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Jackson Kids Emerge Post Stun Gun Incident

3/8/2010 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On a family outing for the first time since the LAPD began investigating that whole stun gun mess, Jackson family children (L-R) Paris, Blanket, Prince, Jaafar and Jermajesty all went to the movies in Los Angeles yesterday, reportedly to see "Alice in Wonderland."


No word if they were celebrating anyone's unbirthday.


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let this kids alone !! they need their privacy too ...first with his daddy and now with them ...i want to see them sometimes but please with good news ...they deserves to be free and happy like now his daddy !! let all them alone .

1688 days ago


These poor kids...

D'Angelo was

1688 days ago


what the hell is unbirthday? lol

Posted at 9:51AM on Mar 8th 2010 by King of TMZ

Read much King of TMZ? Seriously? Alice in

1688 days ago


I L.O.V.E. Blankets hair. Its so beautiful. And yes, boys can have beautiful hair. I worry so much about MJ3.

For those of you complaining about the paps following them, this is exactly why MJ had them wear masks. NO ONE knew who they were. There was reason behind his madness. But, i guess now all bets are off since he is gone and no one is around to take the time to protect them the way he did.

1688 days ago


The family wants to paint the 'happy' children, best friends picture so that the media gets the message. The Jacksons must think that manipulating the press and showing off how 'well' (and unwashed) the kids are, is the best way to shut the people up over the incident.

1688 days ago

wish mj was here    

tmz if you really want attention why not find out the true facts about michael alive or dead.since you have all the answers to everything.leave the kids alone focus on michael about faking his death.i bet you already know but just waiting for the right time to come out with wouldnt be hard for harvey to find out hes all the time saying he has sources that talk to the the way tmz go check out the youtube videos.that will give you something to do and you wont be bothering michaels 3 kids.i bet tmz caould tell alot if they wanted too.

1688 days ago


Who is dressing these kids? I am sure they can afford to dress better than that.

1688 days ago


I'm sure the kids got over this incident a lot faster than the media and the fans did. I think they belong with the Jacksons and that that's where they want to be. I think they're a lot better off at Hayvenhurst than with Debbie Rowe or Diana Ross, neither of whom want them and both of whom they do not know. Sure, the atmostphere may be a bit chaotic in the house that Michael built, but they will adapt and adjust. Ultimately, they will be fine, and will undoubtedly grow up to be decent adults. There is a lot of love that does exist in that family - they have stuck together in the limelight (sometimes unbearable limelight) for 40 years despite it all, and that says something.

Bottom line is that Michael wanted them at Hayvenhurst, and unless the kids themselves claim they're unhappy there, that's where they should stay.

1688 days ago

happy day    

That has to be the sickest family in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

1688 days ago


I have to get a chuckle out of the coverage TMZ is giving these Jackson Kids. It is very clear now why Michael ended up so messed and why the media became such a thorn in his ass. These kids are being exploited for ratings ( there is something pretty unerving ) about this. For years the tabloids have gone on and on about Michael and his kid freinds to the point that the man made an "exit stage right". Who in gods name could handle all that he had to deal with. Michaels kids are humanbeings.. (as Michael was) Yes believe it or not he ate, drank, had feelings,and put his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. I dont know but these kids look pretty normal to me! Why the comments about their hair, and how they dress ( now if they wore ball gowns and tuxedo's for everyday then I may raise an eyebrow). These kids may appear to have it good right now(financially) but really when you think about it, their quality of life won't be much better than their fathers if the media doesn't leave them alone. Harvey Harvey Harvey..since your the cheif down at TMZ, could you take a moment and think about what you are doing to these kids in the longrun. You know what this did to Michael, RIGHT, (or you should be very acquainted if you did your homework) so out of the respect for these kids..PLEASE BACK OFF!! One question you have kids or neices and nephews??? If so, how would you feel if the media rode their ass and made their life a living hell because they don,t like you?? Just a thought of mine..and remember it does raise questions when minors repeatedly appear in the tabloids!

1688 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

Paris is growing with her MJ legs. Shes built like her father.
Trust me I met debbie and thats NOT her built.Shes looks just
like MJ from this shot. Blanket, Blanket i just wanna cover
him in hugs.Prince since more mature, he is walking with MJ
long stride he definitely has his mannerisms. carries himself like MJ.God bless Michael Jacksons Children. they have jackets
because it was overcast in cali yesterday and called for a
jacket. Plus movie theatres are cold.

1688 days ago


Gronvik and others - though Michael Jackson was their father all right, I don't believe they share his DNA - but like you, I also reacted to how much Paris in that picture reminds me of him. Long, slim legs.

It happens sometimes that children who don't carry their parents' DNA still end up looking like them, which is charming. I once saw a Nordic woman and her teenage adopted daughter from Sri Lanka - and, except for the skin color, they were so much alike it was funny. I think all three MJ children are in one respect or another similar to him.

I hope Blanket - or should we start calling him Prince II, which I think is his name - won't forget his Dad. He is so young. I suppose there are lots of home movies that will help him remember, and there are lots of people around him who can tell him stories, Elizabeth Taylor for one.

1688 days ago


Thank goodness that somebody had the sense to trim Blanket's hair. Looks so much better now.

1688 days ago


Somebody please give poor Blanket a haircut. He looks like Cousin It
from the Addams Family.

1688 days ago
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