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Quentin Tarantino

Sued Over 'Kill Bill'

3/9/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino Sued Over 'Kill Bill'Quentin Tarantino -- fresh from his Oscar loss -- is now being sued by a man who claims Q.T. ripped off his concept to create "Kill Bill."

In a lawsuit filed today, Dannez Hunter claims in 1999 he submitted a treatment to Miramax about a fictional character named Ren. Short story -- he says eventually Miramax, Harvey Weinstein and Q.T. ripped off his work, including the "concept/character name Ren." He claims Q.T. pilfered Ren witnessing her mother's sadistic murder, the knife through the mother's abdomen, and on and on.

And there's this. Hunter, who says he was from the inner city, applied for a job at Miramax but "was never given a return phone call, as numerous similar situated less qualified Jewish and White people were bestowed job after job after job."

Hunter continues his Jews-run-Hollywood themed lawsuit by alleging he was denied royalties in the "Kill Bill" franchise compared to similarly situated Whites and Jews.

Hunter wants more than a million bucks. Mazel Tov.

Reps for Tarantino had no comment.


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Mike Ward    

Tarantino is a hack. Everyone of his films is stolen from obscure 70s films. 'Kill Bill' is a direct rip off of a 1973 Japanese film 'Sex and Fury'. Watch it for proof.

1686 days ago


It's true that the main plotline/story to Kill Bill was hashed out on the set of Pulp Fiction between Uma Thurman and Quentin. However, the storyline of O-Ren Ishi seems to be the point of the lawsuit. This storyline does indeed include the "witnessing her mother's sadistic murder, the knife through the mother's abdomen" and perhaps even more.

The racist comments of this Dannez Hunter guy are NOT going to sit well with a (potentially white or Jewish) judge, and are not helping his case (assuming he has one).

As for Dannez, if you write an awesome script, you don't necessarily get a job. They might buy the script, and give you a hefty sum of money, and that's that. Less qualified applicants may indeed be employed to write more movies or make the movie, especially over a guy who rants to the media.

1686 days ago

Jew Bastard    

Well maybe if I were a Jew I could get work, but since I'm only
a simple hansom older white guy, with a fetish for a good Jew Deli sandwich I must not be qualified....LOL

The above post was a joke, please no White trash remarks :)

1686 days ago

Jew Bastard    

Just wanted to add....


1686 days ago


Yeah that makes a lot of sense? I agree. 11 years later? C'mon. Money hungry peeps!

Brian @

1685 days ago


If Kill Bill copied anything, it was the French movie "The Bride Wore Black"

1685 days ago


Uhhh pretty sure the Kill Bill movies were based off the the movie Lady Snowblood, a Japanese movie with a similar plot. Idiot.

1685 days ago


Would like to flesh out the earlier comment about "The Bride Wore Black", made in 1968 by Francois Truffaut. A bride has a list of 5 names of men she is going to kill, and crosses them off one by one. Seems her wedding was interrupted by a shooting, which left her husband dead. Does the plot sound familiar?

1685 days ago

mike thomas    

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Mike Thomas

1655 days ago


First off, studios don't read unsolicited material. Because they might get sued, but mainly because unsolicited material sucks, and film executives already have way more submitted material from proven writers than they can handle. For all the ****weeds who think their ideas are so great yet have never bothered to write even the first screenplay, I have this for you: Suck on some cat poo.

As for this "lawsuit," such as it is, I'm surprised TMZ even picked up the story. As Tarantino very pointedly calls to our attention in the first few pages of the screenplay, Kill Bill's plot is a stock 1970's exploitation/spaghetti western revenge yarn. The witnessing of the parents' death is about as original as two cops being partnered up who have a real problem with each other. (although the cliched way to do it is that it's the protagonist who's parents get killed -- just like the guy has it in his "treatment.")

1247 days ago
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