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'Little People' Star -- Topless Beach Party

3/9/2010 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy and Matt Roloff -- stars of "Little People, Big World" -- hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday for a little fun in the sun.


FYI -- the weather in Maui yesterday was around 77 degrees and sunny ... which is way better than the weather around the Roloff's home in Oregon, which was 48 degrees and rainy.

Sometimes reality shows really pay off .


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That pic is just wrong on several different levels. Why didn't anyone tell her that polka dots make you look short?

1687 days ago


I like their show - and I kow they are no perfect. They dont pretend to be either. They are not fake, they are real. They are dwarfs, not midgets. The have family problems, life problems and yes, even marriage problems. They have never hidden that. If you dont like the shows TLC has, dont watch it. No one makes you watch. So I dont understand why you are on this site bitchin about TLC and their show lineup?
So what they have a lot of shows with little people, so what, again, if you dont like it, dont watch but dont make the rest of us listen to you bitch about it. Watch the other 500 channels.
To me, you people are just looking for reasons to write something.

1687 days ago


I hope this is a sign that things are improving in their marriage.

1687 days ago


It just goes to show that all the things that we value are not necessarily what makes you happy. This family really know how to live life, and they are a lot more stable than a lot of supposedly 'normal' families that I've seen.

1687 days ago


Amy doesn't know how to handle a family or home. She should be on Hoarders!

Amy doesn't know how to discipline those kids. Brace for Impact, Amy!

Matt escapes on so many levels that he has a "BIT PART" in his OWN show!!!

Rocky (the dog) is lost with all the self-absorbed humans that occupy the Roloff home. Amy drags Rocky OUTSIDE and the poor dog didn't do ANYTHING wrong. He just wants to be a part of the family. Guess that's too big a request from selfish people.

TLC will cancel the show when the Roloff Family is normal OR when the ratings nose-dive, whichever is first!

The first seasons were interesting... then the Curse of Family Reality Shows infested the Roloffs. Pumpkin Season is a joke with the "Mansion Expansion" etc.

Hop on your Shetland Pony and ride off into the sunset!

1687 days ago

Wanda W.    

"Sweeked " however it is spelled, means the twins barely passed high school...... passed by the skin of their teeth,not honor students, take your pick !

1687 days ago

Wanda W.    

And another thing , AMY IS A SLOB,and she let's those children do anything they choose !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1687 days ago


Hopes some of you making evil comments end up having a dwarf child. Then you can listen to idiots like yourself make fun of them. I love the Roloffs. They are the only decent people on reality tv. No drugs, sex, & rock N roll.

1687 days ago


Good for them, they look happy & having a great time!!!

1687 days ago

papa bear27    

I LOVE this husband / wife duo. Awseome people. Other than their small size, they are just like any other family.

1687 days ago


Come on people -- These little midgets are disgusting!!! They squander money on their greedy little family and their tow boys can't even tie their own shoes... I mean "rock" stupid. HA HA HA HA... And all the parents do is tell the morons that they can do anything and are smart.. HA HA HA..... Man, I love that! Actually, why doesn't someone take Matt and troll with him out in the deep blue sea.. I bet he would be good shark bait....... Wahooooo -- Midget overboard!

1687 days ago


I am not on board the dwarf/midget/little people loving reality shows and refuse to watch them. Knowingly passing on your defective genes to satisfy some selfish need to have children and afflict them with all the medical issues associated with the extreme abnormality dwarf/midget/little people presents is just wrong. It's called genetic counseling and thousands of responsible people make the choice daily to NOT pass on their disabilities because they know its just wrong. I will not be a party to reality shows exploiting theses peoples irresponsibility so they can make a buck and frolick on the beach in crutches and horrible swimwear. Seriously, that swimsuit is dreadful.

1687 days ago


hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!

1687 days ago


TMZ continue to exploit the vulnerable. Why TMZ in order to get hits and nasty comments. Leave these people alone and also leave people's children alone.

1687 days ago


I think these comments are sad. Disabled people want to have children. This family had 3 normal size, one dwarf. Just because you have disabilities doesnt mean you cant have a family? I sure hope you or someone you love never has a child with special needs. Then you will see first hand how it feels to be exploited and made fun of. So what she is a slob, I am too, my house gets dirty too. My kids run over me but thats only because the LAW wont let me beat their asses when they need it.
If they want to show the world thier life on TV for millions of dollars, so what...thats how they take these great vacations. Lucky them! I mean, if someone wants to come to my cluttered house and tape me letting my kids walk over me for a million bucks, bring it on!!

1687 days ago
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