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Quentin Tarantino

Sued Over 'Kill Bill'

3/9/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino Sued Over 'Kill Bill'Quentin Tarantino -- fresh from his Oscar loss -- is now being sued by a man who claims Q.T. ripped off his concept to create "Kill Bill."

In a lawsuit filed today, Dannez Hunter claims in 1999 he submitted a treatment to Miramax about a fictional character named Ren. Short story -- he says eventually Miramax, Harvey Weinstein and Q.T. ripped off his work, including the "concept/character name Ren." He claims Q.T. pilfered Ren witnessing her mother's sadistic murder, the knife through the mother's abdomen, and on and on.

And there's this. Hunter, who says he was from the inner city, applied for a job at Miramax but "was never given a return phone call, as numerous similar situated less qualified Jewish and White people were bestowed job after job after job."

Hunter continues his Jews-run-Hollywood themed lawsuit by alleging he was denied royalties in the "Kill Bill" franchise compared to similarly situated Whites and Jews.

Hunter wants more than a million bucks. Mazel Tov.

Reps for Tarantino had no comment.


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The Kill Bill Franchise is based on the asian novel THE BRIDE... it says so on the credits... this guy should have done his research

1692 days ago


Some people will do anything for a quick buck.

1692 days ago


@ Ms. X.

What the hell are you talking about. You know nothing!!!!

1691 days ago


The SCREEN GUILD OF AMERICA only charges 20$bucks to record your plays and they RUN the hollywood SCREEN writters NO can buy or sell any screen plays without them recording it.While they don`t sell screenplays they are called into court room battles over copyrights.A copyright DOES`NT get you in the door in hollywood a screen play held at the GUILD is the bank of screenplays.I have given 100`s of song and screenplays rights away over the last 50 years...who needs them and if you get a are over with and type cast into a mode.GHOST WRITTING is much more FUN who needs the money MACHAL? the guy does`nt know the have to get a agent have three screen plays in hand and be willing to give the first two away than you get a credit on your 3rd play but you must have a fourth ready to`s a tredmill system and once you get labled as so and so you get about four trys than your over.GHOST WRITTING means you can do treatments and whatever you want to and they will use you when they want and NO one will ever know you only you...much more freedom as a artiste`s...I`ve written since I was three over 45 years now and I still enjoy my art and seeing someone get credits and money and know that I helped make it that way.A real artist doesn`t work for money they work to entertain themself and a real artrist does`nt need credits that is all a bummer and a slow down to a real artist.KILL shows an`t art and he an`t a artist just a outsider no invit was given thats the way the system is..I get to write anything but I never get to show my face or can`t change the system you can only work in it as you get too...they like his work? so keep at it sned it to the guild who know what maybe a agent? no for me to much paper work and contracts and limits put on my artsz

1691 days ago


20 dollars per screen play to protect your rights BUT BIG fish eats little fish so GHOST WRITE or digg yourself a grave as a artist and for real as in you can`t beat the system but you can still be a artist...they tell you who you can be in the system YOU don`t tell them GROWUP or do little indies and watch your art die.

1691 days ago


THE SCREEN WRITTER`S GUILD OF AMERICA 20$ per play...they settle all hollywood playrights RIGHTS!.The play fit into the body of his maybe he saw those earler movies and shadowed his works?.I can write like so and so and or whoever BUT I can only write like myself if I don`t see the BiG screen or TV to much...but sometimes trying to get those movies out of my head or knowing I can do better gets me a escape PLAY or song or whatnot.WHO wrote it don`t matter...who put IT UP on the screen is all that have to be inside and he never will be NO matter what.THEATER/STUDIO/MONEY/PLAYERS

1691 days ago


Why did you guys pull my comments? I guess you can say whatever you want about blacks on this but mention the word Jew and your comments are pulled. You make a great case for the things people say about Jews. FU TMZ you spinless assF@cks.

1691 days ago


So seven years later he figured out he got ripped off? Sure buddy...

1691 days ago


more like FU Whamo!

1691 days ago

Elvis Twin    

If this guy is such a stunning genius why didn't he produce it himself? Make the short and change the name. First come first served, like revenge, serve it cold!

1691 days ago


Screen writter...If you're going to post on here saying that you've been writing since you were three and still going, maybe you should use a spellcheck, watch you're grammar, and pay attention to you're punctuation. Who are you trying to fool? The net has some pretty stupid people on it.. but god damn dude. Anyways, crying that someone stole your script 10 years after the fact is just ridiculous, as if anybody is even going to give him the time of day. And on top of that pulling the race card...not cool man, way to make yourself the butt of all QT's jokes from here on out.

1691 days ago


KILL BILL was a rehash of LADY SNOW BLOOD. ELLE DRIVE was ripped off from the movie THEY CALL HER ONE EYE. Q is the king and using other people's ideas. What's cool is, he does it as an homage.

1691 days ago


Kill Bill is due in part to Inglorious Bastards-- he couldn't fit it all in to IB-- he has said this.


1691 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

didn't the statute of limitations run out?

1691 days ago

The Sneaker    

That guy's lawsuit can't be true! We all know blacks can't write movie scripts.

1690 days ago
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