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The Oscars Produce BS Farrah Fawcett Excuse

3/9/2010 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett and Michael JacksonThe people behind the Academy Awards claim they left Farrah Fawcett out of the Oscars In Memoriam montage this year because she was better known as a TV star -- which begs the question, how the hell did Michael Jackson make the cut?!?!

Bruce Davis
-- the executive director of the film academy -- told the Associated Press both Fawcett and Gene Berry were more famous for their "remarkable television work" and would therefore be more appropriately honored at the Emmys.

So by that logic, Michael Jackson would probably be more appropriately honored at the Grammys right? Oh wait, he was!! Kinda contradicts your point, huh Bruce?

For the record -- Davis had no excuse for blowing off Bea Arthur and Captain Lou Albano, who starred in the theatrical masterpiece "Body Slam" back in 1986.


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If MJ was not included, there would have been huge protests by his fans.

Too bad the Oscar Academy is still snotty about TV. Farrah did movies and got good reviews. But, the movie industry is turning into 3D theme park rides, and real movies with acting are dying. So, some day, they will beg for TV actors to do movies!

1667 days ago


Michael Jackson was an actor as well, and appeared on screen in motion pictures. Farrah didn't do movies, only TV. So it was right for the Academy to include Michael, and not Farrah. People need to chill about all of this, what difference does it make in YOUR daily lives. Why are we so fast to jump in our people's business, and neglect our own? Michael was never convicted as a child molester, but people are still putting that label on him. I really pray for those people that do, your opinion doesn't MAKE IT TRUE, ONLY FACTS DO. All your opinion does is put your consciousness in a negative energy zone, then attracts negativity, darkness and hardships into your life. When you express hatred towards others, you are only really expressing that to YOURSELF. Everyone eventually will have to answer to their maker, not You. So I conduct my life in my space, and allow others to conduct their, whether good or bad in their, then allow their maker to handle his creations, not US. Our job is to handle our business, NOT OTHERS. People PLEASE practice LOVE IN YOUR LIVES AT ALL TIMES, FOR YOURSELF FIRST, THEN FOR OTHERS, AND YOU WILL BE APART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM.

1667 days ago


All the mooncrickets in Watts would riot and burn down the city if he wasn't honored..After all. He be a brutha. A pedophile, but he still be a brutha

1667 days ago


Goodness this is getting stupid. First of all, the montage is for people for make a contribution to movies. ANY contribution. Writing, choreography, editing. NOT EVERYONE is an actor. So quit jumping to the IDIOTIC conclusion MIchael Jackson was included for that reason and go count how many movie soundtracks on which his work has appeared. Honestly. THINK. Use your brain, not your heart. Farrah was essentially the Pamela Anderson of her time until she made The Burning Bed. If that project had been made twenty years later, it would have been done with a low budget, taken to Sundance and there would be no question about whether she would have been included. But she was a pinup when it was made, so it didn't do for her what Monster did for Charlize Theron and Monster's Ball did for Halle Berry. And after that, whoever was guiding her career did not keep her on a consistant enough track for her supposed movie career to be worth a damn. Seriously, she was a television actress and pop culture icon who made one good theatrical release and had supporting roles in maybe two others. To me that doesn't spell glittering tribute by the Academy despite the tragedy of her passing.

1667 days ago


Michael was in The Wiz and Moonwalker, not to mention bringing motion picture to music videos to a new level... Farrah Fawcett was a cast member on a successful 70's show...

Sorry, MJ was more appropriate in that reel than Farrah I feel...

1667 days ago


MJ was in the Wiz, MIB 2, Moonwalker, and Captain EO; all considered cinema films. Not to diminish it, but John Hughes had a couple of minutes devoted to him alone, but no one caused a stink about it.

1667 days ago


Was reading comments. Get a grip, MJ was wasn't all

1667 days ago


If you are blaming poor dead Michael for this oversight then I am shocked! Michael had nothing to do with this. The man has been dead for almost a year. He was a filmaker! Did anyone see Thriller? It doesn't matter that they were short films they were still films. I am upset that they left Farrah out. She made alot of movies, and should have been in the tribute. The academy is just trying to cover their butts. It's shameful, and someone should issue a apoligy to her family, and fans!

1667 days ago


they also forgot bea aurther(spelling???) and micheal jackson shouldnt have been in there if they wern't in there

1667 days ago


1667 days ago


Both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had appeared in movies. Farrah...outstanding performance in The Burning Bed. MJ...The Wiz, Captain EO and Moonwalker. They both deserved to be honored. There's no excuse for leaving Farrah Fawcett out.

1667 days ago


they screwed up alright, they shouldn't have left Farrah out, BUT that doesn't mean you have to take it out on seems like a trend with TMZ, dragging Michael's name into everything. Why do you feel the need to drag Michael Jackson's name into everything, is it because it gives you higher ratings?!

Michael's genius transcended beyond the music industry, his music videos/short films were all directed by great directors such as Spielberg, George Lucas, Martin Scorses, John Landis to name a few.
Thriller is the first music video ever to make the Congress Library's Archive.
Also His song Ben was nominated for an Oscar.
his movies are:

The Wiz, This is it, Captain EO, The Moonwalker, Ghosts, Men in Black 2, plus all his music that was used in many different movies over a span of more than 3 decades.

so leave Michael alone already

1667 days ago


wow tmz and all the stupid people still talking about this crap, both are DEAD now, it wont change a sh** in your life if farrah was in the momerium or not, IT CHANGES EGGING NOTHING, and you low lifes should stop blaming a dead man for another dead not appearing in a freaking memorium. WTH where is our world going. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

1667 days ago


Michael sang The Oscar nominated song "Ben" & perform the song at the academy awards.

Michael did the story book album for E.T.

Michael Jackson was the first Black artist to have his Music video shown on Mtv, who back then didn't play black videos.

Most of all Michael's songs are featured in a number of films. over all his contribution to the film industry with his short films. So no, it's more like what the hell is up with you TMZ! I don't like that Farrah Fawcett was left out but how the hell can you blame Michael Jackson?!

1667 days ago


Seriously, what does any of this have to do with Michale Jackson. There is no comparison to either one. Each one was good in their own way. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

1667 days ago
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