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Lindsay Lohan


I'm No Milkaholic!

3/9/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants $100 million from E*TRADE -- because she believes their "milkaholic" baby featured in their Super Bowl commercial was modeled after her ... and as far as Lindsay's concerned, the smoking gun is all in the name.

The commercial features a baby named Lindsay -- who in the spot, is accused of being the "other woman" in a baby love triangle.

Lohan has filed a lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court in NY, first obtained by the NY Post, in which she claims E*TRADE violated Lohan's rights by using her "name and characterization" in business without paying her or getting her approval.

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, tells TMZ it doesn't matter that the commercial doesn't mention the name Lohan, adding, "Do you know the name Oprah? Do you know the name Madonna? Same thing."

Ovadia had no comment on the "milkaholic" reference, saying "If you look at the commercial as a whole, it's Lindsay Lohan."

E*TRADE had no comment.


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You are all suckers! ETrade and Lindsay are working together on this. Lindsay sues Etrade, they pick up all the law suit expenses and pay her a fat cheque. ETrade just got another couple of million dollars of advertising in the last 24 hours thanks to this phony law suit.

1686 days ago


She's quite a legend in her own mind, isn't she?

Who wants to break the news to her that she's not nearly as famous as she thinks she is?

1686 days ago


P.S. I hope E*trade countersues her for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

1686 days ago


Are you kidding me??? GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Why would a commercial with BABIES use YOUR name? .. Oh wait, that's right.. you're a whiny baby. Now I see your point.. hope you get all the money you're name is worth.. but don't know if they have a handful of pennies to give you, you pathetic b*tch. You're a joke.

1686 days ago


Oh! My dog's name is Lindsay, so if she wins do I get a cut? Or am I in violation of the name as well? Ha.

1686 days ago


she should stop living with her head up in the clouds and start living on planet earth insted of planet coked up bitch

1686 days ago


If you go to IMDB and do a search on "Lindsay" - Lohan didn't show up in the top five. Also, Madonna goes by well Madonna. Lindsay Lohan is always credited as well Lindsay Lohan in polite society. I hope the judge not only throws this out, but tacks some sort of fine and all lawyer's fees.

Such a sad little human being.

1686 days ago


I know she is hard up for money........ but seriously!!!! I don't remember her being in a love triangle, just dating a girl name Sam. Wait! I think I saw a commercial about a girl name Sam who smoked cigarettes and got in trouble ...... her ex should also look into a lawsuit, too.(lol) ETRADE don't give her a penny, stupid lalaland people!

1686 days ago


i saw this commercial many times, thought it was funny as hell but in no time did i think of the mentioning of Lindsay has anything to do with Lohan. girl go get a life and sue your atty. for being stupid to take this case. thank God miss allred is not in this one now.
note: it might be a good idea to sue the alchohol beverage ur were consuming for killing ur career, maybe u would get to go to capitol hill to testify. Biaach, u r not the only Lindsay i know, i had one yesterday and it sure was not u. lol

1686 days ago


Of all of the types of AHOLIC she is, milk is the least of her worries.

1686 days ago


Well let me shoot down this lawsuit right now! I have categorical proof that the Lindsey character in the E-Trade commercial was not modeled on Lindsay Lohan:
A. The Baby in the commercial was pudgy and showed no signs whatsoever of anorexia or of being “sucked-up” from cocaine abuse.
B. The Baby in the commercial had no freckles.
C. The Baby in the commercial was not wearing a bad makeup job.
D. The Baby in the commercial was conservatively dressed and did not look like a teenage streetwalker.
E. The Baby in the commercial spells her name with an “e.”

Case closed!

1686 days ago

oh jeez    

Look who this witch looking woman represents. The bottom feeders of the world. Michael Lohan, Hailey Glassman and Kate Major. Michael brings down EVERYONE around him, including his daughter. He will RUIN this lawyers chance of ever working again with new clients. They both look like complete mental patients. Michael convinced his not smart lawyer that people think of Lindsay Lohan like Oprah or Madonna. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know she looks as old as the both of them, but come on now. She's 23. If you asked a million people what the name Lindsay represented, it would be your sister, Aunt, cousin etc. So stupid. But look at all of them. They are all money grubbing fame wh*res

1686 days ago


Lindsay is a common first name of Old English and Scottish origin. Around as early as the 14th century in Scotland as a surname. It is something like #302 out of over 14,000 names chosen here. For the actress to project herself into a commerical with 3 babies is equally ridiculous. So, this is a lawsuit born out of guilt for her behavior, need for pr and money. Ovadia and Lohan need to get a hobby hopefully doing something more productive than clogging up the court system.

1686 days ago


Careful she just might come after us all for talking about her! Girl needs to get a life or OD already!

1686 days ago


Pfff. E-Trade's got nothing to worry about. In fact, they're probably laughing their butts off. Hey Lindsay (Lohan!), here's an idea. You want lots of money and the ability to go on affording the Hollywood lifestyle? You could try...oh, i don't know...getting your s**t together, get back with an acting coach and tap back into that talent you showed ever so briefly in your early career, and actually show some responsibility and professionalism when and if you get another serious acting gig. But oh no. That takes hard work and involves challenge on your part. So much easier to file frivolous lawsuits, sit back, and hope the judge allows you a free ride while you spend the last of your Labor Pains money snorting coke off a lesbian's belly button.
I'd like to punch your mother in the mouth.

1686 days ago
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