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Love Triangle in Kansas City Baseball Case

3/8/2010 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An ugly love triangle made its way to court today between Rod Stewart's son, Sean Stewart, Kansas City Royals catcher Jason Kendall and his estranged wife, Chantel.

Sean Stewart: Click to watch

TMZ was in court this AM as Kendall's lawyer made a bid to allow Kendall to take the divorcing couple's two kids to Kansas City for baseball season.

Chantel, who came to court with boyfriend Sean Stewart, is trying to block the move. There have been numerous accusations between Jason and Chantel of physical and emotional abuse.

Chantel has suggested in legal papers that Jason is overusing Adderall, which he says he's taking for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The judge continued the case until March 18.

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No Avatar

Eldrick Woods    


1692 days ago


Hey is it true they are pulling the plug on TMZ???

1692 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I think those kids would be a lot better off in KC than anywhere near the Stewart family.

1692 days ago


His wife must be a low life to possibly have her kids taken away. Since she's dating that drug addict Sean Stewart, it's even more proof that she's a loser. Has that guy ever had a job??

1692 days ago


Another case of the woman trying to stick it to the man. My guess is she'll still be asking for child support while trying to keep the kids away... B.S.... hope she gets screwed in court....

1692 days ago


Isn't Rod stewarts son an ADDICT? I could be wrong but I think I remember him on a rehab tv show. if so, not a good idea to have him around your kids.

1692 days ago


Re: Linda #4

I doubt he's ever had a job. I remember seeing him on tv and thinking "what a spoiled punk brat".

1692 days ago


So where exactly does this punk azz b.itch, Sean, fit into this scenario? He's bagging the fat lady? HUH? I don't get it. I do get that Sean is a self entitled loser. FK that FREAK. He should be selling Mickey D's, if he was lucky. Waste of oxygen.

1692 days ago


Cue some crappy Rod Stewart song....

1692 days ago

Cynthia Ryan    

Sean Stewart's girlfriend looks old enough to be his mother.. She is UGLY!! I guess Sean is dating the ugly ho because he wants to live off Jason Kendall's money. Poor Rod Stewart, I hope you are proud of yourself, you raised a loser.

1692 days ago

herb Albert    

Sean is to easy to bag on. Jason Kendall looked like the only drug addict in that video... Way to go MLB what a bunch of cry baby's. That guy should have retired 3 years ago.

1692 days ago


This was her rental car that he crashed after there lunch date dum druggy.

1692 days ago


I know first hand what a wacko she is and I can't believe any judge would give her custody of those two kids she doesn't even have custody of her first two!!! All she is going to do is pass them off on the hired help, that's what she is best at. Jason is a great dad and deserves to have those kids and the two druggies can ride off into the sunset together!!

1692 days ago


I wish people who have never met the individuals involved would keep their uninformed opinions to themselves! How unfair to go around bashing complete strangers when you have no idea of what is actually going on in these people's lives! I have know Chantal for over 10 years and I know all of her children and she has always been an exemplary mother. I think it is extremely selfish and unkind to the children for Jason to want to separate them from their mother and their other siblings just so that he can have sole custody and leave them in the care of nannies while he is on the road. Its just plain spiteful, nothing more. There is absolutely no reason she shouldn't be able to care for them while he is away and then allow him to spend his off time with them once the season is over. Mature adults share custody equally and fairly so as not to place unnecessary strain on their children. Its the kids who will be the real losers in all of this if he is awarded sole custody and rips them out of their familiar surroundings and takes them away from all the friends and family that they love and have known for all their lives.

1689 days ago


It is a strange world when two known drug addicts, Sean and Chantel, who have both been to rehab, accuse a man of being an addict. Chantel abandoned her children for months so she could be with a known drug user while she was still married. She left Jason and the children. Abandonment, Adultery, and History of Drug Abuse for Chantel, looks like three strikes and SHE is out.

1689 days ago
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