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Oscar Win Hasn't Changed Mo'Nique, Or Her Legs

3/9/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The day after winning an Academy Award, Mo'Nique was spotted showing off her proud trademark hairy legs on Monday.


She won for "Precious," but it's all about Hair Show.


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N-A-S-T-Y !!!!!!!!!

1687 days ago


Well it's her right to shave or not but it looks disgusting and there's no reason she can't shave or wax or get electrolysis!
She looks pretty here but the dress is too slinky for her. Get a fabric that drapes nicely over the blub! There's nothing wrong with embracing your blub and being proud of your body however it looks, but find something that flatters you!

1687 days ago


Get the hell out of here! What other Black hollywood star have you seen with hairy legs? None! How the FKKK is it a race thing?

1687 days ago


How hard is it to get someone to shave, or wax your legs for you, esp if you a celebrity? o_O It makes no since.

1687 days ago


I told you Warren Sapp was gay!..... What? Who?
Monique? Oh, that's Monique.
She has VFW's
What are VFW's you ask?
Monique has the feet of a Civil War Soldier.
I think I see an Image of Jesus Christ in the leg hair. I'm not kidding.

1687 days ago


Wow! Maybe this is why this country has so much problems with child porn. Why are adult men and women supposed to look like pre pubescent teens? Since when was that considered the epitome of beauty ? At a certain age, one needs to have the freedom to let loose and just be who you are.

get over it and grow up.

1687 days ago



WHAT???? child porn? and the connection you attempting to make is because young girls have no hair on their legs thus they are too young to shave and her hairy legs make men turn to young girls?

NOT gettin the point you trying to convey at all. Pedophiles are sick persons, not becasue they think a nice shved unhairy leg is the way to go, but because they are SICK in the head.

The better point, WHO goes to all that trouble of doing ones toes and dressing up to have a unfinished look? Its commom sense woman stuff to me.

Bottom line, its her legs. Gross, but her legs

1686 days ago


When I was growing up African American women did not shave their legs...but they did shave their arms. Like the lady says..who dictates style/fashion. I am sure she will have to bow under pressure and get her legs waxed eventually after all she is Hollywood now. As for all you haters you are like pirahna; is your own self worth so low you have to cut others down to feel better? Grow up.

1686 days ago


She did a superior job in Precious, but that is disgusting, and I am surprised here wimpy husband does nothing--or apparently he cannot influence here to shave or wax.
As someone said, she had a pedicure, so she should have waxed. Obviously, a talented actress, but very low class---VERY. Complete low life.

1686 days ago


Nasty, shave those legs, and how about a slip, some stockings, some spanx, and/or a well fitting bra? The list could go on and on. She needs lessons in grooming.

1686 days ago


What a low class pig. PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY

1686 days ago


"also want to point out that I am an example of a Black guy that DOES NOT support the notion that women should be big & fat to be beautiful. The vast majority of black women are overweight and it saddens me greatly that they are not willing to change, even for their own health and appearance."


If you mean African American women then I completely agree. Although, the majority of Americans are overweight, but that’s another story.

Skinny black chic*wink*

1686 days ago


Well, my point is she is a grown woman. When you hit your late 30s and 40s, for most it is going to be difficult to look like you were 13 or 14 yrs old. But all our standards wether that be in ads or TV is for that. I don't find that look appealing. Give me a grown man with hair and not a 50+ yr old trying to look like he is 15. It don't matter what you do-you don't look 15 anymore-just be a man or a woman.

This woman has the guts to be herself despite all the ridicule. She has a little hair and her husband is ok with it. She has a great movie/TV career , just had twins and actually has slimmed down some from what she used to be. I respect her for who she is and the guts she has. But most here seem to only see that she doesn't stack up well enough when compared to a 13 yr old. Which is just dumb.

I find her attractive- way more than Naomi Campbell or those sorts.

1686 days ago


why does TMZ make such a big deal about her hairy legs? that's natural, you know...
unlike harvey who takes it up the bum... *that* is not natural...

1686 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

Actually a bunc of white folks teling a black woman what to do with her hairy legs. If yu all know anything is that black women have a very tough time shaving especially those with nappy hair. When that hair grows back they get bumps all over their legs and wherever else they shave, which is know as "ingrown hair". You can et ingrown hair whether you use a razor or creme even waxing causes many black women to get ingrown hair bumps and permanent scars as well. So I tink what monique is doing is great because she doesn't need to scar up her legs and make herself feel uncomfortable for the rest of you american nut cases!

1686 days ago
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