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Lil Wayne Arrives at Rikers Island

3/8/2010 7:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne Arrives at Rikers IslandLil Wayne has arrived at Rikers Island jail in New York -- which means he only has 364-and-a-half more days to go.

Weezy arrived to the NY jail in a corrections van -- we're told because the rapper is a "high-profile inmate," he was not transported with any other prisoners.

As of now, we're told the rapper is still undergoing the admissions procedure at the jail -- which entails a physical & mental health exam & questionnaire.

It has yet to be determined whether Lil Wayne will be in the general population at Rikers -- or if he will be given his own cell.

And since moving can make any convicted felon hungry, the jail chef has the perfect dish for Wayne's first night -- noodles with beef sausage & marinara sauce, steamed greens, a mixed green salad, whole wheat bread, sliced peaches & a fruit drink or tea.

Lil' WayneWeezy was sentenced to a year in the big house for a gun charge -- but he could be out sooner if he stays on his best behavior.


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**** all YOU Haterz Lil Wayne is GOD enough said

1524 days ago

lmfaooo my boy just got out, he saw weezy in 6th building... whatta retard

1513 days ago


you all are stupid as **** hes one of the richest rappers in the world top 5 in most successful easy he is very talented its just a bunch of you stupid mother****ers that dont know ****

1498 days ago


LIl wayne do your thing...dont hate him thats the way the system crumbles...go waah to someone else who cares...cause he sure dont give a ****..bout what you say...he still got his bank account...maybe you should stop crying and do something with your life other than got one life to live...worry about your own...real talk

1485 days ago


**** to all the cops

1485 days ago


Wow get off his ****. Let's see you make millions off something that's so "easy". If you actually looked at him as a person and stopped judging so ****ing much you might see that he's one of the hardest working people in the music industry, if not the hardest. He's constantly recording hits all year long, unlike most ****ty artists out nowadays with no soul or depth to any of their music. For people saying he's "fake", you try growing up in a rough part of New Orleans and losing your father at a early age, that's pretty much what made him. Seriously stop blabbering about **** you know nothing about. ****ing yuppies make me sick

1477 days ago


quit hatin on weezy...hold ya head up dawg

1472 days ago


The most over rated talentless loser. Have NO IDEA how this dude is even famous! Eminem made you look like a fool!!!!!!!

1459 days ago


Man this Terrio i just wanted to say i am one of lil wayne true fans and free weezy

1450 days ago

alexie reynolds    

OMG... yall are some hatfull people yall dont need to be hatin on his sexy ass and all you haters are just jelious you aint got no money nor no swag like Dwayne Carter yall just need to back the **** up like forreal thoe.!!

Yall need too get a clue HE'S THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!

1427 days ago


he's at EMTC 2nd floor. my bf just saw him yesterday and saw drake visiting him

1413 days ago


free weezy

1397 days ago


First I want to say:
-Second i want to say:
Non of you poeple probably havent been thru half the things hes beeen thru so whydont yall shut ur mouths till u got the facts cus hes an insipiration to poeple that have a life like him. Take a feild trip to the hood, that wen u no its hard life.

1389 days ago


afta reading all ur comments , why do u hate me so much,
there other *****'s outside rgar you should hate,
plies, ace hood, and the rest, dont hate me, i am young money, i will be out soon, so watch for ma return,

young money

1388 days ago


I love how people say he's a terrible person all in general. Have any of you ever actually MET Wayne to be able to make that sort of ignorant claim?

As a producer, I actually have met and chilled with him on a few occasions. He's hands down one of the nicest, most respectful and hard working artists in the industry, respects all his fans, and is more than willing to hang and talk with anyone.

And again. A terrible person? His music is sincere and often times about how he's a grown person who knows what is it to love, respect, and treat people equally. Especially women. Whereas most others in his line of work often tend to glorify gun use, drugs, and treating women like crap.

He's the Trent Reznor or Bob Marley of Hiphop. Very successful, has his own label, very much rich, and extremely respectful of everyone. How on earth is that terrible?

Y'all need to stop talking ignorant crap. You have no room to speak on something you don't listen to, and someone you have never personally met. Only ignorant, and likely racist bigots are making these outlandish, ignorant comments. I bet a pinecone has more intelligence than the most of you.

1378 days ago
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