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Lil Wayne Arrives at Rikers Island

3/8/2010 7:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne Arrives at Rikers IslandLil Wayne has arrived at Rikers Island jail in New York -- which means he only has 364-and-a-half more days to go.

Weezy arrived to the NY jail in a corrections van -- we're told because the rapper is a "high-profile inmate," he was not transported with any other prisoners.

As of now, we're told the rapper is still undergoing the admissions procedure at the jail -- which entails a physical & mental health exam & questionnaire.

It has yet to be determined whether Lil Wayne will be in the general population at Rikers -- or if he will be given his own cell.

And since moving can make any convicted felon hungry, the jail chef has the perfect dish for Wayne's first night -- noodles with beef sausage & marinara sauce, steamed greens, a mixed green salad, whole wheat bread, sliced peaches & a fruit drink or tea.

Lil' WayneWeezy was sentenced to a year in the big house for a gun charge -- but he could be out sooner if he stays on his best behavior.


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Jay B.    

It sucks to go to jail for guns you didn't even use.

1692 days ago

dirty diana    

he'll have it made like all of them, just alittle down time for him.

1692 days ago

Canadian bred    

post #6 Bob - extremely funny,..LMAO, I think he'll finally get that Christina Aguillera high note.

1692 days ago


For those interested, I am taking a collection up to buy him a diamond encrusted rubber donut for him to have to sit on when he gets out. It will have a built in recording of MC Hammers "You can't touch this!" that will play whenever he sits on it.

Send you tax deductible donations to:

Ben Dover
1234 Squealmore Way
Pacman, AZ.

1692 days ago


Shaking head!!!!!

1692 days ago


Does anybody really care?

1692 days ago


He may get his own cell ? I though you weren't allowed cell phones in jail....


1692 days ago


weezy if theres a george jefferson in there, then ya moving on up!

Damn lil wayne...should have arrested your mama for having such an uglee child....lil sho is ugleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1692 days ago


Why should lil wayne be treated different from any other inmate. this is so screwed up. this man is charged with posetion of a pistol, yet he goes to jail eatig and being treated like a KING on a throne, but they BURNED and BURIED Michael Jackson... ain't that a BITCH......

1692 days ago


Weezy's gonna be tossing some salad first night in the joint! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

1692 days ago


He got a raw deal. If this was Enimen or any white artist found with a gun on a tour bus, he would have paid a fine, gotten a slap on the wrist and be home right now.

He got a 1 year prison term for being black, famous, rich and a threat to white surburbia because they hate the fact their teenagers buy his music, watch his videos and love gansta rap music. They don't have a problem with Marilyn Manson's devil music or any drug addicted white artist. Every black artist is a threat, ghetto and dangerous.

It's a classic case of modern day judicial lynching.

1692 days ago


If this guy ever went to jail how long before he and Bubba be great bunk mates? 2 seconds

1692 days ago


Bend over and spread them for the nice officer now. Act like a thug now you will meet a real thug, GOOD LUCK.

1692 days ago


#28 (Is that you Al Sharpton?)

It would be a raw deal if Wayne didn't have an outstanding charge pending in Arizona for a tour bus full of weed, coke, x and even MORE GUNS. He's going right back in the clink once he does his time for this charge. And Eminem would've been locked up too if he had an unlicensed firearm in the most gun-strict state in America (NY). Plus, Eminem has more charges on his record than Weezy's fake blood self has. Get your facts straight before you post nonsense.

And by the way: I don't know if you've noticed, but YOUR president is BLACK (not really, but african americans sure like to label Obama a negro). There are also many prominent, respected global figures that are African American as well. It isn't 1956, and your "its because hes a BLACK MAN" argument ain't gonna fly these days. Perhaps mainstream America associating blacks with gun violence wouldn't be an issue if Blacks didn't glorify and condone gun violence in the vast majority of their music and culture. Just sayin'.

1692 days ago


Hang on to that bar of soap in the shower Lil' Wayno.

1692 days ago
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