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Bodyguards -- Jackson Had Multiple Girlfriends!?!

3/9/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's former bodyguards say they used to chaperon MJ around town while he made out with girls in the backseat.

Michael Jackson's bodyguards: Click to watch
Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon "BJ" Beard told GMA this AM about their time working for the late pop star -- saying they don't believe Jacko was a pedophile and that he had "desires of women." As one put it, "Men know men."

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These three bodyguards obviously had/have much love and respect for Michael. They were with him 24/7 the last few years. They also almost finished one anothers sentences during the full interview. That in itself tells me something.

It is also obvious that SOME people here just cannot or will not face the truth that they were wrong about certain things pertaining to MJ.

1689 days ago


I would love to be one of his girlfriends. I would wait in line for that, so I could show him how much L.O.V.E. I have in me. HEE HEE. :)

1689 days ago


TMZ and whoever wrote this article. Stop writing Jacko, his name is MICHAEL. When will you have respect for this great man?
TMZ and whoever wrote this article. Stop writing Jacko, his name is MICHAEL. When will you have respect for this great man?
TMZ and whoever wrote this article. Stop writing Jacko, his name is MICHAEL. When will you have respect for this great man?
TMZ and whoever wrote this article. Stop writing Jacko, his name is MICHAEL. When will you have respect for this great man?

1689 days ago


15. Correct me if I'm wrong --- but isn't the guy DEAD? Shouldn't he stop making headlines already? by Get Real

Not until every single person even remotely connected to him makes as much money as they possibly can off his dead body.

1689 days ago


He was making out with men in drags.

1689 days ago


"he had desires of women" wtf does that mean? he had the desire to BE a woman maybe LOL

1689 days ago


I think their right about he liked woman . but I don,t see him making out in a backseat he was shy and had more class then that.

1689 days ago


I do not believe this. If it WERE true, then I totally believe that, at least, ONE of these WOMEN would have come forward saying, "I drove around making-out with Michael."

1689 days ago


A majority of these comments prove what Michael said all along...people only want to believe the garbage. Anything positive gets dismissed by people like Melanie who thinks that money buys someone's way out of trouble. How is it that Martha Stewart, Phil Spector and others didn't fair so well if that's the case. I wish that people who make the negative comments would spend as much time researching the truth as they do posting their vile comments.

1689 days ago


If it was me and I was one of those girls he made out with in the back seat, I would keep it to myself and sit back and laugh at you all thinking he was gay. HEE HEE :)

1689 days ago


How much is the Jacksons paying these guys to clean up the pedos image?
Sorry he will go down in history as the most famous pedo.

1689 days ago

capt andy    

ha ha all you haters can eat your words for breakfast now..mj is finally vindicated..he loved women and treated kids with respect..never did he do anything wrong with kids..anyone who saw the video this is it,.,you can tell he was normal when it came to go hate on the molestor big ben and now leave mj alone..what a great day it is..go mj go mj

1689 days ago

Liberian Girl    

Once again - ignorant lazy people that have not educated themselves about the two "allegations". First trial was complete extortion, for which MJ countersued but the media neglected to ever mention that. This was not simply a payout - this trial was so complicated and multi-layered. Read "The Truth Behind the 1993 Child Molestation Allegations". Written by the legal secretary that witnessed the plan. Although judging by the comments on here, it would be WAY to hard of read for most you people to understand. Learn about the father wanting 20 million from Michael (and an addition added to his house) for a movie production venture Michael declined to give him. Learn that the father tried to sue MJ again 3 or 4 years later to the tune of 60 million. Learn about the custody battle between the father and mother of Jordan that played a key role in the father's jealousy towards Michael. Learn about Jordan getting granted emancipation from his parents. Learn that he hadn't spoken to his mother or father (no dead after committing suicide) in YEARS.

Second trial was a complete joke - read "Conspiracy" by Aphrodite Jones. She was at the trial and was anti-Michael Jackson but was sooned turned after witnessing a poor excuse of a trial. The family was nothing but a bunch of celeb free-loading liars. They tried to get money from George Lopez, Jay Leno, Chris Tucker, etc.

I only comment on things I have taken the time to inform myself properly on. I wish people on here would do the same. TMZ and other "media" should never be a person's only source for information. The media did it to Elvis - build him up only to rip him down. It's the American way when it comes to celebrities.

He did way more in his life to help mankind than what any of else will ever do, or even remotely think or try to do. Quit focusing your negative energy on continuing to tear him down and go do something positive to make a change, regardless how small, in the world or someones life.

1689 days ago


STOP THE CRAP ALREADY.... he's dead let him rest in Peace

1689 days ago
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