he does these bonehead moves which reflects on him and his teamates.

1686 days ago


As a female college student at PSU. I have seen first hand girls throw themselves on football players and whatnot. Its embarassing as a female. Im not saying this is what this girl did, because I do not know.

What I do know is so this girl was at a bar drinking the same as Ben was. I have seen this situation a million times. So she flirts with him the whole night and leads him on, then regrets it in the morning and has to tell the cops on him. Have you ever seen a bar bathroom? not exactly a deserted area. They were both obviously drinking so if something did happen it is BOTH OF THEIR DRUNKEN FAULTS. Period.

....oh yea and go STEELERS (haters are just jealous...how many rings do you have?)

1686 days ago


I agree that no means no, but these women have to take some of the blame also. Why go to the VIP club? Why hang around him all night? Obviously she wants to feel "important" that she's hanging out with an NFL star. The women have to be accountable too!

1686 days ago


I hope for Ben sake, she is a another money grabbing woman, or maybe he has had too many concussions. BEN, what the hell are you thinking?

We all know that when you go to a bar, you can expect anything,some ask for it.

He will be found NOT guilty!!!!!!!

1686 days ago


To the person who call TMZ and other posters racist because Ben's case did not get the attention that Tiger and Kobe's did, you cannot compare them. Tiger is the #1 golfer in the world and was considered a god. When his wife bashed his car with a golf club and all the womanizing came to light, of course it was going to be a huge media story. Kobe was also a mega-superstar. Even though Ben Roethlisberger has won two super bowls and is great on the field, he never got the kind of attention that other stars get. He doesn't have the personality or sense of humor that Peyton Manning has, or the looks of Tom Brady. I don't ever recall seeing Ben in a commercial. Tom Brady has turned down numerous ads, and Peyton Manning is on TV every two minutes advertising something. Ben's rape case is getting attention, but if it were Peyton or Tom, the media coverage would be off the charts. It has nothing to do with a person's race.

1685 days ago


When the Vegas case came out in the papers, I thought the woman accusing Ben was a gold digger. Now that there is a second accusation, I really don't know what to think. There is no way that the Rooney family could be happy with Ben right now. I don't know if he is guilty of rape, but he is guilty of poor judgment. He needs to stop putting himself in these types of situations.

1685 days ago


Would you be so willing to swing the bat the other way if she's lying, gold digging, i have friends who bartend who have seen very normal girls turn to girls gone wild even quicker than the guys.

1685 days ago


I can bet that all of you idiots defending this guy are steelers fans! I don't know if he is guilty or innocent, btu I know that if it was your sister, or your daughter, or even your mother, you wouldn't think they were looking for a payday, would you? all of you THINK!!!!!!!

1685 days ago


She went into to the bathroom with a famous football player because she wanted to be with him,
think about it this could be your son, your brother, your father
being accused, that doesn't sound seem innocent at all
the previous case was a basically a woman living in her fantasies.

1685 days ago


Didn't Peyton Mannings family pay out $300,000. while he was in college because of what some girl said he did to her.

1684 days ago


karma - you hit it right. big ben has no business being out clubbing at a COLLEGE bar. He's a grown-a** man with a pending civil case against him for RAPE.
I'm a HUGE Steeler and Big Ben fan, but not when something like this happens.
Seems like these guys get hundreds upon hundreds of quickies and one-nighters with willing participants and treat women with such grave disrespect and like sh*t that when the ONE girl who comes along and just wants to get her picture taken - and maybe - just maybe they were kissing in some corner -- does NOT -- NOT constitute an admission pass for going all the way.
Mike Tyson got in trouble for the SAME thing - taking advantage of a star-struck girl and look where he ended up -- IN PRISON!!!
I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I am in Big Ben -- more so even than Tiger Woods -- and let me tell you -- that was a HUGE letdown -- as I have been an avid fan of both.
But at least Tiger's escapades were consensual.
Seems like Big Ben has a real problem with drinking and taking advantage of women. I get that he's not used to "no"....but when that one woman out of a thousand says "no"....it means "NO"!!!!!
(for the record, I do not believe the woman in vegas was assaulted. I do believe it was a consensual "quickie" and he booted her out after and she felt used and retaliated. In this case, however, she reported the alleged assault immediately, while everyone was still there. And the police with him are LYING saying they didn't know/remember the girl. They were ALL together that several clubs before the ended up at the cap.)

1684 days ago


I cannot believe the slobs on here actually joking about this!!
We don't know if it was a sexual assault or not - but erring on the side of caution - why would anyone joke about an alleged RAPE!!!????
(unless, you yourself are a sexual predator, in which case, i'm hoping someone is recording your ip address)

Let's let justice take its course. When an alleged assault occurs, the victim has a right to press charges and have a full investigation.
Rapes happen to women every day, in fact, every second of every minute of every day.
Thousands of men are behind bars because they are sexual predators and rapists. It happens!
It could be YOUR daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, sister, wife or girlfriend.
How about having some compassion for victims?

1684 days ago

retired prosecutor    

Oh please! A woman should be able to go to a bar and flirt without being assaulted. You guys sure get upset when a male is sodomized against his will!
If there was a camera showing her going into the bathroom by herself, and then the thug going in after her, and then her running out upset, he's toast, even with the God's Blooming Idiots (GBI) screwing up the case as usual. The GBI is made up of redneck white males who drink too much and work too little, and couldn't find their (X) with both hands and a flashlight.
And Eddie Garland is pushing 70 yoa. Time to dump that dyed hair.

1684 days ago


Remember what can happen when men are falsely accused of rape (and it happens OFTEN!) See here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/24/biurny-peguero-fake-rape_n_473890.html

1683 days ago
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