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'Little People' Star -- Topless Beach Party

3/9/2010 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy and Matt Roloff -- stars of "Little People, Big World" -- hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday for a little fun in the sun.


FYI -- the weather in Maui yesterday was around 77 degrees and sunny ... which is way better than the weather around the Roloff's home in Oregon, which was 48 degrees and rainy.

Sometimes reality shows really pay off .


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I think the Roloff's are the dirtiest nasty housekeeping people. The kids are lazy.

1687 days ago


hay sue

stop talking bad about the Roloffs. yes there house is messy but that is becouse they have lifes. I'm sure your house is no better once in a wile. All you bashers need to grow up and leave them alone. I am relly sick of you saying bad things to people that you don't even know I don't even no them and I wouldn't even think of bashing then becouse that is just wrong. If I see any more of this I will report you all that is puting bad thing on the internet about the roloffs. just leave thenm be.

1687 days ago


I love the show and have been watching since the beginning. But, I do have to say the last 2 seasons all Amy has talked about in her diary interviews is her and Matt growing apart. And she has become kind of "Katish" to him. (As in Jon and Kate)I think before they catch the "reality" bug (divorce) they need to take some down time and re-evaluate their relationship and their family. Their kids are great and deserve a chance at a happy family.

1685 days ago


This family is very many people with everything going for them, throw their lives and talents away. They have succeeded and excelled above all the odds against them. God bless them and may they always prosper.

1674 days ago


I cannot understand for the life of me, how nasty most of you people are. Everyone should look in the mirror and if your body is not perfection, or if your face is not perfection, you have no right to critize anyone. You are all disgusting. These people have every right to do as they please when they please. They are hardworking people, who pay taxes , raised their children, and live a good life. Not many of you can say that.

1682 days ago

BlowChow Bob    

Look at the penguins Mommy!

1619 days ago

Are you kidding?    

@kevin - Are you purposely misspelling the word "hey"? I find it terrifying that you seem to be struggling to write a word comprised of only three letters incorrectly.

@Amanda - Haha - thanks so much for correcting "Wanda". I was about to do it myself, but was thrilled by your comments.

1596 days ago

ralph marlow    

Where is the law that says only normal people on the beach? You have the "whites only" mentality. You must be a racist as well. Hope they enjoyed themselves on the beach. Most of us have no say about how we are born.

1590 days ago


to #3
Capt Moron Andy, and #4

What is wrong that you would criticize a developmentally handicappaed family like that.. You have some pyschological issues and you should stay behind closed doors until you can muster up some self worth, empathy for others and class...

I bet that you both have some sort of feature that you are not proud of, maybe you are hideous ugly, have no friends since you are rude and vicious, it's gotta be something. Don't judge until you've walked in another man's shoes. I hope that you run to confession!

1587 days ago


I've met both Zach and Amy. They were very nice and down-to-earth people. I live not too far from them and see them occasionally. They want to be treated like any other person, and that's what I do. I too have a disability, and am glad to see that they are making the most of letting the world know about theirs. I was pleased to see Amy doing the charity benefit for dwarfism. If she can give back, hopefully others will too. Also, I was surprised to see just how many dwarves there are in the world. I wish all of the people making the nasty comments would lighten up. They should be thankful that they don't have a disability like that. While they're at it, they might also grow some compassion for others!

1586 days ago


It's a dang shame some people are so rude and ignorant about life.
They are truly living the same lives as most of us and being truthful about kids,their actions.That's like all of us in life we complain about spouses or kids but still we love them.But this rudeness of mocking different people,who are you? IGNORANT!! Embrace the differences and get on with it.

1577 days ago


You people with all your nasty comments about the Roloffs make me sick. You ought to thank God that you do not have their problems. If you could not see them, you would not know that they are so short and would applaud them for their accomplishments. I have enjoyed their shows and have learned so much about what can be accomplished by people with disabilities. I look forward to seeing them back and what their children are accomplishing in their lives.

1541 days ago


I have very much enjoyed their show. My husband and I watch it regularly. Very much of a life lesson on their show. I would love to meet them. They are my heros. You go Roloffs. People are just jealous of the money and success they have very much so learned. Education is the key.
Thank you,
Donna M.

1448 days ago
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