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Oprah & Tyler Perry -- Precious Power Lunch

3/9/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" took home two Oscars, so the next day Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry collaborated again by having a celebratory lunch at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood on Monday.


Both stars have enough cash to wipe their pets' butts with $100 bills -- so the big question has to be ..


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Tyler: any time one has a chance to take a millionair to lunch you should pay to pick their brain and since Oprah has more than Tyler... I say he paid!!! Its a write off any way for either...

1696 days ago


we did

1696 days ago


Why all the hate? It was just another dumb-ass question asked by a bunch of dumb-asses who obviously live for all of your negative responses. This is how they pay their bills. DUMB - ASS!!!

1696 days ago


Wellll....Tyler Perry is kinda funny...I like Madea...but not sure how much money he has..but..I think he looks, gay in this photo. Something about his Not that I care..I'm just saying.

1696 days ago

J Byrd    

They are still butt ugly. Take away her long and silky soft black wig and she looks like puke material. I don't care if she's rich. Ewwww. Blacks always are saying "She's richer than you." It's not about money black people morons. I don't care if a black ugly fat mama had a mountain of gold. I'd still go for the one with the half way decent body, don't matter what color she was.

1696 days ago

A Person    

Ingy and Moogoo, go troll somewhere else.

1696 days ago


Oprah doesn't wear a wig. People think it's a wig because no one can believe such gorgeous hair could be natural. Even Chris Rock thought it was a wig but Oprah proved it wasn't on TV by letting him pull it & rub for 5 minutes. On the follow up show some black ladies in the audience still did not believe Oprah's hair was real so she let them come up & pull it & rub it too. Oprah's hair is the real deal. You can bet your life on that.

1696 days ago


BOTH of these people make me SICK. They both have far far too much money.I especially can not stand this tyler perry.He is not funny at all and neither are his movies.Oprah is just a JOKE a person who has became rich because she has an opinion. I also have an opinion enough is enough of these people.Also why would anyone want to see that movie about that fat greasy faced woman??? Also it is very Disgusting to comment they have enough money to wipe their pets ass with money.These same 2 IDIOTS should be the ones giving money to charity instead of charitys begging everyday hard working people for money.

1696 days ago


They are both amazing! So proud of their accomplishments!

1696 days ago

Truth Hurts    

a lot of racists online I see. Just because you don't identify with someone doesn't make them wrong...Oprah is awesome, Tyler is awesome. They are both hard-working people that have earned every dime so if you don't like them, move around. This country is supposed to be a land of opportunity for EVERYONE!

1696 days ago


Mmmmm... Oprah got some big ole titties.. :-P

1696 days ago

Dirt Burger    

By the look of those waistlines it looks like both of these fat slops never miss a meal. We get it Oprah, your rich and fabulous (with no husbnd or kids but you have your friend Gayle"HMMMM

1696 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Chef Kooky, you should have saved the potato skins as a side dish to your potato stuffed red bell peppers.

I'm quite frankly deeply disappointed in your lack of forethought.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Title of a song that contains the lyric 'red bell peppers'. Also describes where Oprah and Tyler Perry make their money.

1695 days ago


People are only mean because they're bitter.

1695 days ago

the unstoppable nuklehidz    

Ya'll are so pathetic and jealous. Lets be real, you broke red necks are mad cause Oprah and Tyler are making that money. I bet you racist clowns won't suggest Bill Gates give all his money away and keep just a million. Shut up. You people sound like pathetic haters.

1695 days ago
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