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Dennis Hopper's Wife Won't Move Out!

3/9/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dennis Hopper divorce was back in court today, and it's apparent Victoria Hopper, Dennis' estranged wife, will not leave her home without a fight.

Dennis Hopper's Wife Won't Move Out!
According to court docs, Victoria must leave Dennis' compound on March 15. But in legal papers filed today and obtained by TMZ, Victoria claims the prenup she signed does require her to vacate one of the homes on the property, but she says she's living in a different, freestanding home on the property so she's allowed to stay.

Victoria Hopper: Click to watchVictoria also said in court she's broke and needs money, stat.

And, Victoria says in her legal docs, she believes Dennis is getting ready to die. She says, "I believe in contemplation of death [Dennis Hopper] may be intending to remove me as a beneficiary of any kind..."


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Golddigger, Golddiger and she should be placed in jail for defying a court order. He has a restraining and she should be off the property. With the money she had and child support go live in a hotel - wherever - whatever. That's all I have to say about this particular golddigger.

1652 days ago


Ever heard of "Get a job" and move on with your life!

1652 days ago


Dennis, leave everything to me instead of that money hungry skank!

1652 days ago


Story goes Victoria was a cute actress who lost her apartment in the Northridge earthquake back in 1994. Homeless, she walked into a restaurant in Malibu and saw Dennis Hopper eating alone. She asked Dennis, a man 32-years her senior, if he wanted any company. Of course he did and by the end of the night he asked Victoria to move into his house. Shortly after, they got married. It was touted as a cute romance. She quit acting and traveled to all his movie sets. He sent her on shopping sprees and spoiled her like a princess. Then it all went to her head and she started treating him like crap. When his infatuation came to a halt, she had a baby. Now that he is about die, she doesn't see any point hiding her true colors. Come on, Dennis, you wanted a hot piece of tail and now you're crying she only wants your money? I guess you should have looked for a soul mate instead of a trophy wife.

1652 days ago



1652 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

What is this BS? "Get a job Victoria"? She HAS a job - TROPHY WIFE. Or at least she HAD a job until the prick Dennis Hopper downsized her when he got tired of her. Dennis married her for HER YOUTH. So damn right he OWES her and the child they unfortunately produced together.

WTF is with the comments on here that think people can be bought and sold at will? Sure she's a gold digger but he's a PURCHASER of gold diggers. If anything, money can be remade but when youth is gone it's gone forever. Take him to the cleaners Victoria, and may the fight lead you to an early grave yourself. Both of these sleazebags make me sick.

1652 days ago


If Hopper is close to death then his last wishes SHOULD be respected. Karma is going to get that "lady" for being this mean to a person who is near the end of his life. I hope DH spends every cent he can to get rid of that "lady".

1651 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My god... does all of this sound familiar.

First thing I did when I was notified of a possible cancer issue... I went straight to a lawyer and got a long overdue divorce from THE THING I was married to.

My god almighty the man deserves to live his final days in peace.

Good GOD she looks like the wicked witch of the west.

1651 days ago

The Truth    

Don't give a rats ass about her.

I do care that you live a long life so get well my brother. You beat a lot worse when we were all younger. Get well and lets ride down 101.


1651 days ago


Ew...she looks like a BITCH!! G-O-L-D D-I-G-G-E-R!!!!!!

1651 days ago


Well there are two sides to this story but in view of the fact that Mr. Hopper has taken care of her and treated her to the finest of everything and now wants to die in peace...I think she should respect his wishes plain and simple. She must've done something really awful for him to treat her like this...and he has kids who most likely do not like her either. Give her a 1.98 and send her on her way. Leave the guy alone and let him live out his days as he wishes..not as she wishes him to. You overdid it B' don't let that door hit you in the a**.

1651 days ago


Celine Dion's doppleganger I say

1651 days ago


Hey lady...there's this new's called a job. You go there, and the people you work for PAY YOU!! With money! Slack-jawed moron.

1651 days ago


I am sure he was no angel to live with. She deserves a small sum to live off of. He should be a real man and take care of the Mother of his child,like any decent man would. He is acting like a spoiled rich ass hole.

1651 days ago


What is it with men and their trophy wives lol?! If he's dying and is getting divorced from her of course he's going to change his will - Jeez, he's not required to leave her anything after she gets her divorce settlement and I'm positive he will look after his kid with her, that doesn't mean she can get access to it and use it though if his lawyer makes the right arrangements!! It always sickens me how the kids and wives of these mega million making stars feel they have the right to challenge legally their parent's or husband's will because they don't feel they're getting enough money!! Mind you it happens to ordinary folk too, sickening that people feel they are entitled like this, it's called a will because it's the dying person's wishes and will's!!
You remember when Paul Newman died?! There was a hoohaa then about his kids challenging his will where his charitable company Newman's Own was concerned!! Don't know what happened with that but it just shows that kin are greedy and unwilling to abide by the terms of your will (MJ is a recent case of that!) - so if I was Hopper I'd pass it all on now so there's nothing left to fight over, sign the checks, set up the funds in accounts now before ex wifey to be outlives you and delays the divorce so that she becomes legally your heir stuffing you for everything!!! I just read the new comments about her lawyer asking for her toothbrush, her mugs and some minor stuff - so does that mean she hasn't brushed her teeth in how long?! Bizzare and time wasting!!

1649 days ago
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