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Oscars 'Kanye' Victim Gets Second Chance

3/8/2010 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roger Ross Williams -- the guy who got Kanye'd last night on the Oscars by that crazy redhead -- will get a second shot at his acceptance speech tonight on "Larry King Live" ... so our spies tell us.

Larry King, Roger Ross Williams

Williams -- who won the Academy Award for "Music by Prudence" -- was interrupted mid-acceptance by producer Elinor Burkett.

Burkett and Williams had been feuding over creative control of the project, and they struck an out-of-court settlement. Burkett had been removed from the movie, but still kept her producer credit.

Here's the best part: Burkett tells, when she stood up to go onstage, Williams' mom tried to block her with a cane.

UPDATE: Burkett will tell her side of the story to Joy Behar on her show on HLN at 9:00 PM on Tuesday night.


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During the live show you could see when he won not only was he already half way down the aisle to the podium (guessing trying to beat her to the mic knowing she would say something) but you could see in the background people weren't letting the woman through. Poor guy you only get one shot at an acceptance speech and he had it ruined. But on the bright side he is now getting alot more exposure then he would have without so. Good for him.

1652 days ago


he should of taken the award and hit her in the head with it

1652 days ago


I felt bad for the guy. Just as he was getting to the part of thanking his muse the dingbat came up to the stage and start spouting off. She should not have been allowed past security. They reached a settlement it's his baby now, not hers.

1652 days ago


I went to and this woman is listed as one of the 2 winners, so she had the right to be there and the right to give an acceptance speech. I thought this woman was crazy when I watched the show but now I think he's the a$$. That is so rude that they were holding her back!

1652 days ago


There is some justice here I think: He will be known as an Oscar winner and she will be known as an a**hole. And deservedly so.

1652 days ago


Don't they have security at these shows? I saw this last night and thought WTF? She should have immediately been escorted off the stage. She stole his thunder.

1652 days ago

Caring Kate    

The woman is an obvious kook of the first order. I'm happy that Williams will get his say on Larry King, but I hope Williams gets to appear on other shows as well. Anyone with future projects involving Elinor Burkett should be put on notice: the woman needs to retire and she is a big no, no. She's lost it in a way that will never be found. Hopefully, Williams and company can sue the witch.

1652 days ago


That's hilarious that you call it getting "kanye'd" lmao!

1652 days ago


Watch the tape!!!!!!!!!!!! He ran on the stage and it is OBVIOUS that she is being blocked in her seat. The girl is holding two OSCARS to be presented and her name is one of the winners?????? He lied and said he was hugging his mother. Didn't happen! Snake!
Kanye wasn't nominated or the winner for what Taylor Swift won~this lady WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get the facts TMZ check it out it is the truth.............

1652 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Too bad this guy's mother did not have a taser stun gun to stop this women's charge for the stage.

It's probably the only way she could have been stopped, since security was not watching the floor.

1652 days ago

Shame on you    

Roger Ross Williams handled that uncomfortable situation like a gentleman and with dignity. The producer acted foolishly and looked for all the world like the fool she is. Hats off to ya, Roger!

1652 days ago


How did Williams get her thrown off the film?

The award went to Roger Ross Williams NOT Elinor Burkett.

Security should have pulled Burkett off the stage.

Elinor Burkett is a mentally ill woman.

1652 days ago


I guess they need to have stage blockers from now on! Keep the crazy, uninvited speakers away from the mic.

1652 days ago

maggie mae    

Burkett should have been stopped IMMEDIATELY. Williams was a gentleman and should be applauded for his compose. She is a nutcase and should be banned for life.

1652 days ago


So Tracey Chapman didn't get to give her acceptant speech, as joy behar would say, so what, who cares.

1652 days ago
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