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Ben Roethlisberger Photographed With Accuser

3/8/2010 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger had his arm around his accuser before the alleged assault ... and she had a big grin as she wrapped her arms around him. No doubt Ben's lawyer -- rightly or wrongly -- will make hay of this.

We now know the accuser's identity -- we will not post the picture in this story. A photo of the two taken at Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Georgia shortly before the alleged incident shows a cozy scene -- at least at that moment in time.

Of course, a photo never tells the whole story, and the mood could have darkened in an instant. Police sources tell TMZ the woman claims Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her in the women's bathroom.

And, other women in the bar also posed for photos with Roethlisberger before the alleged incident.

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Steeler fan    

I think that Big Ben was the one one to say No to the Ho!!!!! Who need her Student loans paid off??

1626 days ago

Maryanne Scherer    

why is it always a woman"s fault this irrogant thinks he is better than anyone BIG BEN should go down .. give the DNA Ben if there is nothing to hide .... this will shut everyone up won't it ???? Ben is only a GOOD GUY when he knows the Camera is on him ... How many people have you refused an autograph when the camera wasn't on .. I have seen it .. Karma sucks for BIG BEN !!!

1619 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Rape is not about getting some. The a hole wants to show he's stronger and more powerful by forcing a woman. That is ridiculous. This girl has not asked for a thing from the scum bag but justice. Put him in jail and let him get raped. He obviously thinks he should be given whatever he wants and if someone disagrees he forces them. As to the other accuser you all think is full of crap, look up the psychology of a rape survivor and you'll realize that waiting so long is probably because she blamed herself. Which is what most women do cause society pushes the idea that women who are assaulted must have done something wrong to be in that situation. While that's crap. The guy who did it is the one who was wrong and the only one to blame.
Also the idea of innocent until proven guilty is a good system, but just because they are not proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have done it doesn't mean they aren't guilty.

1606 days ago


if it looks like rape and sounds like rape it is, banging a drunk girl is also rape. if ben were just some person off the street he would be in jail right now or awaiting his court date. the fact that he has fame supersedes the law, which is wrong. He should not be allowed to play again, because he deserves to be in prison along with his body guards who facilitated the rape. since that wont happen he's probably gonna do this **** again, if that happens would it be the third or fourth? either way he has a special place in hell

1594 days ago

No Steelers Fan    

When did the term, "NO MEANS NO" become "NO MEANS YES" ? When it's Ben Rothlesberger saying it?
Who does this guy think he is taking advantage of this underage girl in the bathroom of a bar...what a LOW LIFE! I hope they kick his A$$ off the team and put it in jail so "BUBBA" can give him a taste of his own medicine!!!! After that his thumb won't be the only thing hurting him when his game is sucking!

1594 days ago


Money only magnifies what you are
racists are ignorant and doing all the females in their family
white men have raped black women for more than 400 years
white women want black men because white men have little peckers

1594 days ago


'DTF'. If you do not know what this acronym stands for, google it, and oh, by the way, the accuser was not shy about advertising these three letters proudly on her chest (the night of this alleged incident) and also was not shy about letting Ben know what it meant.....Read the police reports. I see this scandalous hoe just as that, a scandalous hoe. Truth be told.

1593 days ago


Blkshepherd, you need to seek counseling about your deep-seeded anger and fear over something that traumatized you in life (specifically dealing with racism). You do not make a bit of a bit of sense, and going off about Kobe and then stating that you thought only black NFL stars did that proves this. FYI, Kobe is a black male NBA star, who was accused of rape, went to trial, and it was a pretty serious thing based on the fact that there was enough evidence alone to have a trial in the first place... He is NOT part of the NFL, and you accusing TMZ of only targeting black male NFL stars and then in the same token also saying that TMZ goes after a black NBA player is just retarded. Get help. And until never will there be even a fraction of the amount of evidence to be able to take Ben to court over this alleged incident, so that is why there is a world of difference between his case and Kobe's case.. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this is why, and not anything to do with the color of one's skin. Idiot. Get help. Self-righteous, race card player. You are not fooling anybody except for other fools who think like you.

1593 days ago


15. she wanted it!! and asked for it-

Posted at 10:45 AM on Mar 8, 2010 by chicken head

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/08/ben-roethlisberger-photographed-accuser-sexual-assault-police-georgia-capital-city#ixzz0lPrqGQLT
2. oh no I smell Gloria Allred !

dont any of these women ever have a job ?

gold diggin ho's

Posted at 10:18 AM on Mar 8, 2010 by die a painful death already Hollywood

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/08/ben-roethlisberger-photographed-accuser-sexual-assault-police-georgia-capital-city#ixzz0lPrqGQLT

IDIOTS like the two of you might benefit from some being enlightened. We are, afer all, in the 21st century. Go back to the dinosaurs CAVEMEN!

