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'Little People' Star -- Topless Beach Party

3/9/2010 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy and Matt Roloff -- stars of "Little People, Big World" -- hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday for a little fun in the sun.


FYI -- the weather in Maui yesterday was around 77 degrees and sunny ... which is way better than the weather around the Roloff's home in Oregon, which was 48 degrees and rainy.

Sometimes reality shows really pay off .


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Maggie Herrera    

this is so mean!...why u gotta post something like this...u know little people's bodies r different. U is crossing the line TMZ!!

1657 days ago


The mom is so normal... just trying to raise her kids and do the best she can.
That dad is a TOTAL A$$ and a JERK to them all; he whines non-stop on that show.

1657 days ago


Their life is a heck of a lot more interesting and exciting than mine! Hope they make millions and have the best in life. No one's life is perfect, but I'd love to be hangin out with them!

1657 days ago

I like Amy she is spunky. Matt loves to complain.

The kids I find very disrespectful.

What ever happened to Matt's parents, they were great.

1657 days ago


WOW! Looks like they are having fun. I like that. Made me smile. I'm actually a little jealous, I love hawaii. Good for you guys, enjoy the beach!

1657 days ago


It is so nice to see them have some fun together.I can not understand why people are so threatened by them,some of the comments are so cruel,do you not think that their kids read this ? They are just like you & I.Those of you who are so mean should watch the show ,you might learn something,they are a family who have over come so many obstacles ,and trying to raise a family,I love their show because they are real,not like all "The Real House Wives Show's ,that say "look @ me ,I have new implants,"Look how much money I have"See how much I can drink " ,the Roloffs are real people with Real issues ,now show a little respect ....& have a nice Day !

1657 days ago


#12. I can't believe the way you talk about little people. Don't you know that they have 4 children that might read this. God made us all and Jesus died for those that want to go to heaven. We are all equal and loved in his eyes. I hope TMZ takes all the negative comments off of here. I will be praying for all you people that HATE. Remember Jesus loves you anyway.

1657 days ago

Wanda W.    

For "Ironic " I didn't make up any nonsense words ". Look it up sweak is a REAL word. As in just got by dufus ! And for "Tina ",I may have misspelled ONE word honey ,but you on the other need a reality check just how fake these people are,and how they have made a living of being a fake family for all the world to see ! I call them as I see them . Their on the air because their dwarfs,and oddities sell in America,always have.

1657 days ago


TLC destroys families LITTLE by LITTLE !!!! Lol

What's not so funny is the money they heap on these families never will make them normal by any sense. It is not normal to have cameras inside your home filming your toilet, your bedroom, your fights etc.

Jacob is spoiled and bratty.
Zac is becoming more distant.
Amy is a slob, and intolerant of Matt. (Sounds like Kate and Jon Gosselin?)
The gramdparents are really nice folk but guess what? TLC rarely shows them anymore. TLC likes the freak-show qualities instead.

Matt keeps "building things" to escape from the family. He builds things to build up his worth in his mind.

Matt built the pumpkin throwing device that seriously injured his son Jacob and nearly killed his best friend Mike, who died a within a year of the accident. Related injury?

The oldest son has no direction or ambition.

The oldest daughter is smart but she has to swim upstream being in the Roloff Family.

Rocky, the dog, is disregarded and an annoyance to the Roloffs. Disgusting.

So swim away in Hawaii and maybe just maybe, think about how "little" is left on Life's Time Clock to make changes.

1657 days ago


I love the Roloff family! "Little People, Big World" is my favorite show on TLC or any other channel. I can't wait for their new season to start.

By the way, everyone mentions Rocky the dog but they forget Spike the cat. He is a Roloff too!

1657 days ago


To tlcdestroysfamilieslittlebylittlehaha, No, Mike's injuries from the accident were head injuries. He died from a torn aorta. I would think if the accident had injured his aorta, he would have died a lot sooner.

1657 days ago


Wanda W

Sweaked is not a word.
Sweeked is not a word.
It is spelled DOOFUS
It is they're, not their.
Who is Tina?

1657 days ago

Wanda W.    

Thank you "Amanda " for the vocabulary lesson......... It's good I have you to correct me, WHAT WOULD I DO ? I do also notice that you totally ignored the context my misspelled words were in ! And "Elizabeth " the fact that you believe high school kids think high school is just one long social event.Is not really important,and is what is putting America behind compared to the rest of the world ! How sad !

1657 days ago


THE ROLOFFS ARE THE BEST!! I love their show and their family. I hope Amy can keep Matt in line. Jeremy rules!

1657 days ago


The Roloffs are great. I'm glad to see Matt and Amy TOGETHER enjoying a vacation.

They have the most wholesome reality show on TV, and it's very entertaining. I can't wait for new episodes!

1657 days ago
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