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Farrah Fawcett Forgotten at Oscars

3/8/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett did not make the cut for this year's In Memoriam tribute during last night's Academy Awards telecast ... leaving many scratching their heads.

Despite appearing in such classics as "Sunburn," "Saturn 3," "The Cannonball Run" and "Dr. T and the Women," Fawcett was passed over for more household names ... like Michael Jackson.

An Academy spokesperson told the AP, "Every year it's an unfortunate reality that we can't include everybody."


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How soon they forget.

1659 days ago


Farrah did 16 Theatrical Movies. Come on, she should have been added.

1969 - Love is a Funny Thing aka Un Homme Qui Me Plait (Her Role - Patricia)
1970 - Myra Breckenridge (Her Role - Mary Ann Pringle)
1976 - Logan's Run (Her Role - Holly13)
1978 - Somebody Killed Her Husband - (Her Role - Jenny Moore)
1979 - An Almost Perfect Affair - (Her Role - Herself)
1979 - Sunburn - (Her Role - Ellie)
1980 - Saturn 3 - (Her Role - Alex)
1981 - The Cannon Ball Run - (Her Role - Pamela Glover)
1986 - Extremities - (Her Role - Marjorie)
1989 - See You In The Morning - (Her Role - Jo Livingstone)
1995 - Man of the House - (Her Role - Sandy Archer)
1997 - The Love Master - (her Role - Hot Date)
1997 - The Apostle - (Her Role - Jessie Dewey)
1998 - The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars - (Her Role - The Faucet)
2000 - Dr.T & The Women - (Her Role - Kate)
2004 - The Cookout - (Her Role - Mrs. Crowley)

1659 days ago

don't believe it    

They had to put that pedophile Michael Jackson in there so Sharpton and Jackson wouldnt cry racism for the rest of the year ...

1659 days ago


Always going for the easy target TMZ? Why drag Michael Jackson's name into the Oscar flub? MJ was rightfully recognized for his contributions to film - he appeared in the black version of The Wiz, Men in Black II, and produced countless short films like Thriller and Remember the Time. Stop trying to make it seem like he shouldn't have been recognized and Farrah should have been.

Of course Farrah should have been represented...Bea Arthur too. It was an unfortunate oversight. But please stop trying to make it seem as though it should have been either one or the other represented...they both should have been there.

What's sad is that people actually fall into the TMZ trap. They automatically start acting like MJ shouldn't have been noted, just because Farrah wasn't. It's interesting to see how subtle suggestions/comments can form and sway people's opinions.

1659 days ago


In 1986 Fawcett appeared in the movie version of Extremities, which was also well-received by critics, and for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

Fawcett was chosen by Robert Duvall to play his wife in an independent feature film he was producing, The Apostle. Fawcett received an Independent Spirit Award nomination as Best Actress for the film.

1659 days ago


I couldn't figure out what the criteria was to be in the memorial. They had people who obviously must have contributed greatly to movies, but were behind the scenes and the average viewer didn't know them. But, if their contribution was what got them in the memorial (which makes sense whether anyone outside of the industry knows them or not) then why was Michael Jackson in it? He only did one movie if I remember correctly. Farrah and Bea Arthur should have been in it before MJ was even considered. But, it is obvious that MJ was more popular (or notorious) than Farrah or Bea at the time of their deaths, so there he was. But, if that was a consideration, then why were all the behind the scenes people included?

If time was an issue, then forget the James Taylor part because the time the camera was on him should have been devoted to adding more people to the memorial, like Farrah.

What a mess. They need to go back to the tried and true format of including as many people as possible without wasting time on anything other than showing the faces of those that have passed away. Introduce the segment as quickly as possible, start the music and then the slide show.

If they want to do something more elaborate that includes everyone, actor or those behind the scenes, then do something at a separate event that has a more personal touch. Invite the families, who are the ones that should be considered the most important anyway, and make it more like a true memorial with substance.

1659 days ago

Dirt Burger    

They had time to do a John Hughes tribute with all those hasbeen 80's bratpackers, but not 3 seconds to show a Farrah picture?

1659 days ago


I could be wrong here--mind you I am a Michael Jackson Fan; however, he was more a musician than an actor "per se" and the Oscars are all about recognizing great talents here, come & gone from the television/movie industry--not musicians, so, therefore, Farrah should have been included in the remembrance, as she was afterall one of those t.v. icons from the 70's....

1659 days ago


I was surprised that Farrah was not acknowledged, but I was happy to see that they acknowledged Michael Jackson.

1659 days ago

Dirt Burger    

The montage looked like it was thrown together by a high school student, just a cheap job. Here's an idea, get rid of that lame idiot Kathy Ireland who had no business being part of the show, then you would have had some time to do a better job on the montage and include Farrah.The whole show was slow and boring.

1659 days ago

Dirt Burger    

How about doing one less close up of gray haired George Clooney, who had the same facial expression every time we saw him and give 5 extra seconds to show us a picture of Farrah.

1659 days ago


well what MOTION PICTURES did Farrah have anything to do with? She did TV and TV movies.........

1659 days ago


That's some BS...How can you NOT have room for Bea Arthur and the Farrah Fawcette. I concentrated on the song by James Taylor as he sang - most of the other people (RIP), I had no idea who they were!!!

It started so fast and was small that at the beginning, if you blinked - you missed Patrick Swayze!!

Inexcusable and appalling!!!!!

1659 days ago


Michael Jackson also had his own variety tv show in the 70s for those of you who didn't know that, and think that he was unworthy of recognition. He did comedy sketches as well as performed his music...

Michael also did comedy sketches on shows like Flip Wilson, The Sonny and Cher Show, and The Carol Burnett Show. He had great comedic timing...

1659 days ago


For all the dumb asses who don't know why Michael Jackson was mentioned here's why: AS Actor:Miss Cast Away-(2004, Men in Black II (2002), The Wiz (1978), Moonwalker-(1988)was shown in theaters.
As a OSCAR NOMINEE: Best Original Song in 1973 "BEN", As to why Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett weren't shown you would have to ask the Academy. This isn't the first time this has happen nor will it be the last. Why single out Michael Jackson as opposed to the Public Relations guy who shouldn't have been included at all.

1659 days ago
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