1592 days ago


Question: How do we send one guy to jail for dogs then let a rapist stay in the game because he has two rings?

Answer: Because if the rapist is white, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the white men and women in the media and a lot of white people in the good ole USA. What Michael Vick, Santonio Holmes, and Pacman Jones did are not even in the same ballpark as what Rapistberger did. He actually inflicted abuse and harm on another human being. But I don’t see those white women who are STILL out protesting Michael Vick’s return to the NFL (AFTER he already served his time) out protesting Rapistberger and I don’t expect to. Most white people (and ESPECIALLY white men and women in the media) ALWAYS focus on the most negative images of African-Americans and they exploit those images to the fullest to mainstream white America. When someone like Rapistberger commits a crime that is FAR worse than anything those guys did, the white men and women of the mainstream media attempt to sweep it under the rug. Tiger Woods may have had sex with a bunch of white women, but I haven’t heard ANY of them say he raped them. And look at the hatred and venom with which the white men and women in the media have gone after him. They have not even come close to going after Rapistberger with that same intensity, hatred, and venom. In fact, they have tried to make excuses for him and justify his actions. It is so obvious that this is because he is white and Tiger and Vick and Holmes are brown-skinned. I’ll bet we won’t hear Jim Nantz taking shots at Rapistberger the way he did Tiger Woods.



1592 days ago


This is how Big Ben scores off the field


1582 days ago


In case you missed it by now, this week’s SI cover article is one of those exhaustive, 6-page investigative with like five authors that they do better than anyone. It’s the most in depth look at the rampant as****ery of Ben Roethlisberger done to date. And among just a few of the highlights:

*A “few months” after he mashed his face into a car while flipping his motorcycle, a Pittsburgh TV station rolled tape of him riding without a helmet again, and he flipped them the bird as he drove away. But the station pussied out on airing the tape because they were afraid of losing access to the team over it.

*After he raped the Harrah’s employee in Lake Tahoe, an executive of the hotel told the victim that if she said anything about it, company president John Koster would have her fired and added “That guy [Roethlisberger] can have anyone he wants.”

*Ben has a real problem with waitstaff people. When another Harrah’s employee ID’ed one of his dates, Roethlisberger and his entourage “mocked, made fun of and mimicked” him, and Ben told the guy Koster was a friend of his. A few days later, the waiter, who’d worked there for 12 years, was fired.

*At a TGI Fridays, Roethlisberger was waited on by a pregnant woman. Apparently not interested in raping her due to her condition, he harassed her instead with gems like “Did your boyfriend forget to pull out?”

*On most home game days, Roethlisberger and his merry band of douchebags hit a place called the Fox & Hound, where on at least two occasions he chewed & screwed. Once the waitress chased him into the parking lot yelling “You owe me money” before he relented and paid.

… and so on. Basically SI retraced his steps over the last 5-10 years and could barely find anyone with a kind word to say about the guy. Including the millions of Steeler fans stuck with $100 Roethlisberger jerseys and $500 tattoos of probably the most hated man in all of sports right now. Because t like I said about Lebron James the other day, stars should be judged by how they treat the little people. It’s one thing to rape defenseless girls… plenty of star athletes have done that and didn’t damage their careers a bit… but once you start screwing with people trying to earn a living in a blue collar town like Pittsburgh, you’re finished. Now all we can do is dream of a world where Roethlisberger gets his own ass fired.

1570 days ago

nicole condos    

he did not do nothing wrong at all he is the best quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers he should be playing that is not fare too me or too his fans or too his family he is a good man i do not care what you people say he is a speical person too me i love him i am going too give him the support that he needs for him no matter what

1569 days ago


this man is a pile of sh## if it was my kid he would be shot he needs to be put in jail and kick out of the nfl

1540 days ago


"oh no I smell Gloria Allred !

dont any of these women ever have a job ?

gold diggin ho's "

Posted at 10:18 AM on Mar 8, 2010 by die a painful death already Hollywood

I smell an idiotic, cowardly, dateless prick who can't spell. Women have jobs, REAL jobs. See, boy, you need a brain to be a valuable member of society, but don't need one to be a football player.

You are obviously dateless, prick, and have time. Get a job, BOY.

1405 days ago
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